Power of Bismillah. Pak vs Ind Kids cricket match

Pakistanis, first look at your face. Its so dirty that I cant think about it. Oh Kali Matha, you are the one who can save me, who can help me win. Whatever happens, only we will win, because we have Kali. 2 balls, 4 runs needed. Pradeshiya on bowling, Umar on batting, Ahmed is next to bat. And Pradeshiya is going to ball. She is getting ready. She bowls. Out!! What a wicket! Wicket!(x2)What a wicket! I forgot to say Bismillah. I forgot to say Bismillah yaar (Frustrated) What a wicket! Congratulations India! What a wicket! Congratulations India! Rhodesia she is going to catch the ball
and she is going to wall she is getting ready oh I was getting ready and
producer is going to ball he balls and a for I have sex and sex what – sex what a mix congratulations Pakistan for
this big win your life and death of a saber
congratulations Pakistan on this big weight on the stuff with and Indians are
upset congratulations bakasur a follower of bismillah hero here oh my gosh like

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