Physical Education (2010) physical performance assessment: Volleyball

A-standard students in the following authentic
performance environments are consistently and successfully reproducing a wide range
of physical responses. In the 5-versus-5 and 6-versus-6 environments,
the students are demonstrating fluent and accurate skills, including the dig, set, spike,
block and serve, as well as sophisticated strategies in attack and defence using a back-court
setter system. They demonstrate a comprehensive understanding
of the volleyball rules such as service line, net touches, formation and scoring through
their physical responses and communication on court. Across all performance environments, evidence
of the students consistently and successfully applying a wide range of volleyball skills,
rules and sophisticated strategies is demonstrated. The students use their skills and comprehensive
understandings to consistently and effectively initiate change to court positioning and own
performance, as well as modify their personal and team strategies to solve problems in attack
and defence. For example, making decisions to use middle-
or back-court hitter, double or triple blocks and various serves. The students’ ability to consistently demonstrate
discerning reflection allows them to make decisions which enhance their own physical
responses and the team’s outcomes. The 4-versus-4, 3-versus-3 and 2-versus-2
environments are also authentic as they match the characteristics of indirect interceptive
activities. These environments provide opportunity for
students to acquire, apply and evaluate volleyball physical responses and strategies.

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