33 thoughts on ““Power From The Ground” Chinese table tennis techniques

  1. finally somebody who explain it properly. Here in Germany I only see the western style as you mentioned and so I stopped learned this technique from my coach and begin with chinese technique.

  2. Can you show a video of this concept? If I understand correctly, the swing starts with the legs, and then the hip turning, which then turns the shoulders, and then the arm. Does this sound right? Does the arm lag behind and come through at the last second? Thanks. Again, a specific video showing this would be helpful. Thanks again.

  3. We need such great couch!
    Just tried to apply the technique and accidentally I got one right yesterday. So my friend looked for a "burning track" on his table side 😉 He said it's was just fast. Congratulations to the coach!!!

  4. I already learnt it thanks to you coach even top provincial players cant block it back to the table due to the tremendous speed and spin

  5. The video of the guy from Pingskills wasnt meant to be a powerful loop, it's more of a controlled counter-hit, exactly like you describe it's limit as? How can you compare them then and claim that that is the 'western style'???

  6. You make it sound like some ancient kung-fu technique, while all top players use this nowadays. Just look at Boll or Ovtcharov. I'm also sure top players from any country visit the gym to increase their core strength.

  7. Thanks for your educational videos. My 9 year old is a big fan of your videos and learns a lot everyday from you.

  8. Sorry, my friend, P.F.T.G is a deep scientific concept than what you are trying to explain, if you understood Newton's third law you will get to the bottom of it?

  9. Thats is a must in ever racket sport! Tennis also have power from the ground concept! Amazing vídeo, keep up

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