Play Ball!

Narrator: Many Hanford workers spent their
rare leisure time playing baseball on Sundays. Willie Daniels, Luzell Johnson, and Roger
Fulling remember that the baseball teams were integrated and highly competitive. Willie Daniels: During the summer, why, they
would be playing ball; some of the guys played. They had a ball team out there, played baseball. Of course, I did not ever get on the team,
but I would go out and look at them. Luzell Johnson: Well, it was a mixed league. It was pretty good players from all over the
country. When they were working out, the best ones,
they would get them. Some big teams would come out and play them. I played center field for the Hanford team. Not regularly. There were too many of us. We had a good manager, and he would play maybe
me this week and then somebody else. The catchers and the pitchers would get a
spot—and the first basemen. Roger Fulling Part 1: Baseball was a great
source of relaxation. Each of the crafts had their own team, and
there was an organized league between the crafts. One craft in particular was not doing too
well, but the head of that craft said he wanted some amends to the baseball standings. This craft superintendent—unnamed, but known
to me—arranged for his recruiters to concentrate on the Pacific Coast League baseball players. As a result, the craft went from the bottom
to the top of the league.

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