Partner Baseball Pass

Okay, our next passing task is called partner baseball pass. Very similar to the partner passing, except now instead of being opposite, our partner is going to be across and down from us because a baseball pass is to advance the ball down the court. So, in this situation, Kyle is passing to Wade, and Yin is passing to Hong Min. The critical elements for baseball pass are both hands on the sides of the ball, you should have your feet parallel to the sideline, shoulders perpendicular to the sideline, you have the hands on both sides of the ball. You bring the ball up to your shoulders with both hands protecting it, stepping with the opposite foot and then throwing it baseball pass with a dominant hand, trying to get the ball to your teammate at or above his or her head level. So, this is called partner baseball pass. Ready? Begin. Make sure you bring the ball up with both hands, protecting it, and then pass. And, freeze.

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