Penhold Table Tennis

What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity Today, we’re playing a penhold tournament Let’s see who wins! So the penhold grip is the traditional Chinese table tennis grip So you basically hold the racket like a pen First match, me versus Emil Let’s go! To be honest I think I’m gonna lose this one Well, I think so too so… Good luck! I think I should have moved a bit better but I don’t want to This is going pretty well I remember I have said that before too and then I lost all the points after that I’m giving you a head start Still giving a head start Still? Still I have to give him one point Thanks I tried like a side spin I don’t know You don’t know what you tried No… Now you started playing, did you Otto? Yeah I had to Wow, nice forehand Emil Thank you The chop block didn’t quite work there I won’t miss those anymore No, what am I doing? I came too close and I wasn’t like should I take the backhand or forehand That was good Thanks What? That wasn’t supposed to go in! No it wasn’t Zero zero I tried to set you up for a little Counter smash My serves are exactly the same as normal That’s true I hit it with the finger Wait, new! “Thanks” Oh sorry That was too difficult I was just trying to hurt Emil there Clearly I expected you to go around the net A bit stiff Wow! That was good Safe shots This much I was a bit trapped in here Luckily it didn’t come on the table I’m not sure what I was waiting there Thanks You have a backhand I’m really sorry That’s the only way you’re gonna win this match More of those I need only ten more You haven’t seen my good serve yet Bring it Okay, that serve is okay I’m sorry I shouldn’t laugh You’re laughing now but 9-9 when i rip that backhand on then we see who’s laughing Yeah you can always dream! It’s good to have dreams in your life He is going for the backhand You see that is top spin, Otto Oh he’s serious! He’s serious, look at him jumping! Come on 5-3 That was like the screamer guy Good rally though boys Ok I need to calm down a bit I’ve never seen Otto this excited Me neither I have to give it to you that was a good shot I should have just kept pushing like Otto did I said I was gonna calm down That means pushing Oh I’m so sorry Otto Had to go for it Sorry! There is as much in stake in this match as
the 500k subscribers No i think this is more! This is even more I missed it it would have been so perfect I could have just seen you miss the backhand receive I would have gone around the net Backhand serve Wait Well look at that! Match point! Match point Sensei is going to lose this one 9-10 Yes! It happened! The Sensei is beaten As I said I’m gonna lose that one never even had a chance How does it feel to be beaten Otto? Yeah good You know Nice change Being always on top It’s hard mentally yeah yeah mentally so it’s good to lose sometimes to keep your life balanced Yeah Keeps you on the ground I would say So that you’re not too good Yeah, exactly And also this relieves some pressure so you don’t have to keep on winning everything I don’t have to win all the time so I think it’s really good Let us know which tournament you want to see next And don’t forget to hit subscribe And watch our previous episodes there Until next time!

100 thoughts on “Penhold Table Tennis

  1. More! More! More!!

    More of your playing with normal paddles counting 11 points with 2 serves, more ordinary table tennis!

    Mooooore!! 😂❤

    (Yes I'm gonna keep saying it)

  2. Why do you keep touching the side of the table (next to the net) between each point?
    Nice video ! Already excited for the next one

  3. I play penhold and when once when I was new to the game I showed up to this place for coaching and the coach kept on telling me to switch to handshake and whenever I messed up he’s like

    It’s because your penhold

  4. Challenge: play with a half white half black table tennis ball /Challenge 2: Play table tennis with a book (I'm sure you can do it…)

  5. Wohoo Miikka starts 2020 with a win over Sensei! You guys must have played penhold before. PH backhand takes ages to develop, and Miikka especially rips it likes it's nothing…

  6. Ha ha, when you guys play with penhold, you play like me. When you play with your normal grip, you guys are just about unbeatable. Good to see your vulnerable side… I grew up playing the penhold in H.K., but switched when I came to N. America in my teens. Now I do both depending on my opponent.
    Way to go, Mikka. Otto, you're still great.
    Happy (Chinese) New Year!

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