1. Started watching your video's a few days ago. Your clear instructional videos has really improved a part of my game I was struggling with – chipping and pitching.

  2. I have been watching you for about three. And i must say i have learn more from you then anyone and i been playing 15 years. Thanks a ton dropped 6 shots in my round in three week! THANK YOU

  3. The club face thing really makes sense. I think your videos are the only videos that address this. out on the course just by accident I was pitching and looked at the club face and decided to square the face to the ball more. It makes sense right it just felt better and actually hit a nice pure shot in fact it went in from 30 yds.

  4. Where the fine Line between short and long irons for adjustment of the Ball?? 7 iron?? In terms of Moving the Ball forward. Love your videos!!!

  5. I really loved the short and to the point style of your instructional video here. top Shelf !! Really like th simplistic idea of looking close at the desired impact point on the club and it helps inbed the ligic in why we have to do the things we do.

  6. Starting at 0:46 ..that's the 'secret' — which is no secret really, but the key to solid, consistent irons. I began to realize this as I looked at my clubs a few weeks ago…and noticed that my 'perfect' strikes were always in the lower groves, and not completely in the sweet spot. Ironically, I run into this great lesson….. It's a goal, and one that I had never realized for 25+ yrs.

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