Pendulum Serve Table Tennis – Like a Boss!

I just can’t believe how many mosquitos there
are around here today. Hi, I’m Brett Clarke and welcome to my Pendulum
table tennis serve video for. The Pendulum serve is the most common serve
in table tennis and sometimes people make a pretty big mess of it. Today, I’m going to show you how to learn
the swing and how to get good feedback from your results. First of all, you need to get into your serving
position and get your elbow up nice and high. Then grab your hand towel and use your wrist
and forearm to get the swing right. You are looking to make this towel really
move. If you get the swing wrong, you’ll know as
the towel will lose speed. This is how the swing looks without the towel. Once you’ve got the swing right, you can go
to the club and start your training. You will need one very old and dirty white
basket which you should place up close to the net on your opponent’s side of the table. Then start aiming to spin your Pendulum serve
into the basket. This will ensure that your serve is short
and you will get amplified feedback as the spinning ball will be captured in the basket. This is your contact point, by the way. Your aim should be to get the ball to spin
like mad! Watching the ball spin in the basket will
help dramatically in the learning process as you will gain valuable information about
the result of your action. If you’ve enjoyed this video, you can go to
to watch my upcoming 5 part series on how to build a Pendulum serve and my existing
9 part series on the Reverse Pendulum Backspin Serve. You can also view over 150 instructional videos
by world-class player, William Henzell.

21 thoughts on “Pendulum Serve Table Tennis – Like a Boss!

  1. Amazing video. I've been trying to add the pendulum serve to my repertoire for months. I'm usually a BH and tomahawk kind of guy.
    So I watched your vid, I did the towel and wrist practice. Then I grabbed my bucket of balls (about 60 ish) and worked on my serve according to your instructions.
    I served about 5-6 buckets of balls, then I served another bucket after training for an hour. Then two days later, yesterday, I started using this serve at my club and everyone had a hard time with it all night.the top player at the club keep returning my serve into the net and looking at his racket and saying there's something wrong with my racket tonight, lulz. It's still a bit 'loose' from time to time, but the spin is really heavy already. Now I need to set up targets so I can control placement. I'm very excited, thanks.

  2. Are you left or right handed? 🙂 Seems like you're using your left here and right in the reverse pendulum video.. I'm a leftie!

  3. Great video! It is really helpful. I can't wait to see more videos on pendulum serves and other serves as well. Thanks a lot!

  4. Hi Brett, I'm having a hard time learning the reverse pendulum serve and here is my very first attempt – – to do it but I don't get the stance and the ball toss, if you have any suggestions I'll be more than gratefull. Cheers mate.

  5. i used to play in comps at Albert park and Dandenong and i remember playing you in the early rounds and you would not say a word or have any hint of the ability to socialise. At one poInt i thought you were a mute or something. JUST LIKE TO SAY GLAD YOU HAVE COME OUF OF YOUR SHELL AND TO THINK YOUR VIDEOS ARE SO COMMUNICATIVE AND SOCIAL THE ANTHESIS OF WHAT YOU SEEMED WHEN YOU WERE WHEN YOU WERE 15 YRS OLD. WELL DONE ( BG THE WAY DOES PAUL BURTON STILL PLAY/ INVOLVED WITH TT. CHEERS.

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