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Alright now we are going to look at the placement
of the serve. Now there is good areas and bad areas to serve, Firstly we are going to
look at some of the bad areas. Now if you look over here we are going to place some
pieces of paper on the table to show bad areas. Now the reason that these are bad areas is
because if you serve the ball there it is going to go right into the danger zone or
the hitting zone of your opponent and they are going to get a really good shot against
that serve. So this is a point that you don’t want to serve to.
So we know there are good areas and bad areas to serve and the bad areas are around here
and here and we have demonstrated why because it is going to right into your opponents hitting
zone. Now the good areas are deeper here in the
corners and here because then it is really deeper to make it harder for the opponent
to get to. Another good areas to serve to also is much
shorter and the reason that good is because the ball will bounce twice on the table so
your opponent won’t get a really big swing on it and they will have to play a more passive
shot. Hope you have enjoyed these lessons and if
you got something out of them then pop over to our website and pay
for the lessons, you decide how much your contribution will go to helping us make some
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100 thoughts on “Placement of the Serve | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. Man, why the hell does this video exist? Fast and long serves are so gonna get a winner reception from the opponent.

  2. This was a very good lession, your other one" most important" really sucked but this one rocked!

    Another tips to you noobs out there 🙂 play normal with friends dont use retarnboard and stuff.

  3. We will try and make a video on this in the coming months. We are busy right now finishing off our latest DVD. Once that is completed we will focus on some more lessons for YouTube.

  4. Most people who just play table tennis don't know the spin of the ball, thus making fairly easy to score with 2 strikes, not 3.A backspin serve in the back of the table, makes opponent hit the net 🙂

  5. personally i think it depends on where the receiver is and the amount and type of spin is on the ball after all if the server serves in a bad area but at a high speed its likely the receiver wont get it or hit a set up shot

  6. im more aware of this now, now i need the technique.. which currently is shockingly crap at the moment. its a struggle to get free points off it, and like 90% of when i serve, its slower and lacks spin at times and im drawn into a rally afterwards. any better tips on better technique, like how to put extra spin, maybe better speed and even better placement?

  7. Can you stand in the middle of the line?Because I was playing vs my friend and when it was 16-11 for me he started crying that I couldn't go stand in the middle.Please reply.

  8. can u please recommend me a nice pre assembled racket having max speed and spin with max possible control … im an intermediate player and heading towards more competitve play … i have looking for too long but cant find the perfect match having maximum speed , sin and control ! plz respond ot this one plz dont ignore ..plz 🙂

  9. @DoctorKashEXtremisT If you are looking for a faster bat and you are an intermediate player, I would suggest moving onto a custom bat. We have some suggestions on our website. If you have other questions then try using our Ask the Coach section of our website as we have more room to provide answers and all your questions are stored so you can look back over them.

  10. If you're talking about the position from where you do your serves, it doesn't matter where you stand, you can stand in the middle or at the corner of the table. As long as it is behind the table and not at the side of it.

  11. @patatohead123

    If you're talking about the place you do your serve, it doesn't matter where you stand. As long as it is behind the table and not at the side of it.

  12. @jkim519 It is really about having a fast swing. You also need to brush the ball to generate spin.

    For a more detailed answer try asking questions on our website. The comments here are limited. Also by using our website all of your questions will be stored so you can look back over them at any time.

    Thanks for the question and good luck with your Table Tennis.

  13. @DoctorKashEXtremisT It is a personal choice and depends on your skill level but I would lean towards a bat that is not super fast for an all round player.

  14. @salkstap It is really about making the ball go quickly. The best way to practice is to put a piece of paper in the corner of the table as a target. Then serve over and over trying to hit the target. You will start to learn naturally. You can also ask a question on our website where we can provide more detailed answers (YouTube comments are limited in length)

  15. ok can someone help me. these tips would help me if i was vsing a guy who holds the paddle normally, but me brother holds it like an idiot and has it so he has 3 fingers on the handle and always has it on the back hand side so the paddle never flips. he wins in games even though im doing topspins and stuff. and his forehand side should be totally vunerable but some how he always hits it over. and him and everyone else thinks that he is better, just because he plays defense and has ne teqnigue

  16. @Sk8ingGuitarplayer I think the key here is to just keep developing and improving your strokes using the correct grip and technique. Once you develop your strokes to a high level you will have more power and more consistency and be able to beat the defensive player with a weakness on their forehand. So practice hard using the correct techniques. It will pay off in the long run.

  17. @pingskills ok thank you so much i new the forehand had to be it ill start practicing. ya i told everyone in the long run i was going to be smearing them lol

  18. @miphino we have a DVD available on our website called Serving Secrets Revealed. We go into a lot of detail about how to generate spin on your serves. I think you would like it.

  19. Just by looking at this short shots I went on third place today at an amateur contest 🙂 i would've love to be a professional player but my time has past! Anyways you are good teachers. Keep up, best regards from Romania!

  20. @EATALLGINGERS44 I think that it depends on whether you favour your forehand or backhand. We actually have a video lesson on the ready position which talks about this in detail. You can find this on our website under our lessons.

  21. @EATALLGINGERS44 It isn't good to be at the center of the table because it may take more time to switch from your fore hand to your back hand.

  22. PLEASE clarify, has there ever been a rule that when the ball bounces twice on your opponents side when you serve short, you lose?

  23. @georged2011 They really are bad areas because it goes right into the hitting zone of your opponent. It is much better to serve the ball short or long and fast.

  24. sir alois? which is the most effective serve… the short fast serve or the long serve.. in my case i do the short fast serve, a chop serve.. i also try the long serve not fast enough and bonce a little higher… do i stick to a short fast serve? or should i learn more the long serve and use it both.. thnks in advance.. 😀

  25. Against players with not much control the long serve is often more effective. However once you start playing against better players, they will attack the long serve. Then the short serve becomes more effective. We generally recommend serving 80% short and 20% long as a guide. Of course you change this depending on each opponent and how they return each type of serve.

  26. i do like long fast serve right now because i can do counter forehand loop after the serve.. thanks sir jeff and sir alois.. happy new year!!

  27. Try serving to the good areas. Mix up around 80% of your serves short with 20% long and fast to the corners. Also serving with backspin will make it harder for them to attack. Check out our website for more tips.

  28. Well the short surfs aint no problem for me cus all I need to do is to come forward and just give it a push, since I'm pretty tall and my opponent is screwed. Hell my push is considered as a smash and all but thanks I will remember to use my techniques on my short friend if u know what I mean 😉

  29. Thanks both of you PingSkils hosts… I really like it.. knowing bad areas and good areas since I'am a beginner.. .God bless both of you!

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