Persona 5 – Part 5 – Volleyball Abuse

[Johne] Hey, guys. Welcome back to Persona 5. Last time… we found out that the students of Shujin Academy… might actually be getting physically abused by Kamoshida. Well, tomorrow me and Ryuji and going to investigate. and try to get to the bottom of this.
[cell phone notification]
But the second we try to go to bed… Uh, speaking of Ryuji… Yeah, did you get it too…? I think Igor mentioned that. Yeah, that’s weird. Oh, my God. Yeah. That’s how it worked for the last two times, right? I’m not planning to, [laugh] Ryuji. I mean, I want to find out why this is happening as badly as you do. Yeah. Yet again. Let’s get some sleep and rest up. [ethereal music] [chains rattling] [solumn music]
[Familiar Voice] [chains rattling] [Akira] All right! [Johne] Unique to Persona 5, once you reach a specific level with a Confidant, they will give you access to unique abilities. Well, we’ll talk about this at a later date. [clink] [VO] I can’t do this!
[Johne] 🎶 My best friend, Igor, giving me stuff 🎶 …that’s cool. Why are you happy about this, man? That’s what I’m trying to figure out, man. If even these guys are aware that– someone’s got to say something about it, right!? I mean… come on. [VO] OK, quiet down! Oh. Hello, Miss, uh, Kawakami. All right. I guess I can do that. But, that’s seriously the end of the lesson? What the—[laugh] [cheers]
Urg! [whistle] Nice toss! Hahaha! [clap]
Yeah! Man, you still got it, coach! Thanks! Let’s go for one more!
Yeah, all right! [whistle] Let’s go!
[cheers] There! Quick…! Nice one! Go, go! [cheers] Still sticks out… Hasn’t changed a bit.
[whistle] Hm? *yawn* Pretty boring, right? *chuckle* *sigh* Hm…? [cheers] [successive thumps] [chimes] Nnrgh!
[frightened cries] [concerned voices] Sorry! Hey, are you all right? Someone! Take him to the nurse’s office! He’ll pay soon enough… All right, let’s resume the match! [unintelligible voices] [Johne] Oh, my gosh. Did he really just do–what a–ugh. Yeah, we probably should get to that. But I don’t remember what they look like. Um, but… Are you going to come with because, yeah, I didn’t memorize their faces unlike you? And I don’t know who these people are! [VO] *sigh*
Huh. Yeah. We don’t have the same class. They’re avoiding me too, Ryuji. Yeah, and now we can quick travel around school! And the best thing about this is, yeah, we can literally just teleport directly to each Classroom Building… on every floor. God dang. I love that. But we’re going to the classroom because this is our homeroom. There’s only one guy we can talk to here–to make it kind of easy.
[VO] This sucks… Apparently, “This sucks,” said someone. Listen, we know you’re getting beat up. Can you tell us how you got these injuries? You freaking liar–is he threatening you?
[VO] Dammit! [sigh] Um… No? Well, crud. I thought this would be a little bit easier, Ryuji. [laugh] Not going to lie. Yeah. Um… Guess “split up”? Cover more ground? Yeah, it’s kind of confusing. All right, man. Good luck. We’re kind of running low on time, given that the game’s almost over. But yeah. It’s kind of strange…I don’t about your high school, but we always had the seniors–oh. Hello. That doesn’t sound good. Oh, my gosh! These people are so delusional. But yeah. Back to what I was saying, we kept the seniors on the top floor. So this is kind of strange for me. Um… Yeah, can you tell me about… I need dirt on Kamoshida? Not that she would squeal. Oh. Wow! Someone’s just a little bundle of sunshine! God dang. All right. So yeah. We’re going back down to the first floor. We got to find this other student. And it shouldn’t be hard to find him, given that he’s all beat up and– pretty sure… Yes, this is the guy.
[VO] Hm? He doesn’t look so good. Uh. Is there any trail of abuse? Yeah, who the crud is hurting you, man? [VO] Uh… Duh. [sigh] You’re sure it’s not abuse–I mean, he can’t just beat you for no reason!
[VO] Who cares? [cell phone notification]
Hey, only during the Palace…! Yeah, whatever. Get out of here. [inhale] Eh~ Not the best, man! Not going to lie! That is completely–I get it. You know, the seniors, they don’t want to walk up the stairs every day, but… I don’t know. I just felt like it was cool. Anyways, yeah. Instant messaging is definitely a thing in Persona 5. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to tackle showing all the content of them, or if you guys even want to see it. But, my goal with this playthrough is to show you guys… pretty much everything. But yeah. Where’s this first-year at? Oh. There he is. He has the volleyball outfit on, right? Listen, is Kamoshida abusing you? I’m just going to say it flat-out.
[VO] Where’d you hear that!? Special coaching, eh?
[VO] I can’t do it!
What’s that all about? [overhead notification] [ending notification] Crud. We ran out of time.
[cell phone notification] But we did get one lead, right? Isn’t that guy in our class? [sigh] Didn’t get much, unfortunately. Yeah, see you there. But first, I got to poo~ [footsteps] [Johne] So everyone knows about the physical abuse, but no one is saying a word…?
[bell rings] Are you kidding me? This would never–
[VO] *yawn*
Anyways. [sigh] Sadly, the investigation didn’t go… amazingly. But–
[cell phone notification]
hey. At least we got some headway, right? Hey, Sakamoto. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. [sigh] They can’t be afraid of him. I mean, he’s just a teacher. I guess it’s because of the volleyball team and the fact he’s an Olympic medalist? Follower…? The heck are you talking about? The guy from my class? I ain’t giving up either, man. But, it’s not looking good. Who’s going to fess up? Yeah. We’re beat from running around all day. Yet again. Get some rest, Main Character! You’re probably going to need it! Because, well, Ryuji’s probably going to do something stupid. Then we’ll have to bail him out of it.
[clink] I don’t know… Challenge the whole team to fight and lose? That could happen. Wait, why not? Heh. …Or it’s the Metaverse leaking in and the screams of bullied children? Heck. I don’t really know. Does that even work that way? Is that what it was referencing? I don’t stinking know, yet again. Is she really going to talk, though? Weren’t they close or whatever? Oh, I’ve heard of her. Yeah. Not–not the best plan, Ryuji. But hey. It’s a start, after all. And that’s a heck of a lot farther than we got. [melancholic music] [prolonged cell phone ringing] [dial tone] [footsteps] [Johne] I hate when kids spread rumors like that. It never amounts to anything good.
[VO] What is it? Hey uh, Suzui. Nah, it’s cool. I just… I just want to ask how you got hurt. If that’s all– Uh, yeah. That’s me. But… I got to ask you something. Man… At a time like this, and she’s thinking about me… She must be a sweet girl. But, why do you say that…? People spreading rumors about you?
[VO] *sigh* Oh, their friend. Because she’s not Japanese, right? [VO] And then uh… [sigh] God. It just seems like there’s no end in sight to all this. [thump] [playful music] [suspenseful music] [Johne] Kamoshida’s messed up. But there is no way we could kill him! That’s just totally out of the question.
[cell phone notification] Ah, I guess Ryuji’s got something. Uh. Do you know something about these two…? All right. Keep at it, Ryuji. Keep fighting a good fight. Man, this makes me so uncomfortable. I just–[inhale] ugh. Thinking about teachers and students like that–in a predatory relationship… That’s just so gross. Girl, you need to pay attention to science class. God dang. What are these two talking about? Oh, my God. Oh, my gosh… I don’t know why… It makes me so uncomfortable just to even think that this could possibly happen in the real world. But, it could! And it does. And that’s just…[sigh] I’ll probably talk about this a little bit later. This is real. Sure this is fiction, right? And it’s being blown out of proportion, but this is still something that could very well happen in schools.
[Announcer] Platform No. 2 service to The age of consent is lower in Japan.
[Announcer] Asakusa is departing soon. Please watch your step. So, it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. And isn’t there something that we needed to do here…? Is it over here…? No… Eh, I can probably do it later. It’s not anything too urgent. But I want to look for some magazines–save that for another video. For right now, I think… Is the vending machine–okay, no. It’s not this vending machine. But, there’s something to keep in mind: vending machines are important. We’ll discuss why that is later. Keep that in the back of your head. I want the last thing you think about today to be… vending machines are important. [continuous call end tone] [suspenseful music] [Johne] There’s no way we can just ignore that. Something’s going on with Takamaki. I don’t know what happened but it can’t be her. No, there’s no way. We got to get to the bottom of this. [laugh] There’s a lot of dialogue that happens in the background. I just simply don’t have the time– oh, my gosh! How is she so fast!? At least we know which way she went. Crud. If we didn’t have that little cutscene there, she could’ve been anywhere. This station is so big! Crud man. [sigh] Where did she go? I really don’t have time for this. I got to get home and–[sigh] there she is. Thank God! If I didn’t get home in time, Sojiro’s was going to get ticked!
[VO] Ugh! Listen, I just can’t do that.
[VO] No…! Listen, it’s not just you I’m worried–oh, my gosh. She’s crying. Listen, let’s just go somewhere and talk about this. All right?
[VO] Urg… [clink]
Thank you very much! You’ve heard the rumors, haven’t you? [melancholic music] About Mr. Kamoshida… Everyone says we’re getting it on… But… that’s SO not true. That was him on the other line. I avoided giving him my number for the longest time…! He told me to go the his place after this. *sigh* You know what it means. If I turn him down… …he said he’d take my friend off as a regular on the team. I’ve been telling myself this is all for Shiho’s sake. I can’t take it anymore…! I’ve had enough of this! I hate him! But still… Shiho’s my best friend. She’s all I have left at that sorry excuse of a school! Tell me, what should I do? Urg… Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. It’s not your problem. [aesthetic music] [cell phone ringing] [Johne] I know that game just started, but God.
[VO] *sigh* I’m so invested already. Listen, man. I was… [sigh] He’s not going to believe us… Uh, that probably wouldn’t be good either. Um… Transfer delayed! Totally! Oh God. He saw right through that. Uh, didn’t you ask me this yesterday…? What the heck, Sojiro? [laugh] Um… Well, he’s not a bad influence! But I made a friend. He’s pretty cool. You should meet him some time! Actually, come to think, that’s probably a bad idea.
[VO] Oh… [laugh] Third-degree burns coming from Sojiro! God! Yeah. I’m being careful, man. But it’s hard to make friends when you got a record. I-I’m sorry. But I was helping a crying girl, man. He wouldn’t believe me if I even told him the truth.
[VO] Hey! Yeah, yeah. Sheesh. Seriously, I just can’t be–this character just can’t do anything right!
[cell phone notification] Everything he does he’s just… [sigh] Anyways, enough of that. Man, we can’t be murderers. All right, man. Good luck with that. God. Like I was saying, I–this game–it has this special talent to just get you so invested in characters so quickly. Either that or–I don’t know. People are just hurting. I just feel like I have to do everything in my power to stop that. But, anyways. We can’t do anything about it tonight. We’re running pretty late on time. So once again, thanks for watching, guys. And next time, we try and figure out a plan… to stop Kamoshida. So see you guys then. Bye…

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  5. Typical anime villain stuff, evil for evil sake.. that shit would never happen like that. The game is still realy good, but they should still work on those villains

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    Btw haven't watched previous seasons but I think I can do without them (:

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  12. Yes, yes it would fly in real life, in fact a teacher in a high school got accused of sexual assault, with very valid evidence and several witnesses, as well as the fact the guy had a track record for being a pervert such as watching porn just before class, and staring down women's shirts when they were talking to him, and he never got fired

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    "*GAAASP* Does that mean you've got a phone!?"
    Greatest delivery ever.

  15. 13 years
    Japan's Child Welfare Act requires parental consent for the marriage of females and males below the age of 16 and 18 years respectively. Under article 177 of the Japanese Penal Code, it is an offense for any person to engage in sexual intercourse with a female partner aged less than 13 years.Jan 31, 2018

    i copied and pasted this it shocks me so bad

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  22. (Slight spoilers in this comment for those watching this for the first time)

    Even as the ultimate lifeform, Shiho's story makes me want to cry… Being driven to suicide by your own teacher… Makes me want to come back to earth and stop those things.

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