Ping Pong Stereotypes 3

[The barrier knocking guy] Why do they make the courts this small? Ridiculous! [The angry guy] I’ll be back in two minutes [The guy who doesn’t know the rules] You served off the side My point You have to go over the net Not around the net My point Are you sure? Good idea! Clever! [The weird sounding guy] [The come on guy] Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on Come on Emil! Come on! [The sensei guy] Okay, so 75 % of you watching still haven’t subscribed So remember to do that now! And go check out this brand-new
Sensei-merch! Until next time! I think you forgot a few barriers I got them!

100 thoughts on “Ping Pong Stereotypes 3

  1. Overwhelmed by all the amazing messages and congratulations we got last week. To have reached 1M subs after years of hard work and to have had all of you guys to share the special moment with felt incredible! 🙏

    We were thinking this would be the perfect time to release the much requested Stereotypes 3! ENJOY! 😄

  2. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS for achieving 1Million subscribers!!!

    You guys bring joy to my Mondays every week! I thought Otto was an angry beast, until there were TWO beasts on the table. Channeling your inner animals!

    Until next time, COME ON! XD

  3. The guy who always plays too safe like using only basic/slow hits and aims middle of your side, but can return any shot and just waits that you hit the net or miss

  4. 先生というか神だな


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