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Now let’s take a look at the Pendulum Serve.
The pendulum serve is one of the really popular serves in table tennis nowadays. It’s called the pendulum serve because of
the pendulum motion of the bat. Like the old Grandfather clocks the pendulum would move
from side to side. Similarly our bat moves from here all the way through to there. The first thing we need to think about when
we are doing the pendulum serve is the grip. Now if you’ve got your normal shakehand grip
what you need to do is take these 3 fingers away from the handle and place them behind
the handle. So what that does is allows you to utilise your wrist in a better motion.
So by utilising your wrist you’re going to be able to generate more spin and more speed
with your racket.

18 thoughts on “Pendulum Serve Preview | PingSkills | Table Tennis

  1. I love the pendulum serve!I like to make serve so that it bounces off the side and they have to reach out so they fall completely out of position and I can smash it nexy

  2. hey guys , i think i might have a new video topic for you- overcoming the fear of attacking ( being afraid of missing the ball / hitting it in the net or any other problem) I believe that a video like that would ceratainly help many new player that still lack the confidence in their skill of attacking the ball.

  3. hey guys! I have a 5 star table tennis bats and has had it for six months now, and intend to buy a new but I do not know which is good to have? I'm 15 years old and has been playing for 1 year and is quite okay in table tennis. and I wanted to know if you have something hints at something racquet that is appropriate? I want a racket that is great for screws, but also suitable for fast play and hard punches but feel no cost over too much but not nearly reached the cheap crap but a very good racks on is affordable! do you have anything suggestions? could you write the name or link a page or on whose I can find it then ?! would be glad if you responded and was able to give me something tips! , Sorry for my bad english but I hope you understand the time! , You are awesome?!

  4. Can't watch the whole video as i need to pay quite an expensive amount of money for becoming a premium member…

  5. Pingskills, i am having trouble with the height of the ball because that when i can get enough spin the ball doesn't go up high enough it just goes to the net but if i try to hit the ball when its higher it does not have enough spin. Please help.

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