Pickleball Third Shot Drill-Volume Three

What do three strikes have to do
with developing drop shot consistency. Stay tuned. Hey everybody it’s CJ Johnson. This is our final video
in the drop shot series. In the first one we
talked about fundamentals. Then in the next two I gave you a couple
of drills that are designed to develop skills and to build on each other.
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another video from this channel. Three strikes isn’t just for baseball. In this drill we are trying to see how
many consecutive unattackable drop shots we can hit before we
accumulate three strikes. In this drill one player is at the
non-volley zone and the other is at the baseline. The player at the non-volley zone
“pitches” the ball to the “batter” who’s standing at the baseline. Begin counting consecutive drops once
the first ball lands in the kitchen. Keep counting until you hit the first
ball into the net or past the non-volley zone. That’s your first strike. Start over and repeat the drill
until you get three strikes. The highest number of consecutively
hit drop shots is your score for that “inning”. If you want a little less challenge, start at the center of the court
and then work your way backwards. If you want a little bit more challenge, only count unattackable balls as “runs”. That means the apex of the bounce
is below the net. If you’d like, even more challenge, the player at the non-volley zone should
attack anything that bounces high. If you missed any of the
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