Pocket Radar | Volleyball | Serve Speed | John Dunning

you you if you haven’t seen one of these I know that we all don’t have a lot of money in our budgets for things and I don’t get anything from selling this but I think that this this is a radar gun in here it’s small looks like a cell phone I think well you can find out the price that’s over there but for me this is like a like the next error that’s going to happen to us this Noah some of the other things that we have if you want to make your servers better you work on technique if you want to make them better you say that this is how good you have to be so my servers on my team this year we worked on we we held the radar gun up on us and practice and games to try to get some data and our serving is probably the weakest skill I just think walking was now but athletes can kind of take care of block you know I think serving is I think it can be so much better and if we serve better at passers eventually we’ll get better so if you serve jump float serves the radar guns we have the speed we serve death the last couple years was somewhere between 32 and 36 miles an hour and all we did was say to our team let’s find out what 34 to 39 looks like and we kept showing it to him and showing it to him and they realized that they didn’t serve tough enough they thought they did the elastic helps because it gets it down closer to the level of net and the closer it is to the net the harder you can serve but it’s kind of like we have to show them the level that you can perform at and that’s what something like this can do that’s what NOAA can do for setters so I think this is a great thing for serving it’s you know how you can take an athlete and teach them how to not be an athlete by over coaching or teaching them things the in ways you shouldn’t maybe sometimes what we say to them is this is how good you have to be and then you so that you can get better because one of the things I always felt about serving is there’s a million ways you can do it and you can get away with things only the better you want to be if you really want to find out how good you can be that isn’t good enough serving skills just aren’t good enough on my team and around the country and my team is getting a lot better at their tech when I watch them it’s like no I like that it’s better than it used to be we didn’t teach him anymore we said this is how good you can be figure it out for yourself and then they started listening more too because they knew they weren’t good and I want to really say something John said that to me what nine months ago hey we’re starting with this radar thing you ought to try it and we did and I’ll tell you it’s an observable measurable device same as targets on the court you can say serve zone one but hey if I could serve right there three by three in zone one that’s a big difference than just serving somewhere cross court but this is great we’re going to demonstrate it later in the clinic with a pocket radar and it’s a really how fast can you serve what’s the fastest any of you have served what’s the fact well they can serve it really fast and hit the wall yeah yeah but what is the fastest getting it in probably 42 43 but not topspin tens much faster right right we’ve had we have one server that she hits the ball out a lot of times but she can serve it at 50 or above and sometimes get it in slow flow yeah a jump float that’s crazy but a men’s topspin a high-level international is it about 66 to 70 miles an hour the tops been served so

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