77 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: Legendary Football Pawns | History

  1. I think the dude with the super bowl ring low balled himself . He should of started around 27000, he would have gotten close to 25000.

  2. We all know the Dallas cowboys are Amerucas team.
    We also all know the experts know the prices before they walk in.

  3. Rick has to be the worst sales person ever! You heard the dude say it is worth $400. He was asking 275 and you want to just 200. How do you go down a whole $200 knowing somebody will buy that book for double that!

  4. 3:04 Customer refuses Corey’s offer, and when we does, Corey turns and leaves instead of customer… 🤔

  5. Genuinely I could do exactly what Rick does: Looks at an item, brings an expert in, offers them half what they suggest 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. I've never understood how they determine if signatures are real or not. I've signed my name a million times and I don't think I've ever done the same signature twice. So to harp on one or two letters not matching up doesn't seem right.

  7. Rick is a lowball expert said its 30-35k. The guys ask for 22 and lowball it to 18 hahahaha. and that type of ring are not hard to sell.

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