Park & Sun Tournament 179 Outdoor Volleyball Net System Review

Hey thanks for checking out my video, my name is Anthony and this is my review of the Park & Sun 179 Outdoor Volleyball Net System. I picked mine up from for about $130 and right outa the box this is what you get. A set of lightweight, adjustable aluminum poles supposedly made of aircraft aluminum. A momentum net with slip on straps pre-measured boundary lines with corner anchors a zip-up nylon bag a double-set of guylines with tension rings 8 inch ground stakes made of steel a Cord winder for the boundary lines and a set of instructions When all these pieces come together which took me and one other person maybe 15 min to set up, this is what you get The guyline system isn’t the best, but can be made to work well Normal play tends to cause the tension rings to slip as the ball or players come into contact with the net But It’s pretty easy to make the net taught again by pulling down on the rope while pulling up on the ring If you get the net nice and tight and then pound the stakes a little further into the ground, the net tends to stay taught longer That may not be true with ah softer ground though The ground at this location is, is not soft, it’s pretty hard, so once you pound the stakes in they kinda stay. At the top of the pole where the guyline connects is a clip where the top straps of the net slips into and that’s what keeps the net at the tops of the poles and really that’s about it. The Park & Sun 179 system is portable, easy to setup and delivers good playability for the price For more details on this net system, current pricing and availability, please click the link in the description Thanks again for checking out my video

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