Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee! – Episode 3: Whip It! – HIGH SCORE

GHOST ALIEN: I’m a ghooost! NICK: Alright, and we’re back!
NICK: Uh, technical difficulties. VIOLET: Yeah, I think we left off…we had just thrown the Pokeball, so we did catch the Pidgey.
NICK: Yep. VIOLET: Um, but then the battery went out briefly, but we reconnected it, so, we’re all good now. Sorry about that. We are still new to this. SNOOP DOGG: “Smoke weed every day!” VIOLET: Sorry!
NICK: It’s fine. The window’s that way so it’s, like, all gonna be… VIOLET: Oh, should we trade seats?
NICK: It’s fine.
VIOLET: Oh my god it went out. VIOLET: I like, lit it wrong and then tried to fix it but instead just completely… VIOLET: Well, it wasn’t my fault, it just lit incorrectly.
NICK: Suuuure.
SNOOP DOGG: “Smoke weed every day!” VIOLET: So am I missing the prompt to do it or does it not let you nickname ones that are not your Eevee? NICK: No, it does.
VIOLET: Oh, okay.
NICK: Oh, okay, you can just rename them in your party.
VIOLET: Oh, thats chill. NICK: I wonder if I can start battles for you. VIOLET: Oh!
NICK: I cannot! VIOLET: I have to fight my own battles, not yours. NICK: No, don’t… VIOLET: I like that we’re twinsies.
NICK: I know, me too! NICK: Did you just…look at that, look at that!
VIOLET: What? NICK: He just hops out of the way! VIOLET: Oh my god, I want the…how do I get up there? Oh, over here?
NICK: Yep. VIOLET: I was gonna say, I want the Ratatat. VIOLET: (to the tune of “Ratatat” by Fall Out Boy) “Rat-a-tat, tat, tat, tat, tat, hey.” NICK: Alright.
VIOLET: Gratata. NICK and VIOLET: One, two, three, go! VIOLET: Why did mine not work? Did I not hit A? VIOLET: It’s like, bouncing around.
NICK: No, it did, thats… VIOLET: Oh, I think you got some chocolate on your teeth.
NICK: Thank you. VIOLET: Do I?
NICK: Uhh, no, I think you’re good.
VIOLET: Okay. VIOLET: You caught it for me, thank you!
NICK: You’re welcome! NICK: I think you might be throwing it too hard? So that, like, it doesn’t even recognize that you’re throwing it. VIOLET: I think that might have been my problem. VIOLET: ‘Will chew on anything with its fangs.’ That’s not disconcerting at all. VIOLET: ‘If you see one, you can be…’ I don’t even mind rats and that makes me a little disconcerted! VIOLET: PARTY. VIOLET: I didn’t wanna read the rest of it but I couldn’t resist the orange accent. NICK: I love how I just, like, appear from nowhere.
NICK: Appear from the void. VIOLET: I really don’t need any more Pidgeys, but you know.
NICK: Just keep capturing them, because that’s the only way you can get experience. VIOLET: Okay.
NICK: Well, not the only way, but…
NICK and VIOLET: One, two, three, go! NICK: Aww. We’ll get there! We will get there. VIOLET: I keep instinctively wanting to smoke with my left hand and forgetting that I have to…
NICK: Oh yeah! VIOLET: We have so many Pidgey. So many Pidgey. And by so many, I mean three. NICK: Well you have four now. I think.
VIOLET: Oh. Well. VIOLET: Gust! Do they just flap like…whoosh?
NICK: Or wait, no.
VIOLET: Like, I’m legitimately asking. NICK: Oh, pretty much, yeah. Fwoosh!
VIOLET: Yeah, that’s what I thought. NICK: Uh, press A. Yeah. NICK: Okay, yeah.
VIOLET: POKEMON BOX. VIOLET: That seems disconcerting. Like, are they full size and you’re just, “Get in there!” NICK: No, it’s the, it turns them into…oh, I am gone. VIOLET: Come back!
NICK: There we go! Hello friends, I am here. NICK: Um, oh, also, open the menu with the top button. This one. Oh!
VIOLET: Ahh! NICK: Okay! That’s why…
VIOLET: Oh, look at her, she’s hiding NICK: Aww! Alright, press the top one. I can’t press it, otherwise I’ll disappear again.
VIOLET: This one? NICK: No no no, this one.
VIOLET: This one. NICK: Alright, go to “bag.” NICK: Then hit “Pokemon box.” NICK: This is all of your…all of our Pokemons!
VIOLET: Aww, they’re cute! NICK: Um and you know how in Pokemon GO you can, like, send Pokemon back to the professor and get candies? NICK: You can do the same thing here except they’re not Pokemon-specific candies, they’re just like… NICK: Like, I think if you send that Pidgey back you’ll get like a uh, Speed Candy? Which will just, it’ll increase, um… NICK: Oh, you gotta press this one.
VIOLET: Oh! NICK: So press A, yup, and then press Y. Yup. There you go. NICK: “That’s it! I think you’ve earned some candy!” That’s…
VIOLET: Some CANDY! NICK: Yeah, Quick Candy! So like, if you use that on one of your Pokemon… VIOLET: I was gonna say, Speed Candy sounds a little, uh…suspect. VIOLET: “You’ve sent me 1 Pokemon so far. You’re a great aid to my work!” Is that sarcasm? VIOLET: “Do keep on sending me more Pokemon!” NICK: But, um, yeah, no, and then, uh, if you press B…go back. The B is the bottom.
NICK: And then again. NICK: And then go into your candy jar. You have a Quick Candy so select it and you can use it on a Pokemon and it’ll increase its speed. NICK: Just use it on Sweetpea so she gets strong. VIOLET: (in strange accent) I wanna make my baby strong. Eat your candy so you can grow up big and strong for mama. VIOLET: (in normal voice) This got weird fast I’m just gonna stop it. NICK: You all good?
VIOLET: Yeah. NICK: I just realized I wasn’t following you.
VIOLET: I just wasn’t sure where to go. VIOLET: I was trying to go down that path but the path was a tree. NICK and VIOLET: One, two, three, GO! NICK: There we go, we did it!
VIOLET: Oh damn! VIOLET: I could feel it vibrate.
NICK: Yeah, right? SNOOP DOGG: “Smoke weed every day!” NICK: Yeah, we got like a shit ton of experience points for that because we, uh, we synchronized. VIOLET: (in robotic voice) Synchronize. SNOOP DOGG: “Smoke-” VIOLET: I feel like that’s from something but I wouldn’t be able to tell you what it is. NICK: Who knows? VIOLET: Gust! SNOOP DOGG: “Smoke-” VIOLET: He didn’t already know how to do that? He had to learn? NICK: There I am.
VIOLET: Welcome home, son. VIOLET: Are we fighting this child? Oh, we’re fighting the Rattata. NICK and VIOLET: One, two, three, GO! NICK: There we go! Yeah!
VIOLET: Yes, okay! I feel like if we say it at the same time…
NICK: Yes. VIOLET: Then we’re definitely on the same page. VIOLET: So long as the…everything else…works out. NICK: Yeah, exactly! VIOLET: If everything works out it’ll be fine! VIOLET: I wanna cuddle an Eevee so bad.
NICK: Oh my god, same. VIOLET: I wish your cat would let me do that but she would be so mad. So mad, would your cat be. NICK: Stella!
VIOLET: Everyone is learning, everyone is aging, our children are growing up. NICK: Oh gosh she’s laying in her little thing. Ohhh, my baby. I know. VIOLET: Oh, she exclamation point’d, does that mean she has something to tell me? I’m trying to talk to her but she just keeps running away. Sweet baby! NICK: This is my cat. Her name is Stella.
VIOLET: Hi baby! NICK: I know you…here. Here she is. Look at her! NICK: Okay, she’s, ohhh she does not like that…
VIOLET: Hey! Team Rocket! VIOLET: Oh, sorry Stella, that was probably loud for your cat ears.
NICK: Aww! NICK: Alright!
VIOLET: Oh, I jump! VIOLET: Oh, I’ll wait for you.
NICK: There we go!
VIOLET: I love how you just fall from… (Yello – “Oh Yeah”) VIOLET: …the sky.
NICK: Yeah. VIOLET: (singing “Sky Kiss” from Bobs Burgers) NICK: Oh, go and talk to him. VIOLET: “Oh ho! You’re working on a Pokedex! Then I’ll give you a piece of advice!” VIOLET: “You’d do well to stock up on Poke Balls at a Poke Mart before you continue your adventure!” VIOLET: Thanks, friend! VIOLET: “Those Poke Balls you’ve got! You have Pokemon, don’t you. It’s great that you can carry and use your Pokemon anywhere, anytime.” VIOLET: It is great! VIOLET: Don’t go running over to Team Rocket quite yet. VIOLET: Oh, I think we just interrupted a classroom. Sorry. VIOLET: I guess that’s what we get for bursting into classrooms. Er, bursting into, uh, homes. VIOLET: “Okay, everyone! Where can you find information that is useful for trainers?” she asks, speaking directly to me. VIOLET: “That’s right! In this classroom, you can find it on the blackboard or in books!” VIOLET: “Please read bulletin boards for Trainer Tips in towns and cities, too!” NICK: God, everybody is trying to get you to read these fucking signs. VIOLET: “The blackboard lists status conditions that can happen to Pokemon during battles. Which topic do you want to read?” VIOLET: That is way, way too much learning. NICK: I’m learning. Oh, goodbye.
VIOLET: You’re not learning! You went home! You blasted off through the roof! NICK: Young child is blasting off again! NICK: Hello! I don’t think they actually fight you, you just can’t, they’re just like blocking the way so you can’t get through. NICK: Talk to them. Talk to them.
VIOLET: Oh, okay. VIOLET: “What are you doing here, twerp? Shoo! Go pester someone else!” VIOLET: Meow!
NICK: He’s so cute!
VIOLET: I wanna hear it again, hang on, hang on… NICK: Look at him jumping! I love…oh, goodbye.
VIOLET: Bye! “What do you want? You can’t pass through here right now! We’re in the middle of guard duty, and it’s very important!” NICK: There I am.
VIOLET: For who? Just for like, Team Rocket? Is that a thing they do? They guard things?
NICK: I guess! VIOLET: Oh did I…? Yeah I already talked to him. I like that she squats down to talk to the child. NICK: I love that the…oh! He’s like ahead of me.
VIOLET: Is this where I should be going? No, she said to get Pokeballs, right? So I should be going back into Viridian. Sorry. NICK: No, you’re fine.
VIOLET: I just keep abandoning you to blast off into space. NICK: Where did I go? There I am.
VIOLET: I don’t know, into the sky apparently. Wherever you go when you leave me. NICK: Okay, goodbye!
VIOLET: “Hey! You came up from Pallet Town? You must know Professor Oak, right? I’ve got a delivery for him, but I really can’t leave the Poke Mart unattended right now.” VIOLET: Can I get you to take this to Professor Oak for me? NICK: How did he know that?
VIOLET: “You took the PARCEL…!” I was gonna ask the same question. VIOLET: Like I was just walking by and he was like, “I know where you’re from I know who you know take this package!” NICK: That’s not suspicious whatsoever. VIOLET: Oh. Okay! Sure! I would say no but I don’t really wanna walk all the way back there, sooo… VIOLET: Cuz I kinda wanted to get Poke Balls, but… “Why, Violet! Back so soon?” Well they kinda teleported me here with your package. VIOLET: “How is little Eevee doing?” He’s good, man!
NICK: HMMMMM? VIOLET: HMMMMMM????!!! VIOLET: Ahhh! VIOLET: Ow, that noise I made really hurt my throat. Do not try that at home. NICK: Ohh! He’s on your head!
VIOLET: He is! VIOLET: “Goodness me! Eevee here seems like it’s come to be a true partner to you, Violet! I think you’ve got what it takes to be a great Pokemon trainer!” VIOLET: “What’s that? You have something for me?” VIOLET: “You handed the professor his parcel.” VIOLET: “Oh! So my order arrived! Thank you for bringing it to me!” VIOLET: “Hey, Professor Oak! It’s about my Pikachu! Its moves are… Whoa! Violet! That’s so cool!” Sorry. NICK: Goddamn it, Violet! SNOOP DOGG: “Smoke weed every day!” VIOLET: You also came up with the concept for this show involving smoking, so…
NICK: I did, yeah. VIOLET: “I’ve just been delivered some very handy items, which I think I’ll share with the two of you!” I wish I hadn’t said handy like that before I realized he was going to say he was going to share them with these two children. VIOLET: Oh they’re just Razz Berries. They’re just Razz Berries. Um. Oh I’m sorry they’re not Razz Berries. They’re not Razz Berries. They’re RAZZ BERRIES, because they were in an orange accent. NICK: Because they were in an orange accent.
VIOLET: “In your catching pocket.” “Great! I’ve been starving!” VIOLET: “I’ll stop you right there, son!” Stop it right there, son! “Those Berries are for Pokemon to eat, not you!” NICK: God!
NICK: Fuck you, Wesley! VIOLET: Goddamn it, Wesley! VIOLET: He’s so nice! “When you want to catch a Pokemon, try throwing one of those at your target before you take a Poke Ball in hand.” SNOOP DOGG: “Smo-”
VIOLET: Goddamn it, joint. “You’ll find that wild Pokemon will be so happy to have a Berry…” That wasn’t in an orange accent, that was just capitalized for some reason? VIOLET: “To nibble on that they’ll become much easier for you to catch!” VIOLET: I’m not sure if that was, like, distinctly different enough from the orange accent for you to be able to tell, so. NICK: I mean, you shouted that one.
VIOLET: I’m not even sure what, like, I honestly just read orange and I’m like I hope I do the same thing I’ve been doing so far. VIOLET: Oh, he said something about almost eating them. I dunno, ya’ll can read. Maybe you can’t. I shouldn’t assume. Check your privilege. VIOLET: “Now then, you two! It’s up to you to decide if you want to catch lots of different Pokemon or simply focus on training up your favorites. My only request is that you have fun either way!” VIOLET: I kind of wish his Pikachu was chilling with him, too.
NICK: Same! VIOLET: Maybe he is around here somewhere. I really wish I knew what was in here.
NICK: Same! VIOLET: I wonder if I could have looked at it before I grabbed Eevee, I just didn’t want it to look like I didn’t want her, because of course I do! VIOLET: “Wait up! Come on, Violet! You do know you can do more with Pokemon than just catch ’em, right?” VIOLET: “If you’re a TRAINER, you can have POKEMON BATTLES with other Trainers, too!” VIOLET: “I’ll show you exactly what I mean! It’s battle time!” (sings Mario theme) VIOLET: What is that? That’s a different game.
NICK: That’s Mario. That’s Mario.
VIOLET: Yeah. VIOLET: “You are challenged by Pokemon Trainer Wesley!” I love that we’re twins! It’s just so cute to me! NICK: Pikachu!
VIOLET: Oh, he’s really cute too! NICK: You can catch a Pikachu I’m pretty sure. Yes, there are Pikachu in…oh, you gotta hit… VIOLET: Whip it!
DEVO: “Whip it good!” VIOLET: Oh damn, I felt that one. VIOLET: Whip it good!
VIOLET: Oh, he did whip it good! NICK: I just realized we both used whip moves!
VIOLET: We did! NICK: We whipped it REAL good. VIOLET: “What?! Did I lose?”
NICK: Yup! VIOLET: Be nice, he’s cute! VIOLET: “There I went mouthing off like I knew everything, and then I lost! How embarrassing!” What was that line that I used to say in that exact voice, and you guys used to ask me to… “Why I oughta!” NICK: “Why I oughta!” VIOLET: Oh my god! NICK: How did you describe it?
VIOLET: Oh my god, like a child wearing a backwards baseball hat in the 1930s threatening you to a fight? NICK: Yeah. Yes.
VIOLET: “Why I oughta!”
NICK: “Why I oughta!” VIOLET: “I probably should’ve trained my Pokemon up a bit before trying a battle like that, huh? Let’s battle again sometime!” And he is gone. NICK: Goodbye.
VIOLET: “Did you enjoy your first taste of battle, young Violet? Your partner Eevee seemed to like it!” NICK: Hello!
VIOLET: That wasn’t my first…well, I guess it was my first taste of battle, cuz the other ones I was just throwing Poke Balls… NICK: Where did that Bellsprout go? He’s gone.
VIOLET: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe he’ll join you once we’re outside. NICK: No.
VIOLET: Huh. Maybe I have to assign him in my party. NICK: Oh, maybe! Yeah! Go to party. VIOLET: That’s what I meant to do.
NICK: Yeah, cuz now that Eevee’s resting on your head… VIOLET: Move Pokemon?
NICK: No, hit A. Oh! Hit the, no, the minus. NICK: Oh, well, now you’ve got to hit B.
VIOLET: Oh. NICK: Well. That was A.
VIOLET: (imitates Bellsprout) VIOLET: Can I make them all run alongside me?
NICK: No, you can only have one. VIOLET: Oh, that’d be neat. Are you sure that Pidgey isn’t ours?
NICK: No, that Pidgey is ours.
VIOLET: Oh. NICK: Yeah, that Pidgey’s following me now.
VIOLET: Oh, okay. NICK: Yeah, now you have the Bellsprout following you and I have the Pidgey. Oh, hello.
VIOLET: Ohh, gotcha. Okay. NICK: There’s a friend.
VIOLET: Hey, friend.
NICK: “Hey, Violet!” VIOLET: Oh, didn’t we talk to her before?
NICK: Yup. Yeah, that’s, um…
VIOLET: That’s his…sister…? Probably? NICK: I think so.
VIOLET: “Oh, just look at Eevee! You two are already looking like great partners.” Yeah, she’s like superglued to my hat. With her little feet. VIOLET: “And I’ve got the perfect little gift for such a great team! Here, take this.” Sportswear! She is his sister. VIOLET: “You put the SPORTSWEAR in your Clothing Trunk!” I have a clothing trunk? VIOLET: Oh, she’s happy too! Oh!! VIOLET: She does! He does. Partner play?
NICK: Yup. VIOLET: (gasps) I can pet her! I can pet her! Wait, how do I do it? VIOLET: Just like this?
NICK: I think you need to…try pressing A? NICK: Oh, press this one.
VIOLET: This one?
NICK: Yes. NICK: That’s supposed to like…there you go! It centers the hand on…yeah. And then I think if you…yeah you got it. VIOLET: Oh, he’s so cute!
NICK: Oh, she don’t like that. VIOLET: Did I poke her in the eye or something?
NICK: I think so, something like that. NICK: Okay, we’re feeding her a berry.
VIOLET: Oh my god. VIOLET: Oh my god.
NICK: Alright, okay, now we’re gonna go back. VIOLET: So cute. So cute. So cute. NICK: Choose an outfit for Sweetpea. VIOLET: We match!
NICK: Now your partner is looking great! VIOLET: What does it look like? I can’t see it at all. NICK: You can kind of see it there. Oh, I guess you don’t have any outfits for you, but…oh! Turn! VIOLET: Oh!
NICK: Press Y. There you go! NICK: There she is!
VIOLET: We do match! NICK: That’s the only one you got.
VIOLET: I know, I’m trying to go…oh, B isn’t the button I always think it’s gonna be? NICK: Yeah, because you’re used to the Playstation where this is X and this is B.
VIOLET: Yup. NICK: Oh, there I am. Oh! Hello!
VIOLET: I don’t know what I ran into. Oh!
NICK: Rattata! NICK and VIOLET: One, two, three, GO! NICK: Eh, well.
VIOLET: I threw it way over that Rattata NICK: Oh, well.
VIOLET: Okay! NICK: You are not cool enough to be this bitchy!
VIOLET: No! NICK and VIOLET: One, two, three, GO! NICK: There we go!
NICK: Ayy! SNOOP DOGG: “Smoke weed every day!”

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