Pep Guardiola’s Top 10 Rules For Success [Football Coach]

– I want to win. I want to play serious. I want to be effective. Maybe because I am a Latin guy, I need that,to be close to the guys. – We had decided that he
will be the next coach of the first team of Barcelona. And when I told him this he said that, ‘You wouldn’t have the balls.’ – He’s a Spanish
professional football coach, former player, and current
manager of Manchester City. As a manager, he won 14
trophies in the first four years of his managing career. He’s considered by players,
managers, and commentators to be one of the best
managers in the world. He’s Pep Guardiola and here’s my take on his top 10 rules to success. Rule number two is my personal favorite and I’m curious to figure
out which one you guys like the best and as always
if Pep says something that really means something to you please leave it in the comments below and put quotes around it so other people can be inspired as well. Enjoy. (opening theme music) (dramatic music) – Sophisticated. – Magical. – Intense. – Motivator. – Calculated. – Genius. – Evolutionary. – Great coach. – The perfect job. – Excellent. – Perfectionist. – An obsessive. – Passionate. – Visionary. – Pep, Pep is love. – Talking of talented players for any young viewers out there who want to become a
professional footballer, what one bit of advice
would you have for them? – [Pep] They have to look inside to themselves, if they have passion. That’s all. If they have passion they can do it. If they play just
because it’s always in TV or it is to be famous, you can go out with the beautiful girls or win a lot of money, there is no chance. Do it, do it and not
just for the football. Like I think about life. If you like to do something then you can spend a thousand
million hours in that because you love it. All the professionals
stay a long long time playing every three
days in important games because they love the game. If they don’t love the game,
they don’t love training, they can’t stay for long. – It seems to be that mangers
from other countries come and they are quickly
addicted to the place. Have you spoke to anybody on that behalf? – They told me it’s so hard, so tough, and other people say Pep
is not going to adapt in that he’s not cut in that way so that’s why I am here to try to do it. The people have confidence it’s going well but some of them in Germany
as well the people say the way you play would
not be possible here in the Premier League so
and I said to myself why not? Why we don’t travel there to try it? And that’s why. It’s a big challenge. Not just for me but I
am always in my teams, I was able to boss the players and it is going to happen here as well. When that happens everything will be easy. – You’ve said you are
obsessive about build-up play. In order to get results, would
you sacrifice that at all? – Impossible. It’s impossible. Sacrifice for what, so you lose the game? If you believe in that,
you have to keep going. So, when it’s going to happen,
when to use the goal keeper, you’re going to wrong pass and you’re going to receive a goal and the people say why
you doesn’t hit ball, no you have to insist on that there is a why, why you miss that pass. – So you wouldn’t, what we call win ugly? Play maybe not attractive if
you’re going to get a win. – No no no no, I will win. The people say no is it
when you play the build-up or you know, I want to win. I want to play serious. I want to be effective. I don’t do that to be I want
to play build-up, no no. I make a build-up to convince the players that this is a consequence
of positives and negatives. If I believed and do that
and it is not productive for the team, I would not do that. But I was a football player and manager and always when I do that I
would score a lot of goals and concede few and that’s
why I believe in that. – So it’s attractive but with purpose. – Of course, I want to win because if not City’s going to fire me. – [Interviewer] If you
were to win the trophy again at Wembley, would you feel you would have come full circle? – Yeah, but never thought
to play in Barcelona when I was a boy, never thought
to win Champions League, never thought to become a coach, but before to win a championship and now to try to beat one of
the best teams of the world in this atmosphere in Wembley, for us it’s a dream come true. – You say that or we read
that you say that you only really stay anywhere
for three or four years. Do you intend to build a legacy or at least put the foundations… – No, I came to learn. – You’ve come to learn? – Yeah, of course, that’s why I move on. I came to learn. You know there will be still in Barcelona. – What is the biggest
challenge you face now? What is at the top of your to-do list? – Play good. – [Woman] Play good? – And after try to win one game and after second one and after another one but the first target is
team spirit and play good as much as possible and
after, try to win one game, and after the second one. – Three years from now
when you threaten to leave and we have to tie you to a chair, and we won’t let you leave,
we’ll take your passport off you, what does success look
like three years from now for Manchester City? – Yeah, you know for the
people, for the media, how many titles are you going to win? Okay, you have success or not success. That is pretty sure. So, but at the end the title
is amazing, you lift the title and two days after the
people say what’s next? I think the process is how
I will be comfortable here working with these guys. At the end my life, it depends on that. I will be happy when my
relationship with them and when we decide to play in that way, it works or it doesn’t works and that is the end. And I am pretty sure
the club will fantastic and the people working
with are going to help me. I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen. It happened in Barcelona,
happened in Bayern Munich, and it’s going to happen here. And of course, they’re
going to fight everyday to win the titles and
especially form the people after the game, when
we finish the game so, ‘Oh, 90 minutes, it was not bad. ‘I would have preferred to
be here and not in the bar.’ That is a good sign, you know. And after the relationship
with the people. I think maybe because I am a Latin guy, I need to be close to the
guys to have to say… I’m going to kill you and five
minutes to love each other. I think I need that to be happy. And I hope in three years
that is going to happen. – [Joan] We went to a
restaurant in Barcelona to talk personally. We had decided that he
would be the next coach of the first team for Barcelona. And when I told him this he said that, ‘You wouldn’t have the balls.’ You know because he comes
from the first division and at the same time he said, ‘Remember, you know
that with me as a coach ‘you will win everything.’ And it happened. (dramatic music) (speaking foreign language) (speaking foreign language) We knew that it was was
a very tough decision but we are taking this
decision with enthusiasm and with the expectation that
it will be a great decision. The reality was much more better than our expectations. ♫ One, two, three, uh! ♫ My baby don’t mess around
because she loves me so ♫ and this I know for sure. ♫ But does she really want
to but can’t stand to see me ♫ walk out the door. ♫ Don’t try to fight the feeling ♫ becuse the thought alone
is killing me right now… ♫ Thank god for mom and dad
for sticking two together ♫ beause we don’t know how… UH! ♫ Hey ya. ♫ Hey ya. ♫ Hey ya. ♫ Hey ya. ♫ Hey ya. ♫ Hey ya. ♫ Hey ya. ♫ Hey ya. ♫ You think you’ve got it ♫ Oh, you think you’ve got it
but got it just don’t get it ♫ until there’s nothing at all. ♫ We get together, ♫ Oh, we get together ♫ but separate’s always better ♫ when there’s feelings involved. ♫ If what they say is
‘Nothing is forever.’ ♫ Then what makes, then
what makes, then what makes ♫ then what makes, what makes,
what makes love the exception ♫ So why you, why you, ♫ why you, why you, why
you are we so in denial ♫ when we know we’re not happy here… ♫ You all don’t want to hear
me, you just want to dance ♫ Hey ya. ♫ Hey ya. ♫ Hey ya, don’t want to meet your daddy. ♫ Hey ya, just want you in my Caddy. ♫ Hey ya, don’t want to meet yo’ mama. ♫ Hey ya, just want to make you cumma. ♫ Hey ya, I’m… I’m… ♫ Hey ya, I’m just being honest. ♫ I’m just being honest. ♫ Hey, alright now, ♫ alright now fellas, yeah! ♫ Now what’s cooler than being cool? ♫ Ice cold! ♫ I can’t hear you. ♫ I say what’s, what’s
cooler than being cool? ♫ Ice cold! ♫ Woo… Alright,
alright, alright, alright, ♫ alright, alright, alright, alright, ♫ alright, alright, alright, alright ♫ alright, alright, ♫ Okay, now ladies, yeah! ♫ Now we gon’ break this thing
down in just a few seconds. ♫ Now don’t have me to break
this thing down for nothing ♫ Now I want to see you all
on your baddest behavior. ♫ Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor ♫ Uh! Here we go… ♫ Shake it, shake, shake it, shake it. ♫ Shake it, shake it, shake, shake it, ♫ shake it, shake it. ♫ Shake it, shake it
like a Polaroid picture, ♫ shake it, shake it ♫ Shh you got to, shake
it, shh shake it, shake it, ♫ got to shake it, shake it sugar, ♫ shake it like a Polaroid picture. ♫ Now all Beyoncé’s and Lucy Liu’s ♫ and baby dolls, get on the floor. ♫ Get on the floor. ♫ You know what to do. ♫ You know what to do. ♫ You know what to do! ♫ Hey ya. ♫ Hey ya. ♫ Hey ya. ♫ Hey ya, hey ya. ♫ Hey ya. ♫ Hey ya. ♫ Hey ya. ♫ Hey ya. – Thank you guys so much for watching. I made this video because
David Kezi asked me to. So if there’s a famous entrepreneur that you want me to profile next, leave it down in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do. I also would love to know did Pep say that had the biggest meaning for you. What struck a chord? What change are you going to
make in your life or business after watching this video? Leave it in the comments, I’m going to join in the discussion. Finally want to give a quick
shout out to Stephen Scriber from Stephen, thank you so much for
picking up a copy of my book. It really really really means a lot to me. So thank you guys again for watching. I believe in you, I hope you
continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one word is. Much love, I’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “Pep Guardiola’s Top 10 Rules For Success [Football Coach]

  1. 1. Have a club thats set up around you
    2. Be an authoritarian grinch
    3. Ball hog and hope
    4. Rely on individual talent and hope
    5. Opress the proletariat & utilise ones wallet to maximum potential
    6. Stockpile players
    7. Talk articulately about complicated illiteral facades to the media to build up a stature
    8. Link up with popular players and try to claim some of their popularity
    9. Pray
    10. Get lucky

  2. Why I think City will not win the Champions League. Pep will not be able to out possess Barcelona. He has no plan B against Barcelona. City will not know how to play against Barcelona. Same reason why Pep failed to win champions league with Munich.

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  5. I think he doesn't see his job simply as a job but rather as an opportunity to craft something creative with passion. Truly admirable as one of the best football coach/Manager as well as a successful human being.

  6. 2,4,5,6,7,9 and 10 are the best ones,and for the number 4 i have to say that you should have fun in some moments of the game .I would like to meet Pep and Messi one day.Hopefully it will happen.

  7. look now his proving everybody wrong in england and also in the world , people say he will never do it in england, he will never succeed in england , but look now what he is doing now , he is beating everybody , against spurs he won 4-1, against man utd he was even playing away and they were wasting chances but he won 2-1, against liverpool 5-0 , against chelsea 1-0 and chelsea were like they were playing away but home and man city outplayed them in their own ground ,and against arsenal 3-1 but i think arsenal were better than man utd , chelsea , spurs, liverpool, because they tryed they did not stay defensive all the time but unfortunately the lost and i am a man utd fan

  8. The sky interview doesnt seem to understand.. pep plays this way because he believes this is the best way to win matches.. why is it so hard to understand

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  10. I wanna win, I wanna be serious and I wanna be effective – This is Pep, passion and love, my favourite is keep learning.

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    Carlos Delgado

  13. I think one really key trait you missed in this anaysis is that he stays ahead of competition by constantly evolving, reinventing and changing his tactical style. Continuous innovation

  14. "Love what you do"
    Love this one because it doesn't say "Do what you love" what everybody is saying when motivating, but it says to just love what you do. Very deep in my opinion.

  15. Great content again! I actually consider Guardiola to be one of the best managers in football worldwide. If possible could you do a 'Rules for Success for Jose Mourinho? Pep Guardiola's closest rival but equally as successful in football and leadership.

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  18. "You are undoubtedly one of the best midfielder in the world Toni (Kroos), but I heard in media that you put pineapple in pizza"
    -Pep Guardiola (2013)

  19. Gotta love this guys passion. Im going with #3 & #9. Proving to others that you can achieve what you set out to do is not out of spite or ego but rather to show doubters what is possible. Believing in yourself when there is none around you that does is critical. Hold tight to you dreams/ambitions and dont allow the world or anyone in it to mess with them. !!!

  20. He knows the Collective system and so important for all coach to know this system and you should focus on 4 things about your team as well as Technical, Tactical and Physical and number 4 is Mentality that so important. If you do the all you will be the best Coach like Pep.

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  24. pep has just 1 golden rule 🙂

    take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….take the ball, pass the ball….GOAAAAL!!!!!!

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