Playing Golf With Just a 7 Iron | Mr. Short Game One Club Challenge

tin cup day that’s right
now look I’m not gonna break all my clubs like him
because I care too much but a 7-iron this one never let me down so the
question is what can I shoot nine holes 7-iron only what do you think comment
below what you think I’m gonna shoot nine holes how many over or under before
you finish the video and see if you’re right by the end
don’t delete your comment either let’s do it
today’s video is brought to you by swing caddy SC 300 portable launch monitor
just set this behind your ball wherever you go start swinging and see stats such
as carry ball speed swing speed smash factor launch angle apex and so much
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your game because it forces you to get out of your comfort zone and hit shot
you would never normally hit so you should be playing like this quite often
if you want to get better I’m using the Ben Hogan PT X Pro forged irons iron
today 7-iron 117 all right to over right at it
it’s gonna be a little long there’s somewhat of a force to carry
here I hope I can reach the fairway this is a par 5 so I’ve got to be careful
about my distance here I think I can get it full swing and have another full
swing in 1:38 gotta go over some water here
downwind – it’s not good I’m gonna open it up play a little a little cutter in
there finally a real yardage 175 maybe I can
manage this one right at it be right you dried honey got
a look at birdie maybe 10 15 feet and 15 feet means 30 to meet hi doctor
apparently whoo knocking in for par Rena roll baby okay 185 uphill
went into my face I’ve got to play a big draw in here around this tree that’s all
yep pretty good not on but close close I had a chance all right
I’m the par machine little 168 down he’ll be good number now I’ve got this super downhill I
nearly 200 yards left I don’t think I’m gonna get the bunk are short that’s
another problem Oh curative oh boy least have a good lie
one thing I didn’t want to do is go in the trap I’m guessing I have to open up
the club face quite a bit oh I’m mr. short game and all but this
is pushing it she’s pretty good from the bunker I just
didn’t want to be packed at all this is like the fastest of putt on earth barely
tapped that guy three over one hole to go man I thought
the bunker shot was tough now I’ve got to go over the bunker front pin with a
7-iron flop seven this side to be interesting

100 thoughts on “Playing Golf With Just a 7 Iron | Mr. Short Game One Club Challenge

  1. I actually do this a lot at my home course. It really forces you to learn how to create different shots. Great video Matt!

  2. I think that you will shoot 4 over using only the 7 iron. I would like to shoot that at any time using only one club.

  3. I put 2 over down before and was rooting for you after 7 holes. Might have done it but for the bunker and the narrow miss on the last. Well played! Must try this….

  4. How about a 3 club challenge? 5 iron, sand wedge and putter. See if you can fandangle your way around the course. Huh, huh, huh. What do you say kid?

  5. I love your swing tempo and the back ground music. ๐Ÿ‘
    I am not a fan of the one club challenge though. You can be creative with 7 or 14 clubs as well.
    My dream set of clubs is a 1 through PW, plus sand wedge and lob wedge. No woods! I can't find a reasonably priced mizuno mp-33 1 iron though. It costs more than my entire set of clubs I bought used from ebay.

  6. well done…should be a surprise to the average golfer. not the clubs, it's the player. nicely done. had you at 9 over. should have known…

  7. Ha ! – I just did this 3 days ago with my partner and daughter to close out the season up here in Canada – except I cheated and took a 2 clubs (21 degree Hybrid & an 8 iron) – shot a 3 over for 9 – I even played with ski liner gloves it was so cold. It is a fantastic exercise. Having the hybrid is almost cheating on winter wet chipping and of course putting. Brings me back to my youth on vacation with a 5 club set.

  8. Your awesome! We use to play "3 clubs". Similar. Forces you to try various shoots. Almost always scored in line, with what we could get with the full set.

  9. How do tou like them PTx Pros? I was thinking of getting them myself but it feels like buying off the shelves and I know they have a fitting system. How were you fitted to them?

  10. I always use a putter in one club games, irons were never meant to be used as putters and you gain nothing by using them on the greens.

  11. Excellent Vlog Matt and shows driver and woods ain't needed. Hogan player also but vintage you can't beat them bud ๐Ÿ‘

  12. Very impressive! Your chips and especially the puts with the 7i are better than what most people do with their favorite club for those situations ๐Ÿคฃ

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