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Hi I’m Jeff Plumb from PingSkills and Martin’s
asked us a question about serving and positioning in doubles. Now in doubles you have to serve from the
right hand side to the right hand side. So this might seem a little unnatural for
right handers doing pendulum serves because most of the time you see them serving the
pendulum serve from the back hand side to open up the forehand. But if you think about its really just a matter
of altering your body and you can still serve the pendulum serve here. So people who are used to serving there pendulum
serve from over on the back hand side might find it a bit difficult in doubles. But think about your normal pendulum serve
you stand quite side on to where you want the ball to go. So if your going to play a pendulum serve
in doubles you need to do the same thing. But now you need to going across the other
diagonal so you need to actually be facing side on to there so you’re ac than you would
be actually a lot more front on to the table than you would be from the back hand side. So if of got a right hand partner with me, I need to
make sure I’m far enough over so I don’t interrupt them. I get into position make the serve and move
out of the way so they can play the next ball.

18 thoughts on “Pendulum Serve in Doubles | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. Here's a video with some tips on how to serve the pendulum serve when playing doubles.

  2. But when you have left handed partner and you are right handed, you should always serve pandalum serve because if you serve backhand he has to be on your left side and it doesn't work very well

  3. It does make a lot of sense in that situation. You still can serve backhand and have the partner still on your right side, you need to move away quickly and they will be blinded from the ball whilst you serve. Hence why the pendulum is a good option as you suggest. Nice point.

  4. I can only do a backspin serve in doubles.somehow my opponent struggles to receive heavy backspin serves so I won 5-0

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