Path Finder by Esoteric Golf

welcome to the beautiful hills golf club in Gothenburg Sweden we’re here today to talk about the Pathfinder used by more than 300 tour players worldwide but most importantly we’re here to talk about how you can improve your potting the pathfinder is very simple to use just move your Potter between the pins and make the putt do you know what caused a missed putt there are many parameters you have the path whether you hit the sweet spot or not and the most imperative is the club face angle at impact if you don’t know the cost how can you then correct it the Pathfinder is both the doctor and the medicine it will help you analyze correct and perfect your putting stroke the purpose of a good technique is to know that you always start the ball on the target line wouldn’t it be fantastic if you knew that you always start the ball on the target line the patented pathfinder is totally unique it’s adjustable it suits virtually any potting stroke and every pot around the market if you would hit the pins the magnets underneath the Pathfinder will immediately restore them the second unique feature is that it singles out the club face angle if you move the putter between the pins without hitting them you know you have a proper path you also know that you’d hit the sweet spot this means that the only possible source of error is the club face angle potting is all about feeling the feeling of being in the zone working with a pathfinder is very simple it’s fun it’s extremely effective and it gives you instant positive feedback as you see yourself drop putt after pot after pot just imagine what that would do for your confidence you

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