Pinnacle High School: Sportsmanship

(Music fades in) (STUDENT-ATHLETE 1) Sportsmanship is the quality of showing honor and respect to the game and everyone around you. (STUDENT-ATHLETE 2) Sports is a great opportunity to build character. Someday sports will end for everybody and when you show great respect to the other team and great sportsmanship and positive behavior to the other team, that’s what they’re gonna remember instead of the wins and losses. (STUDENT-ATHLETE 3) I think sportsmanship is being very humble and appropriate in all aspects of the game. (STUDENT-ATHLETE 4) Being a good teammate, being positive all times, being there for your teammates and showing class. (Background music continues) (New instrumental track fades in) (STUDENT-ATHLETE 3) Winning with honor and dignity has been important because it shows respect for the game, for the officials, for your teammates, and for the opponent. I think you win and lose in life and it builds character. I think you should lose the same way you win and it’s very important that when you win, you win with respect and you lose with respect. (Background music continues) (STUDENT-ATHLETE 2) Respect is very important because respect is something you build throughout years of playing sports, and that’ll take you very far in life. If you have respect for your teammates, coaches, that’ll transfer over to your co-workers and your bosses, and that’ll really help you out in the future. (Background music continues) (STUDENT-ATHLETE 4) Trust is important because if you can’t trust someone, you can’t necessarily count on them, and integrity is all based on doing what you’re saying you’re gonna do and following through. And if you don’t trust someone to do that, then there’s no integrity there. (Music continues) (STUDENT-ATHLETE 1) Personal responsibility is important because, all in all, that’s all that we can really control. And although I compete in a team sport, It’s very important to me that, at the end of the day, I’m able to look at myself in the mirror and know that I gave it my all. And so actions that may seem small and unseen like showing up to all the practices, always being fully engaged, and being disciplined can make a huge impact on the team. So with whatever role I’m given, it’s my personal responsibility to exhibit self-discipline, work ethic, and good sportsmanship on and off the court. (Music continues and fades)

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