Poppin John’s “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?” is Sickening – World of Dance 2019 (Full Performance)

[cheers and applause] – Here we go! [funky hip-hop music] – Ah!
Oh, he took it back. ♪ – Come on!
Come on! – ♪ Eee, yi, yi,
yi, yi, yeah ♪ ♪ The Dogg Pound’s
in the house ♪ – ♪ Snoop Doggy Dogg – Whoo!
– Hey! – Whoo! – ♪ From the depths of
the sea, back to the block ♪ ♪ Snoop Doggy Dogg, funky
as the–the–the D.O.C. ♪ ♪ Went solo on that […]
but it’s still the same ♪ ♪ Long Beach is the spot
where I serve my ‘caine ♪ ♪ Follow me, follow me,
follow me, follow me ♪ ♪ But don’t lose your grip ♪ Nine trizzay’s the… ♪ So I ain’t nothin’ back ♪ And, […], I got five
on that […] ♪ ♪ It’s like that,
and as a matter of fact ♪ – ♪ Rat a tat tat – ♪ ‘Cause I never hesitate
to put a […] on his back ♪ – ♪ Yeah, so peep out
the manuscript ♪ ♪ You see that it’s a must,
we drop […] ♪ – ♪ What’s my […] name? – ♪ Snoop Doggy Dogg – ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah – Hey! Hey! – ♪ Bow, wow, wow, yippee,
yo, yo, yo, yo, yo ♪ – ♪ Now just throw your hands
in the air, air, air ♪ ♪ And wave the […] like you
just don’t care ♪ ♪ Yeah, roll up the dank
and pour the drank ♪ ♪ And watch your step
– ♪ Why? – ♪ ‘Cause Doggy’s
on the gank ♪ ♪ My bank roll’s on swoll
– Sickening. – ♪ My […] on hit, legit,
now I’m on […] ♪ [cheers and applause] – Okay! Okay! – Okay, okay.
– That was sickening. – That was dope.
– That was sickening. – Whoa.
– Man. – Mama mia. – What’d you think, J?
– I’ll tell you what I thought. – What’d you think, J?
– That was sickening, okay? [laughter] – You were talking shh
through that whole routine. [laughter] – What were some of the things
you were saying with your body? Like, what was this move over
here where you went da, da, da? – He’s up here.
They’re down here. – I’m up here. These guys are
all the way down here. – Okay, was that what it was?
– Yeah. – She speaks poppin’.
– I told you. – She speaks poppin’.
– Yeah. – I saw everything, baby. – Wait, are you really–
are you actually a popper? – I’m a popper.
No. You’re such
a seasoned performer. The musicality
was off the charts. – Thank you so much.
[cheers and applause] – That was Isolation 101. – That was crazy.
– Like, ugh, ugh. You’re not human.
– Thank you. – You’re not a human being. I loved all the burns, like
the slow-motion with the bat. [cheers and applause] – I mean, she loved it too
’cause, you know, you did a little A-Rod
in there, you know? – Yeah, you know. You know. Grand slams only, baby. – [laughs] – However, after a while, I felt like you were
freestyling a little bit, not taking from the quality
of the freestyle, per se, because we already know
you’re amazing at what you do period, point blank.
– Thank you. – From a Duel perspective,
that was solid. That was solid.
– Thank you. – Every move was intentional, and that I appreciate
so much. – Thank you. – That’s why I disagree with
Ne-Yo that it felt freestyle. I really felt it
was super intentional, but it was a great job,
great job. [cheers and applause] – Thank you so much.

100 thoughts on “Poppin John’s “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?” is Sickening – World of Dance 2019 (Full Performance)

  1. Ma Mannnnn… perfect 👌. You are so you so real and love what you do . And you respect dance , yourself and most you respect others . Tight

  2. It was alright, feels too much of the same. Don't see a big difference between this and the qualifier routine. Overhyped. DD Flection should have won, feel like DD Flection was underscored just cause they won WoD Thailand.

  3. Thailand Fighting เป็นกำลังใจให้นะครับ สู้ สู้

  4. NEYO is sounding a bit like a hater. His music ain't relevant anymore, so I guess he can judge better dancers than himself. Hey, a man's gotta work, right?….smdh

  5. What year was neyo career ended?Dude need to wakeup brush his teeth wash his face and try to make his carrer again

  6. You can tell on this platform he isn’t his best cause 1 it’s a competition it’s stressful 2 he is moving too fast to put content in. But none of the less the guy is a legend in popping always fun to watch. I’m glade he doesn’t waving his arms too much slot of his dances he does it too much It’s a little bit too repetitive

  7. Insane performances!!! He should of got a way higher score (that performance was worthy of getting in the 100s) and chill out with so many camera cuts to the judges, focus on the dancer please. Were missing a lot of the performance.

  8. I don't think Ne-yo is hating on him, although he is a bit critical of him because of all the other acts on this stage, he still respects PJ for being a master at his craft 🙂

  9. This was one hell of a routine, I throughly enjoyed watching this, keep up the intensity.The control and timing is impeccable. Hell yes poppin John, I am a fan and so are my three sons.

  10. Poppin John is my top fav popper of all time and these camera angles real just ruin the illusions of his moves…. can’t believe I’m gonna say this but it looks mediocre at best because of these camera angle cuts…. damn it dude do they have a popper at least to help them understand how to best showcase it?? Either way John totally of tools to get even higher than this…

  11. This was entertaining however just thought the pair he went against had a better performance 🤷🏾‍♀️

  12. Don't hate Ne-Yo. If u rlly know popping, u would see he made some freestyle moves and again, that's not so bad. It just kinda takes away the choreo a little bit.

  13. Av watched most of poppin john video and if diz is getting more attention, wat will happen wen he's more serious??

    If only Nonstop was participating also, he would av had a real challenge

  14. im just asking…. if you deleted some of the videos in your qualifiers and the duels ?? why ?

  15. Dang!! I haven’t watched WOD since S1. After they eliminated Jabbawockeez and Kinjaz…I had no more interest in watching this sh*t!! Saw this clip on the front page of YouTube…had NO IDEA Poppin’ Jon was on here this season! Now I’m gonna have to go back and watch his audition!! He probably saved this show this season. I’m still waiting on Cyrus to break through on this b*tch!! He’ll kill it!! Nonetheless PJ – that was sick!!

  16. I loved missing key parts of his dancing just so I could see JLO say "sickening". The camera cuts are abysmal for this show. People want to see it uninterrupted.

  17. LMFAO!! @1:30secs – All The Competition Acted Like They All Saw Jesus Christ Come Down From The Heavens. They All Said “OOOOOOOOOOOH””!!

  18. DD flection let’s lock in your scores.. 89,86,85… 87.7 Poppin John let’s lock in yours.. ♾ ♾ ♾

  19. All these 3 judges never been in the street battles so WHY U ALL CARE FOR THEIR STUPID FAKE JUDGMENT I MEAN I D CARE IF MR. WIGGLES SAY SOMETHING OR KEN SWIFT

  20. Ne-yo is jealous, 101? Basics? He's a fool.
    Poppin J is Advanced class all the way.
    I did the clubs in the 80's, all the contest, many dancers, they weren't half as good.
    Poppin John is off the chain.

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