Pawn Stars: Ty Cobb, Joe Sewell Game Used Signed Bat | History

– What do we got? I’ve got a 1925 Ty Cobb, Joe
Sewell, game used, signed bat. A what– what– Ty Cobb, Joe Sewell,
game used, signed bat. – Yes.
– OK. Did these guys ever
play at the same time? They did. They both played in
the ’20s together. OK. And– so Ty Cobb signed
Joe Sewell’s bat, or– Joe Sewell signed Ty Cobb’s
bat, but Joe Sewell used it. I feel like we’re playing,
like, who’s on first here, but– I buy and sell game used bats. That’s my specialty. I’ve had it for about 15 years. It’s an actual Ty Cobb game
bat that’s 90 years old. It’s a part of baseball history. It’s a piece that belongs in
the Baseball Hall of Fame. I know a lot about Ty Cobb. This is the guy that would
sit there, his dug out, where the catcher could see
him, and sharpen his cleats. So they would
actually– you know, they’d be terrified of him. I don’t know that
much about Joe Sewell. He’s a Hall of Famer. Played for the ’32
world champion Yankees. Great player.
– All right. So he signed it two times? Three, actually. The third one’s right there. OK. So was it actually
Ty Cobb’s bat, or was it like, a Ty Cobb model? No, it’s Ty Cobb’s bat. It’s got his name on it. Why would Joe Sewell
sign Ty Cobb’s bat? Well, they’re
both southern boys. Joe was from Alabama,
and Ty was from Georgia. And Ty let Joe order
one of his bats. All right. So did Joe Sewell use this bat? – Joe Sewell used it.
– OK. And Ty Cobb? Ty Cobb– I don’t know
if Ty Cobb used it or not, but I know Joe used it.
– OK. All right, um– so how much
are you looking to get for it? I’m looking to get $100,000. – That’s a lot of damn money.
– Yeah. Well, this bat
belongs in a museum. I mean, look at it. This definitely looks
like a Ty Cobb model bat, but the real question is
was it his personal bat? A bat that Ty Cobb
actually used in the game is worth a lot more
than the model bat that he sold to a lot of people. There’s no way
I’ll even consider paying six figures for this
without a second opinion. Let me have a few
buddies come in. Sure. Let me– I’ve
got a buddy who’s– authenticates all
my sports stuff. The guy’s really, really good. And a guy who does
all my signatures. OK. Let me give them a
call, and see who I can get down here first, all right?
– OK. Thank you.
– Be right back, all right? OK.
Thank you. Well, I’m 100% confident,
because that’s my business. And I’m an expert. Steve, I’ve got
a few concerns. I don’t even think I’ve
heard of Joe Sewell, so– no problem. Can we flip that around?
– Sure. That’s the first
thing I want to do, is take a look at what we’ve
got here with the signatures, and I know there’s three
different ones on here. The first one, obviously
what I’m looking at is more of a paint
pen type on here. Definitely overlaps. So there’s no question
about that being on the bat. The second one, I
see live ink on here, so that’s not an issue there. And then the last
one is where at? Yeah, and the same could
kind of be said for that. I’m seeing the impression. All right. Joe Sewell had a
really nice signature, and that’s what I’m
starting to see on here. He just kept it basic
throughout his whole life, and I’m seeing that here. I’m seeing that here. And finally, seeing
that up here. Everything matches perfect. – Awesome, man.
– Yeah. So no issues there. Tell me what’s
up with the bat. I don’t get it. I could see why
you don’t get it. This is a very unique bat. First of all, Joe
Sewell game used items are very hard to come by. Now that, on top of the fact we
have Ty Cobb’s name on here– I mean, we have a really unique
piece of memorabilia here. Ty Cobb never used this bat. Oh, wow. This is his
model bat, and it’s cool, because this is like, the
transition bat, so to speak. You know, this was the one
he was trying out first. Do I like it, do I
hit well with it? Do I want to continue with it? So these were only– these
are extremely limited. What do you think it’s worth? This bat right here, we’re
looking at $15,000 bucks. Whoa. I mean, I’ve seen just a game
used bat of Sewell– you know, in that kind of shape it’s
about $7,000 to $8,000, and you can almost more than
double it because of the fact that it can be pinpointed to a
particular time in his career, and it is affiliated
with Ty Cobb. Well, Jeremy, I
appreciate you coming down. – Not a problem, man.
– Good to meet you. Thanks for coming in. You bet. This bat was only
used by Joe Sewell. The bat model itself
is based on Ty Cobb, but it was actually never
in the hands of Ty Cobb during a major league game. There’s just absolutely nothing
Joe Sewell out there that would command that kind of premium. Well, my guy’s saying
it’s worth 15, which means at the most I’d offer you 12. You’re asking for 100. Yeah, we’re–
we’re pretty far off. I mean, I would come down
to 75, if that helps you. Well– bad news for me
is I gotta believe my guy, and I’m going to go
ahead and stick with 12. I just don’t think we’re going
to be able to come to a deal here. Thanks for letting me come in. Appreciate you coming down. Thank you. I’m very disappointed
in that price. I think the expert they
brought in left a lot to be desired in his
knowledge of the market.

100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: Ty Cobb, Joe Sewell Game Used Signed Bat | History

  1. Signature guy literally just looks at it through an ipad camera, then looks at some pics of a legit signature he found on google

  2. I knew right away that him asking 100k was insanely too high! It would need to be signed by Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb and Lou Gehrig to be worth that kinda money.

  3. I wonder how much a Pete Rose bat would
    be worth with his John Hancock signature?
    Opps, he is banned…welcome to america?

  4. I'm always thinking that after these sellers get their money, they run across the street and blow it all at the casinos.

  5. Also, seller calls himself an expert yet seems to think that Sewell personally got this bat from Cobb, who also used. They never even played on the same team


  7. i was friends with Joe Sewell, him and Ty Cobb were very good friends. I personally saw this bat as well as his favorite bat "Black Betsy"

  8. The expert that in the past was an unknown customer that tried to sell his Star Wars sets to them???? He was a geek but now a friend and expert!? Confused…….

  9. “I have an EBT card with $100 on it. It’s a fair offer and the best I can do. If it helps I’ll throw in a block of government cheese.”

  10. I learned never sell anything to a pawn shop, you are better off posting it in a Bulletin Board, eBay and amazon.

  11. Run, that so called expert is a fraud. He's scamed people out of alot of money and his mentor actually went to jail for it.

  12. Steve Grad is the first indicator that you're going to get scammed. He did go to prison for fraud and it's proven that he isn't certified in autograph authenticity.

  13. “I have the fountain of youth in my backyard. It will literally grant you and whoever eternal physical life. I wish to excavate it and sell it.”

    “Best I can do is $150. Keep in mind, I’m taking the risk, all right? And I have overhead.” Rick’s classic cackle

  14. I have an autographed picture of mark lemke that i got for christmas almost 30 years ago i think it's worth about 500 grand LOL!!!!!!!

  15. Il give you a bubble gum wrapper , a paper clip and a worn out tyre …. And I am still taking a big chance here ..

  16. Some people are just simply stupid. Does that dork think it has a gold & diamond core??? With that kind of mind, I'm astonished he can walk & breath simultaneously.

  17. Why the F*CK would you go to 75k when you’ve just been told it’s worth 15k.

    One way ticket to delusion land.

  18. I'm extremely related to ty cobb, I think he was my great grandmother or fathers cousin. he looks just like my father.

  19. Even I knew that hat wasn’t worth the 100k and I’m no expert lol but he went down to 75k after someone evaluated it to be 15k yoo 😂🤦‍♂️

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  21. Guy: it’s worth $100000 I’m an expert

    Actual expert: it’s worth 15 thousand

    Me: Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  22. Think about a rich collector of baseball memorabilia. What are they going to spend $100,000 on? It's not going to be a Joe Sewell bat. So much more you can get for that much money.

  23. This is a seller who paid way to much got stung and tried to get his loss back ….failed misrably

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