Ping Pong Stereotypes 2

[The ball breaker] Emil, did you bring some balls? Yeah, they are on the floor! Do you have any more balls? I think this one is broken. Yeah, it’s broken! Oops! Sorry! [The no backhand guy] Maybe I should stick to playing forehand… [The sweaty guy] Good match! [The lucky guy] Sorry! Sorry! Always lucky. Sorry! It’s all about skill! [The tennis guy] Ace! This is not tennis! [The excuses guy] I can’t see anything! The lights… and the floor… and your shirt! I just went to the gym yesterday, my hand is so stiff. The table is not straight. Now it’s good! My rubbers are too old! There is not enough room here! [The ritual guy] [The diving guy] Alright, so all of you who have not subscribed yet Remember to do that now! If you want to see a part 3 of stereotypes, give this video a thumbs a like. Until next time!

100 thoughts on “Ping Pong Stereotypes 2

  1. These videos are so much fun to do ? Which stereotypes have not yet been covered by us? We might make a part 3 if you guys enjoy this video ?

  2. There is totally a kid at our club who we consider the lucky guy, and even though I don’t typically make excuses, I have totally said the arm hurts line and in the gym there is a giant glare on the table, haha

  3. I'm the no backhand guy!!!! Roflmao. But I was incredible considering I had such a big handicap. They called me Octo (for Octopus) due to my long hands and the ability to hit from virtually behind myself and still land a sizzling swinging low altitude smash return.

  4. I literally laughed out loud at a lot of these which I never do. That was truly entertaining. Loved the no backhand guy and the diving guy. You should've had the ritual guy serve after his ritual

  5. thw stereo type " argg I am so bad, you are so much better than me, I don't even want to try

  6. the bad server guy
    the i am so bad guy
    the alway shooting the net guy
    the guy there think he can smah
    the trich shot guy
    the guy who always shoot the ball to far away

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