PLAYING FOR THE VOLLEYBALL!!! | Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune Beach Volleyball Gameplay Episode 1

Playing for the Beach Volleyball Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune Beach Volleyball Gameplay PS4 okay let’s rip this spin let’s go pretty
partner hello and welcome back to GS guy gaming
we’re your plan a new game on my journey to discover all the volleyball and beach
volleyball games out there I come across this one dead or alive xtreme three
fortune now this is at the third game obviously in a line of games that are
very loosely tied to beach volleyball but I haven’t really seen what it’s like
and it’s got volleyball in and I promise I’m playing just for the volleyball
anyways we’re playing this game we’re gonna see what the volleyballs like it’s
in Japanese it’s a Japanese only game this is the
free-to-play version they do have a full version but I looked it up it’s 8,000 or
something yen which is a hundred bucks Canadian which is a lot of money so I
better really like the game if I’m gonna buy it maybe we’ll just have some fun in
the free free to play a demo but it’s in Japanese cuz the English version is only
if you buy it I think anyways so let’s get to it
okay I have no idea what’s going on in this game obviously because it’s all in
Japanese I don’t speak Japanese or read it if you guys know what’s going on let
me know I need the help but we’re gonna play some beach volleyball I figured out
how to do that you want to play it on Nikki Beach here against these two now
they’re uneasy we don’t want that alright you want the biggest challenge
okay so normal and easy Wow we’ll see how it goes
let’s go that’s me in the pink that’s my partner in the red and I guess that’s
who we’re playing yeah let’s play some ball you partner set you on the net ah
that’s it for me I’m gonna get a block here watch this
yeah partner with the dig I wish I knew her name I’m blocking I need the block
let’s go go I can do it on two I’m such a shitty
you let’s see if I can get it on the net oh let’s go partner these replays are
really good too I’m a terrible center that’s a bounce
these girls can sky I’m gonna rip this spinner I think I really not try to play
it I read the tutorial but it’s in Japanese
yeah spike sir hmm thousand points oh yes sorts of
trouble yeah excited about that here we gonna pound it yes
Oh Oh see there’s different shit got it put me on the net I’m pounding let’s go
oh yes come on that’s my partner she’s hype about that set or I guess I don’t
know what she said found it yes whoa set that oh I went for
my partner had it there’s no way that I should censor I I hold my censored I’m
you see that I’m censored that’s bad I take all the no teammate block for me oh yes block I gotta figure out her name oh
poor one I don’t know what the games are – oh I didn’t expect it to be over fast
we’re in the shoot sets like this partner shoot
gosh this defenders pretty good lock it I was not even there dang it
yeah you should be yes ya got it I’m definitely gonna get demonetized for
this you guys partner found that first oh oh it’s a beast
yeah again with the de monetization come on
I’ll play this for the volleyball you guys I’m serious
under answer come on I’ll go open block the best what match points so we only
play games two seven I guess okay how’d it yep nice day partner low set I
mean yeah it’s for the win come on score bonus technique we got
some numbers I don’t know what they mean yeah did it okay yeah I guess this is my
character hi guys there’s definitely gonna be some serious
editing on this video unless I don’t want to get to monetize
yikes all right we’re looking for another match hopefully this time a bit
harder easy and easy gosh we’re just gonna pummel it Easy’s normal normal
we’re up in the difficulty let’s go glad that that’s in English because if that
wasn’t in English I’m gonna have no idea how difficult this – alright
this is the team here let’s go time to actually play well we’re playing the
same girl and the other same girl that’s fine they somehow got better me yep
found that I have no idea what I’m doing yeah she hit it in the net I’m wondering
if it’s timing there’s a few buttons there’s there’s inputs I don’t know why
is this the camera angle for the ey I guess I don’t why am I even asking that
question Spencer found it yep lock
partner you’re supposed to dig that yeah you should be disappointed make a play I
gotta figure out her name it’s a problem that I mean no on the net why do I keep
saying uh solo I don’t care she’s found it yes
censored John Locke yep get out come on let’s go I’m seeing a
replay of that yes I’m all over that oh yes that feels really good all right
both lady got the date let’s dig in transition let’s go one-armed a nice
great set partner the hang time on these ladies is insane oh you rock oh I got it
oh you got it Matalin sing it why would yes huge how do I get such a good
partner in these other players stop I’m locking and get another block great day
teammates Oh terrible set by me where’s she going
hold on in the block great day partner this is a rally Oh Oh what happened why
are you excited it was your partner who scored good sky ball is on me okay
yeah put me on the nest down the line I can aim where I’m going which is cool
lock it oh go tip oh I can tip it
go oh geez how do I do anything yeah she hid in the
net come on match point I’m already the master of this game I mean oh dang and I
spoke too soon we’re gonna press the proper buttons
what are the proper buttons me you on the net
yes come on for the wind nice that technique bonus yeah she’s pissed
all right well playing another game I’m not really sure how playing multiple
games really helps me out but we’re looking for the three-peat three wins
that’s a new girl I haven’t seen her before
I don’t what me I got it let’s start with this bun does that’s a pound into
the net what what yeah me hey put me on the net this button do anything no
that’s a nothing button okay good to know that yeah
no not that you partner oh I’m hoping to pound on to oh yeah oh it’s a balance
here we go let’s try the underhand serve God why no just dick yeah my god I’m
twisting the wrong frickin button there was a dig tip oh she dug it would it dig
by me I don’t put that over old shit why my tipping partner they’re beating us
and it’s my fault here we go yeah put me on the net what’s the play that way oh
she done me it doesn’t be easy
how do i score there oh good thing you took that partner cuz I wasn’t nice good
thing they served her cuz I have no idea what I’m doing
here we go partner I’ll block for you okay oh I did not expect the two ball
dang it now we can’t lose this yeah let me on what’s holding yes the deep hit
there are no lines on this court by the way how do we know what’s in and what’s
not okay let’s rip this pin let’s go free team partner that was a ship
slammed created by my partner overpass set over that shit huge here we go Oh
free ball how do how does my partner set me on to
yeah I send the net we’re tied it up I gotta learn that yeah no that’s not a
thing you guys that’s not a thing we’re playing volleyball here oh shit I got
block yes partner to come back match point
Rick and Rick both yeah count it Oh that was soft not the dig
put me up Oh I press the wrong button again I’m
playing all these volleyball games and the wrong buttons juice here we go I’ll
take it put me on the neck cost good come on let’s go
match point I’m gonna block you get a block for the win where’s she going
partner can you make a fricking Dave juice again that I mean yep Oh God
boss they leave me wide open for the bounce I have yet to figure out this
game great day partner come on out oh go great a partner put it away gosh where’s
she going hey put me on to teammate yeah along that was bad set great deal let’s
go yes come on in the net for the win yes what’s that in the top corner all
those hearts what does that even mean what’s happening I got the window yes
alright guys well that’s gonna do it for this episode of
Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 for tuned not sure if I’m going to keep playing this
game I’m having fun with that though that was actually a lot of fun and it’s
because of the volleyball I’m telling you um yeah ah
anyways thank you guys for watching the video hope you enjoyed it if you did
leave a like maybe comment with some of your thoughts how I was feeling
maybe help me out if you’ve played this game or seen it play I’ll do some
research as well maybe next episode I can really figure out what the hell is
going on and see if I can get the most of those free to play thing if I have
enough fun with this and if you guys like this I might buy the full version
so we get some freakin English in here anyways I don’t think I want to spend a
hundred bucks if I’m not really good enjoy or know what they’ll enjoy the
game so that’s what we’re testing it out anyways thank you guys so much for
watching thank and with that we have uh uh yes guy gaming Playing for the Beach Volleyball Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune Beach Volleyball Gameplay PS4

8 thoughts on “PLAYING FOR THE VOLLEYBALL!!! | Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune Beach Volleyball Gameplay Episode 1

  1. My friend, this game brings back memories when I had the original on the Xbox 360. I also….just played for the volleyball. hehehe Actually, the volleyball mechanics were pretty fun and the controls solid. I am unsure of your partner's name but I believe the red head on your team's name is Kasumi and the brunette one that came in on the other team is Hitomi. She's well rounded….er…I mean her stats are. If you played against the purple haired girl (Ayane) the match should be more difficult as she is Kasumi's rival. They kinda borrowed that from the fighting series..rivals giving you a tougher time. hahaha Enjoy you vacay on Zach island! I'd love to see more of this…for the volleyball of course. Sadly, good volleyball games are hard to find so I try them all too. 🙂

  2. If you want to know the controls in English, go on this video at 8:22 (sorry if it's not hyperlinked)
    I love volleyball, and I've been having trouble finding good volleyball video games. So, I love watching you play various volleyball games. Keep up the good work!!

  3. actually volleyball part is not bad, but it isn't a pure volleyball game,i don't know if white stright guys like playing it?

  4. You're playing as Kasumi, THE MISSING SHINOBI OF THE MUGEN TENSHIN CLAN! You are partnered with the DRAGON SHRINE MAIDEN
    * , Momoji. Going up against the *1018 YEAR OLD PRINCESS
    Nyotengu along with with her partner, ?????…

    2:57 Momoji: Yes, this feel amazing!
    7:36: Marie: Ahem, did you see that?
    8:30: (Cries of anguish?) This is soooo frustrating!!!

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