Pitiful coach cries to media after loss – LLWS regional New England

A coach’s pitiful exit to their otherwise
great season, and how he could have prevented any issues by simply coaching his team better. Coming up next… In this video we are addressing a coach’s
decision to publicly smear the team that defeated them in the LLWS New England region in 2019. Here is the background. Little League as recently
decided to make a new rule stating that the relaying and stealing of signs was to be considered
unsportsmanlike conduct and if found out an umpire is to eject those involved including
possibly the team’s manager. A very harsh punishment for a fairly common
baseball tactic. Let us know in the comments what you think
of this Little League rule and if you agree or not. Little League also added a note stating that
it’s preferable that umpires first issue a warning. That’s not required, but it is encouraged. Here is what transpired during one of the games. While based on the clip, we are not sure if the runner on 2nd is relaying signs or not, let’s stipulate
for this video that he was. The umpire then did exactly what the book
suggests AND he issues a warning and you see the manager talk with his players. From this point forward there does not appear
to be any problems, except that the New Hampshire team losses, goes home, and the manager of
the team cries like a little child to the news media. And therein lies the disgracefully poor sportsmanship. Attempting to impune the team heading to the
LLWS based off a minor…and I stress minor…issue. This is something you discuss with the other
team’s manager and possibly the tournament director, but when you have such a spectacular
season and make it as far as this team made it, to put such a bad stain on that season
for all the players on your team by acting like such a poor loser…publicly…is a disgrace. Do you agree? What do you think of the manager going to
the media about this? Okay, let’s get into the real issue which
is a lack of coaching for catchers. This is a fairly simple problem to solve and
it does not require, in my opinion, a new rule. The new rule simply takes the need to coach
properly from youth baseball coaches and so many skip this lesson. Here is how it works. A runner is on 2nd and so that runner can
see the catcher give signs to the pitcher. Once he sees the sign, he does something while
on 2nd base to relay to the hitter which pitch is coming. He may close his hands on a fastball and open
his hands on any off speed. He may also relay location if the catcher
sets up too early by signalling in some way where the pitch is meant to be thrown. Since most baseball leagues don’t do anything
to stop this practice, the defense needs to do something to prevent it from working. And that is so very very simple. We discuss this in more depth in another video,
but for the sake of brevity, all the catcher needs to do is show three different signs. Between him and his pitcher, they should know
which of the three signs is the real sign. That’s really simple and basic. What’s your opinion of players relaying
signs while on second base? Do you think coaches should teach them to
do this? Do you think they should teach them to NOT
do this? Or, should a coach just ignore this issue
and if players do it not say anything one way or the other?

12 thoughts on “Pitiful coach cries to media after loss – LLWS regional New England

  1. I agree it was handled correctly, whether there was stealing signs or not, and the manager of New Hampshire should have not said anything about it after it was handled.

    Edit: And I don't mind sign stealing…it is easy enough to overcome. We did it this way: 1. Catcher flashes a 1,2, or 3 fingers. That is indicating which sign is real. The catcher then shows three signs very quickly. The pitcher uses the sign based on the first signal and ignores the other two. If they are really good at it, the pitcher ignores the catchers hand signal and uses the sign based on the number of times the catch closes their glove or slams their fist into it when setting up (1, 2 or 3 times).

  2. Yeah I agree with coaching players to have multiple sets of signs. I think stealing signs happens alot less than what people think but it still happens. Also that catcher was getting set up WAY TOO EARLY. The batter could have easily peaked or herd the catcher set up way outside and get his arms extended. Set up as the pitch is coming or right before not before you give the sign

  3. Stealing signs is part of baseball are you not allowed to do that anymore because if a team dont do a better job at practicing signs with the caoch thats NOT the opposing teams problem this like the football in California if the other teams kicker is better then yours you can choose not to use kickers wtf is happening to the sports we used to love coaches shouldn't teach it but if baseball players are smart enough to pick it up they shouldnt be punished for it either

  4. Stealing signs is part of the game, bellyaching after a loss to a better team is not supposed to be. Especially with youth ball. This coach needs someone to talk to him about sportsmanship.

  5. Stealing signs is part of the game. The defense needs to do a better job of masking their intentions or calls, primarily through coaching the battery on how to conceal their true signs. Poor sportsmanship on the losing coach afterwards as it appears it was handled properly in the game. And if they winning team truly stopped relaying signs at the time of the warning, there was plenty of time left in the game for either team to go out and win the game.

  6. Literally first pitch after the warnings the kid at 2nd led off with his hands in his back pockets, a clear sign of sign stealing. I personally do not like LL new rule but it's the rule.

  7. The toughest thing about stealing signs is to actually have faith in the one who is giving them. It's part of the game. However, as you rise into more competitive levels. This practice will get you one in the ear. What should be taught at this level are basic fundamentals that can be polished over the years. If you have these skills by the time it comes to signing a bonus or a commitment to a D1 school. Trust me they can fine tune your game. But in essence, let the kids have fun and play the game. It's all about them. And give the kid credit on second base. He's got baseball sense. A student of the game if you will. Can't teach that… If the opposing coach was prepared he could of had a pickoff play for sign stealers. Just don't complicate the game with stupid unneeded rules. Let the kids have fun. Let them lace em up. Get the uniform dirty. And let them play the game they love. This of course is my opinion and my own personal experience.

  8. 'After losing, coach cries to local news in an despicable attempt to impure the players…' Did you mean 'impune' and not 'impure'?

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