Poker Games : How to Play Poker Baseball

Did you ever think you’d hear the term batter
up in poker? Hi, my name is Dean Hale, poker pro. And today I’m going to teach you how
to play poker baseball. In poker baseball it’s very similar to a seven card stud game.
Each player is going to be dealt initially three cards. Two cards will be facing down;
one card will be face up. Now in poker, in poker baseball threes and nines are wild.
They can be used as anything you want to use them as. The other little distinct difference
is if you are dealt a four you actually get another card. So you will your initial ante,
you will put the cards two down one up. You would then make a bet. Knowing what your two
hold cards are looking at your top card. At that point in time you would then get dealt
a fourth card face up. Again same thing applied, threes and nines are wild they can be used
as anything. If you’ve got a four, the four gives you another card and when you get dealt
a four you actually keep it face down so that nobody else can see which is obviously a huge
benefit to the game. Now as in seven card stud you would continue. The betting rounds
would go the exact same way, the fifth card would be face up, the sixth card would be
face up, the seventh card would be face down. You then play to use your best five hand,
your five card poker hand that you can to make, to make your hand. Remember the reason
nines are wild, so if you have two threes and two nines and an ace you have five aces.
That’s not a bad hand. My name is Dean Hale and I’ve just taught you a game called poker

5 thoughts on “Poker Games : How to Play Poker Baseball

  1. why is it poker baseball? What does this have to do with anything about baseball? At least card golf has the same objective as real golf. Get the lowest score possible.

  2. 3’s, 4’s and 9’s hold special value because of their significance in the sport of baseball – three strikes, three outs, four balls for a walk and nine innings.   I dunno, seems like a bit of stretch to call it baseball.

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