Pear Forced to Play – Granny (With a Baseball Bat!!!) 😨

(whimpering) – [Pear] Okay, it’s fine, it’s fine, fine. (screams) (upbeat electronic music) (giggling) Hey what’s up guys, what? No! What is, Granny? Oh, okay, that is, that is terrifying. If that is what your
grandmother looks like, do not go over to Grandma’s house. Wielding a bat, too? I get the feeling Grandma doesn’t wanna play a game of baseball. I think there’s some
ulterior motives going on. (groans) You guys are
making me play scary games, awesome, you can tell by the music, and the terrifying Grandma. “Get out of there, you
only have five days! All you need is in the
house, and be quiet. She hears everything and Granny is crazy.” What, why am I here in the first place? I’m gonna go out, oh
god, go on a limb here, and assume that I already
knew Granny was crazy. I guess, maybe I did
something wrong at home, and the parents were like, you’re going to see
Granny, you misbehaved. I’m like, great! Oh boy. You guys, you guys, alright. “Day 1.” Why is it five days,
why do I have to spend five days at Granny’s,
are they trying to go for the whole, like Five
Nights at Freddie’s thing? Only five nights at Granny’s? My demon Granny with a baseball
bat, that sounds like fun. Alright, what was that, what’s that? What’s this? “Five Days.” Yeah, you told, did I have to etch that into the table, did I do that? I’m assuming I did that, because I realize oh five days, maybe, I
don’t know who did it. Let’s see if there’s anything in here. Oh, there’s something, I
see something on the bottom, oh, does it say, leave, what is it? “Leave this house.” Yeah I got it, I got it,
you don’t have to tell me. I already know, crazy
Granny with a baseball bat. Peanut butter jelly time, peanut what? “Drop?” Drop it like it’s hot? I don’t think I wanna drop it, can I just put it back on the table? No, no, no, no! Oh crap, she’s outside, no, no no! No, no, no, get under the table, oh! Wait, I think were, no! Oh, it’s crazy Granny! Crazy Granny with a baseball bat! Peanut butter jelly time! (whimpers) Crazy Granny with a baseball bat! Crazy Granny with a baseball bat! – I see you. – [Pear] What was, what? She said something. Did she say that she saw me? Okay, so did you actually
see me, or did you just like, are you just saying that just to scare me? Oh, I hear her walking around, okay. Just gotta wait, can I get outta here now? Okay, five days, yeah we get
it, we got it, it’s good. Okay, can I get outta here, no? Oh, is that? No, okay she’s just standing in that room. I don’t know why she’s
just standing in that room, okay sir, maybe I should, uh-oh. She moving, she moving? Oh, no she’s moving! (screams) Oh no, she’s a crazy Granny! (whimpers) Okay, it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine. (screams) No, no! Jesus, that was terrifying. I don’t wanna go to Grandma’s house, Granny’s house is terrible,
this worst place ever. Why would anybody wanna
go to Granny’s house? (groans) What’s wrong with Granny’s face? Was she eating Fruit Loops
with sulfuric acid on them? Someone should tell
Granny that you should, yeah I get it, I have to leave the house. You should put milk on your
Fruit loops, not sulfuric acid, just word to the wise. Demon Grandma, thank you. (whimpers) I’m adopted! I’m not related to you! I just, what, it’s locked. Do I have to make noise? So that she’ll come in
and, oh I got it, I got it. I get what you’re throwing down. I can pick it up. I’m gonna have to pick up this vase here, and I guess, just toss this? That was easy, you didn’t even pick it up! Okay, hide under here, just wait, oh? I heard her, she’s coming, she’s angry. Okay. Nope. Well, she’s unlocking. (yells) Okay! (whimpers) Yep, that’s the base of it,
it was the Kool-Aid man, the Kool-Aid man came in,
just crashed through the vase that you, oh oh, just
laying on the ground. Don’t come over here, do
not come over, crazy lady, crazy lady, okay. Crazy Granny with a baseball bat. (grunts) Peanut butter jelly time,
peanut butter jelly time. Crazy Granny with a baseball bat, crazy Granny with a baseball
bat, what, what, what did you? What are you doing? She’s just coming back in here, uh-oh, she didn’t see me did she? Oh no, I didn’t do anything,
I’ve been just sitting here. No, no, no! No crazy Granny! Are you watching paint
dry, what are you doing? Get out of here, okay finally. How long we gotta sit here, and you just hang out in the room, and I’m under the bed? This is not a situation I wanna be in. This is not good for
Pear, not good at all. Baseball bat, who’s carrying
around a baseball bat? Granny, okay, who gave
Granny a baseball bat? That is a terrible idea, that is just a terrible idea, I’m sorry. Okay, okay, what, what the, a bear trap? No, no! Geez, that face, oh my gosh! Grandma needs to start going
to a different beauty salon, is all I’m saying, ’cause
wherever she’s going, they’re doing a terrible job! Would it bother you to go, you know, go to the dentist once in a while, Granny? Your teeth are, (groans)
die, just terrifying, okay. (sighs) Alright Granny,
no more bear traps, what is this, hello neighbor? What is it with bear traps? Why does everybody have bear traps? Why is that a thing? Who’s using bear traps as a weapon? Where are you getting bear traps? Are you just ordering them out, on Amazon? Okay, okay, I’m just going, I’m going! You don’t see me, Grandma, Grandma, going okay, okay, okay, okay,
I’m just going in here, (babbling) Okay, hide, no close the
door, close the door, close the door, close the door! Close, okay finally, geez. I couldn’t get it aimed
well enough to actually, ’cause you had to have the
cursor directly over the door. But, the door was not facing me, it was, you get it, you got it. There’s a very particular place that the cursor needed to be, apparently I was not doing it right. Crazy Granny! This is Dilbert. Okay, I don’t think she’s, okay, I think we’re good, I think we’re good. Alright let’s, this is the worst, Granny, you need need a new bathtub, you need somebody to come clean this! This is ridiculous, ah Gran, you left your keys in the toilet again. I guess I’ll fish ’em out, awesome. Thankfully, I don’t have hands. Gross! Here’s the problem, the mirror’s broken. No wonder Granny looks like
crap, she can’t see herself when she’s getting herself
ready for the day, apparently. What’s that? No, no Granny, I wasn’t doing it! Aww, flipping, come on man. Come on! Granny, wouldn’t you just have
yourself some nice prune juice, go to bed, and leave me alone. Stop hitting me over the head with a bat! Thank you. I need 100% less getting
hit in the head with a bat, that would be awesome. Alright, now my vision’s bloody, awesome, that’s exactly what I wanted. No, that’s not I, I’m sorry,
that’s not what I want. No don’t pick up that, definitely
do not pick up the vase. We know what happens every
time we touch the vase. We drop it, and then you
make a bunch of noise, okay, can I please, what, what was that? Okay, okay, I think we’re good. Nope, nope, nope going in,
going in that bathroom, go into the bathroom,
I’m in here, I’m in here! Nope, nope toilet keys,
no toilet keys, okay. Is it in the sink? Oh that’s where, Grandma! Grandma, the bathroom is not
where you store your key. Someone needs to have a talk, like just sit her down,
have a discussion, not me. I call not it, ’cause I oh. (groans) Definitely not in here. Do not open this door, do not! Crazy lady bat time, no do not do it. Do not do it, crazy Granny
with a baseball bat? Do not, okay, peanut butter jelly time? Peanut butter jelly time? Crazy Granny with a baseball bat. (groans) Okay, okay, I think we’re okay. I don’t think she, she
doesn’t know I’m in here. (sighs) Okay, what are you doing? You’re setting more bear
traps down, awesome. You have one of those
Amazon buttons, don’t you? You do, you have a Amazon
button for bear traps. When you run out of bear
traps, you just hit the button, and they deliver another one, or 10. You know this is not a great idea, because it’s kinda dark in here. Don’t you think if you
have to go and get up, and go to the bathroom in
the middle of the night, don’t you have to worry
about where the bear traps, and stepping on ’em? What is it, why, I don’t understand. This does not make any sense. Putting bear traps, okay,
okay, okay, alright alright. Alright, we’re doing alright. We’re just gonna creepy crawl over here, see what’s going on. What’s up bear trap? Not gonna clamp on me today. No sir, alright we’re good, we’re good. Alright another bedroom, oh
is there anything in here? Nope, anything in here? Nope, nothing in there. Okay. (creaking) (groans) Okay, that was, I think that was, wait, what’s this, is this something? Is that a bed? It looks like a bed, one
of those fold down beds, or something, oh wait. Is this a passage, oh it’s a passage way! Sweet, no! Oh come on! I found a secret passage. (groans) “Day five, the last day.” Awesome! This is so much fun! (groans) Is my vision
extra bloody, or just? It’s about the same amount
of blood, I would say. Apparently, I don’t wash my face. Well, not that I would be able to. Mean, if I tried to in the
bathroom, wash my face, it would probably actually get dirtier, ’cause I don’t know. It’s been 18 years since
Granny is, oh gosh. Okay, okay, okay, nobody’s clean. Nobody’s cleaning anything. Okay, Granny’s. – Want to play hide and seek? – [Pear] What? Did you hear her? She said hide and seek. That wasn’t creepy at all. Okay, okay, it’s fine, it’s fine. Crazy Granny with a baseball bat is here, we’re having a good
time, it’s gonna be fun. Okay, just gonna make a
run for it, I don’t care. I’m doing downstairs, laters! Okay, what’s over here, what’s over here? Okay, getting it quickly (creaking) oh crap, I found the
stupid creaky floorboard! Every time, the creaky floorboard! What’s this, what is this? It’s a pliers, nice! What do I do with this? No, no, no I will clip your fingers off! No, no! Oh! Okay, well that did not work at all. I couldn’t clip, that
actually is not a weapon. Oh geez, what the? You threw me in the basement? Whoa, what kind of a jerk are you? Someone needs to call somebody, ’cause you are a terrible grandmother. You are relieved of your
grandmotherly duties. (screams) Okay, okay, okay! Okay, alright, that’s it, I’m done. I am done, done, done, thank you very much for making me play this, not! Peace out. (upbeat electronic music)

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  1. I think pear is releted to granny I just think pear just got plastic surgery to not have a face that looks like granny’s also makes sence cause in the game splatter up pear had a baseball bat

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    No, they’re doing a HAIRIBLE job
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