Police: Hollywood man kills friend with baseball bat; hides body under bed in duffel bag

murder arrests in Hollywood officers arresting a man after they say he admitted to beating and killing a friend with a baseball bat local 10th in of Mill Brook is live for us with more of the gruesome details Glenna it gets worse Laurie the remains found in a duffel bag in the apartment it’s apartment number six let me take you in and show you what crime scene detectives have been collecting all afternoon that is evidence from there from apartment six that they’ve been taking out this apartment between Ocean Drive and the beach in Hollywood and a Hollywood native the so called quote/unquote friend is now under arrest for that murder it’s recently I just home you know that he seemed fine just unexpected neighbors were surprised about the baseball bat the death been sickened about the remains discovered in a duffel bag oh much sick Hollywood police arrested Jesse Lee Mitchell near his mother’s home a mile and a half up Ocean Drive he had first confided in her what he’d done and then called in himself it was a subject who called 9-1-1 and stated that he possibly killed his friend police documented Mitchell said he hit him with a baseball bat his neighbor’s wonder whether it was after a fight they’d heard Saturday night that night we heard fighting and even the people number four they’re just here on vacation for we bigger they heard him yelling back there and there was a lot of f-words going on and each other and stuff and it was an argument discussed but to learn detectives found the remains stuffed into a duffel adds another dimension to this crime till a lot of detective work here to do at the scene so far the charge is pre-meditated murder and police on the scene here are telling us that they’re having a bit of trouble notifying the family the next of kin of this victim I’m Glenda Milberg live in Hollywood today local 10 News

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