Podolski & Asamoah vs freekickerz – Football Challenge

Alright lads, let’s get ready! Focus, this ain’t ballet. This is football! Gear up! Wooh wooh wooh wooh. What is this? Guys, take these! The classic F50 and Predator are back in its GLITCH version . We have invited Lukas Podolski and Gerald Asamoah to team up with us. I will be playing with Lukas … … and I am joined by Gerald. I am curious how they will perform in these shoes. Check out the rules: Ready? Gerald: Yeeeeeeeeeeees! Felix: I had the first touch! Karol: Felix was first! Poldi: Alright. Go. Felix: This is where I touched the ball. Poldi: Ok, shoot from there. Felix: Ok, I suggest I try the first one and if it turns out to be too far away, we will check our options. Poldi: You stay in the way I cover Gerald. Gerald: Poldi, go over to him. He wants two people in the wall. Poldi: He just doesn’t know better… Felix: Ready? Lukas: He will miss anyway. Poldi: Yes, Goalie! Gerald: Nice try! Gerald: Why is he lining up for a penalty? Felix: Because no once scored on the freekick. Gerald: I don’t get it. Felix: There is a device tracking your shot power . Gerald: Are you serious? Are you really serious? Poldi: Shoot low. Lukas: I will try. Felix: Lukas, there is a fence. Poldi: Yees, man! Felix: 98km/h Gerald, you can do this before breakfast! Gerald: You are really serious. Poldi: I don’t believe in you. All you do is play with oldies from Schalke! Poldi: Yes man. That’s it! Indistinct Chatter Poldi: Ok, so looks like you have to shoot from far out there. Karol: Ok Guys, this is was a little bit too far. Sorry for that. Felix: Gerald, come on. We can do this! Gerald: Ok, chip it to me and I will bully my way through. Poldi: Ok, we will let you play this one out. Poldi: You have to be fast WITH the ball. That’s a different story. Gerald: I have never been really good at this. Lukas: Try to shoot low. Karol: And more in the middle. Lukas: How can he be this fast? Gerald: Poldi is on a loosing streak. Poldi: But he doesn’t score anyways. We are up by two, so relax! Gerald: What are you doing? Poldi: You shoot, I will protect the goal line. Poldi: Form a wall, Lukas. Gerald counting steps. Poldi: He will shoot in my corner. You will see! Poldi: Do it already! Felix: Aargh…shit man. Gerald: Should have chipped this one over… Karol: They are making them nervous. Poldi: All they can do is run. Felix: I didn’t want to hit you with my shot. Poldi: All you can do is run without the ball, man. That’s good, but with ball is the most import thing in football, I am telling you. Gerald: Ah damn it. Felix: Lukas, no pressure. Put it in the top corner. Gerald: He doesn’t even pull through. Felix: Gerald, we have to score them goals. Gerald: Yea, so when we score, they don’t get to shoot? Now I understand this game. Gerald: Next time – let me know in advance, mate! Ey, ey! Felix: When did he take off? Karol: And all of a sudden he is not acting sportmanship like anymore. Felix: We have got that on tape, Poldi! Poldi: No problem. Lukas, you take this one. Poldi: Come on, go. Shoot it. Gerald: Ok, so Poldi is not taking this one. Felix: If he does and hits me, I will be going straight to ER Uuuh! Gerald: Don’t pull your hamstring! Poldi: No man, I will go easy. Gerald: Really, don’t go nuts on this one. Gerald: That’s sweet victory for us. Born ready! Gerald: Ah ok – it goes on yeah? Karol: So you have lost one point, (indistinct). Poldi: I am up 3-1, so I don’t need to talk much. Gerald: Lukas, what’s up with you, man? Poldi: Do we have a camera to check who touched it first? Gerald: Felix, what did you do? You were there first. Don’t pull your head out of this one. Poldi: That’s live, bro. Gerald: He should have touched it first. Felix: Is there blood on your shoe? Was that your foot? Poldi: My foot? That was my fist. Karol: No freekick wall? Felix: Ok, so if you are in a good position, I will pass it to you. Otherwise I will shoot it directly. Karol: Ok, Lukas. You can cover this corner. Felix: Looks to me like disharmony in Team Poldi&Lukas. Poldi: He will shoot in your corner, be prepared. Poldi: Oah, problem is always the ball. It has to go in, right? Poldi: Ok, last one. I don’t want to get hurt. Felix: 68km/h – you can do this Gerald! Gerald: Easily, man! Even with my backheel I can do this. Felix: No dude, make sure we got this. Felix: Come on, Gerald. Then we are only down by one and it’s 2-3. Gerald: What was I doing? Well, happens to the best. Felix: 79km/h. You got this! Gerald: Did you see my last one? Felix: I am encouraging you, man. Felix: Yeeees – 3-2! Karol: I can feel the tension. Gerald: Time to shine now! We never give up. Gerald: Faster – nice Felix. Karol: Resignation on Poldi’s face. Felix: Ok, Gerald. Now its time for us. Gerald: Nice one. That’s why I chose him to be on my team. Poldi is getting angry now. Gerald: He doesn’t want to continue… Poldi: They have only paid me for half an hour. I don’t have much more time. Karol: You just need to tickle him and off he goes. Lukas: Ok, so put it in now. Poldi: Guys, I have a contract. Not like you. Gerald: Goalie, you don’t need a wall for this. Felix: If he passes, I am there. Gerald: Now is the time, Felix! Gerald:Yes! Poldi: Doesn’t matter if I run for the ball or not, you won’t score your freekick. It doesn’t make a difference. Gerald: He can only shoot this side, I know him. Poldi: Ok, I am going over the wall. Gerald: That was obvious. Karol: Matchball! Felix: Gerald, we can take this home now. Gerald: He will put it over the crossbar. Felix: This is our chance! Full power, straight to the middle. Gerald: Yes, what is happening? What is up guys? Gerald: I just had to warm up a little. Whaaaz uuuup! Gerald: Lukas, where are you? Lukas: Damn, what happened? Ok Guys, we have just tested these two classic boots in the new GLITCH version today. We had Gerald Asamoah and Lukas Podolski join us and of course, they also signed a pair of these beauties for you. Just check out the GLITCH App and look for the newsfeed article. Like that one and you might end up with the shoes. Part 2 is available on Karol’s channel Goalkeeperz! All other information you can find in the video description. Stay tuned and until next time!

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  1. ? Gewinnspiel (Unterschriebene "GLITCH" Predator & F50 von Lukas Podolski & Gerald Asamoah)


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  2. 6:20 Was hätte Cristiano gemacht? Mit eiserner Disziplin den Ball sicher ins Tor gehauen. Was macht Gerald…

  3. Warum wird mir diese als Fußballvideo getarnte, schlechtgespielte und abstoßend dumme Werbung empfohlen?
    Wo sind meine "Scheißverein"-Aufkleber?

  4. Gerald kommt so rüber wie er immer war, einfach ein Sympathie bolzen, aber wie in der aktiven Karriere nicht wirklich bombe. Podolski… muss man dazu noch was sagen? Hab schon immer vermutet, dass er ein Blender ist und das Video bestätigt es ja quasi. Er ist nicht dumm, aber auch nicht der gute Laune Bär, den er immer vorgegeben hat

  5. Macht mal öfter sowas ist voll cool ???mit deutsche Nationalspieler und andere z. B. Messi oder so

  6. Lukas aber echt mal unsymphatisch. So kennt man ihn gar ned. Naja, dicke Kohle hat er ja, was soll dann noch so nen Dreh mit Adidas.

  7. Poldi: Ich hab Vertrag, nein Lukas, du hast "einen" Vertrag. Subjekt, Prädikat, Objekt. Wenn du schon einen unsympathischen Kommentar von dir gibst, dann sprich bitte richtig. Wenn ich schon seine Aussprache höre, wie er die Wörter teilweise verschluckt.
    Podolski, du bist unsympathisch, dumm und prollig. In Interviews, Fernsehauftritten machst du einen auf Kumpel, aber hier erkennt man deinen waren Charakter.

  8. This video is good but Asamoah, I thought you shoot hard, but they shot harder than you

  9. Ich kenne den asamoah persönlich sein sohn jaden asamoah hat mit mir in der alten manschaft gespielt in bayer Uerdingen aber dann bin ich nach Leverkusen gegangen

  10. Poldi is ja voll der hurensohn . Der wurde damals auf dem Bolzer bestimmt nur geschlagen .
    Gerald , sehr symphatisch !
    ihr Jungs sowieso 😉

  11. Oha, hier fällt aber bei vielen der Vorhang. Wie viel ernsthaft geglaubt haben das Podolski sympathisch sei. Und Karolgant hat anscheinend einen Maulkorb bekommen

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