Play Ping Pong with your FOOT I Pongfinity

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity and welcome to another episode
of Challenge Pongfinity! This is the series where YOU challenge US
with your craziest ideas related to table tennis. We will go through all of your comments, pick
the most creative ones and make a video out of them. If your comment gets picked, we will give
you a shout out and feature it in the next video. So leave your comments in the comment-section
below! Gronkh Yoshi wants me to block 5 times with
my foot. So, let’s play some foot table tennis! The TWY Channel wants us to play a 10 shot
topspin rally with penhold. This one is from Julian 47. Try to make 3 behind the back around the net
shots in a row. Okay Julian, let’s do it! Gary Garner wants us to make a cart wheel
table tennis shot. Kiro Emad wants us to play with 2 balls And the other one has to do around the back
shots And the other one has to do between the leg
shots. Miikka, you can do the around the back shots. And I will do the between the legs shots. Let’s go! Crave is asking, is it possible to buy Pongfinity
t-shirts? As a matter of fact, we have just opened up
our Pongfinity merchandize store. So now you can, indeed, be one of the first
people ever to buy and get yourself one of these! Or, one of these! You can find the store at And there is a link in the description below. Make sure you check it out and get your own
t-shirts and hoodies.

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