Panther Sports Talk, February 13th, 2013

Welcome to another edition of Panther Sports Talk right here on WEIU.
I am your host Rich Moser, we are joined to start this week by EIU Women’s basketball
Lee Buchanan, and Coach, it’s a Tuesday. You guys are going to have a game tonight.
We talked a little bit about Oakland City last night, so one, I appreciate you making
time, I know how busy game days are, but I guess talk a little bit about last week’s
game against SEMO, and if you can see into the future, talk about tonight’s games against
Oakland City.>>Coach:
Yeah, you know, I mean we had basically last week, we didn’t have a game on Monday, so
we had kind of a week to prepare for SEMO and as the week went on, I felt like the more
nervous I became. I think SEMO’s a place, it’s a hard place
to play, it’s a big arena, everything in there seems to be painted red or orange, so the
rim kind of blends in with the background, but I thought we had pretty good week of practice,
and I thought when the game started, I thought our players were ready to go, and kind of
the ironic thing is we worked a lot on offense last week, and then went out and played a
really one of our better defensive games. So, it’s kind of interesting how our players
kind of decided hey we are going to go to lockdown mode. And I thought we did a really good job of
taking SEMO out of what they wanted to do. They are a very patterned offensive team,
and we just took them out of what they wanted to do, and made them start scrambling and
made them take the shots they didn’t want to take. I think they ended up taking 26 three’s and
that’s really not what they wanted to do. But you know, we got to play everybody, and
had some players step up and have some good games and got the win rolling on.>>Rich:
Now you talk about the opportunity to get to play everybody and that’s going to kind
of be the theme probably tonight against Oakland City when you play them, it’ll be, there’ll
be some highlights on next weeks show when this game is over.
That game we talked a little bit last week, you put it in there because you had an open
date because you had these two long gaps, and in non-division one, traditionally it
is an opportunity to get some role players some minutes that that person may be a key
player in another game down the stretch.>>Coach:
Oh, that’s exactly right, and I think you know, it’s a chance for us to get out and
work on our selves, and work on our defense, and look at some things, get some stuff on
film, and then get some players some playing time that may help build some confidence in
them so that the next time they are out on the floor, they are comfortable with what
they are doing, and we are confident in them, and they are confident in themselves, and
it just kind of builds momentum. So this is kind of one of those games where
you got to look at how we play, not who we play. And then you’ve got to look at building
confidence in momentum going into a big weekend.>>Rich:
Now, I know your coaches aren’t ones to be scoreboard watchers, but since you didn’t
play two Monday’s in a row, now you probably have seen some shuffling in the standings,
Murray State lost last night, so you guys actually gained a game in the standings without
playing. That’s the opponent this weekend, which with
them losing yesterday, makes Saturday’s games maybe that much more important.>>Coach:
Sure, you know they beat us down there by 10, we don’t feel like we played very well. Part of that was because of them, they did
a nice job of defending us, making us try to shoot over the top of them, and we just
didn’t hit a lot of shots, so every game is important. Somebody told me if we win out, we’ll win
it all. So that’s the key, just win out. But no, we take one game at a time, and Murray’s
got a good club, they are kind of guard oriented, they put the ball on the floor a lot and drive
it to the rim, and that makes it a little more difficult to guard them at times, so
you know, we are going to need a big loud crowd in here on Saturday, and we are going
to have to do some things differently than we did when we played them last time at their
place, and hopefully get a win there. Then the next one becomes the most important
game, it’s always, you know, the next one is always the most important one, because
you can only control one game and you can control yourself and so that’s what we are
trying to do.>>Rich:
Now, we talked about when you played them, I am sure that as you play every opponent,
you show the tape, has this tape been chopped up in certain ways to only show the areas
that you really want to emphasize to the girls, is it a combination of this is what we did
really well, and this is what we need to get better at?>>Coach:
Sure, no I think it’s a combination of both. I think you got to take a look at their offenses,
and break down their offenses and what works for them, and how it worked. Was it a good offense, or was it poor defense
by us? And then conversely we’ve got to look at ourselves
conversely, what worked, what didn’t work, how did they defend it, are they trapping,
are they doing different things, they took us out of our rhythm? So, we’ve spliced it up quite a bit to be
honest with you, and you know, we’ve got to not only focus on that game, but we also back
and watch their last two games and see if they are doing things differently, and see
whose playing well for them, we’ll crunch numbers, I’m a numbers guy, so we’ll crunch
a ton of numbers before the game, and try to put, you know, you are going and you’ve
got a fifty percent chance of winning every game, fifty percent chance of losing, and
somehow you’ve got to try to shift those odds to be more of the winning side, so that’s
kind of what we do leading up to the game, getting everything set, and then go in with
a game plan, and hopefully execute that game plan.>>Rich:
Now, that game will be at 4:00 on Saturday. You’ll see that right here on WEIU and then
we’ll come back on Monday and play what’s kind of over the years, been one of the rival
schools for Eastern Illinois, you’ll play Austin Peay on Monday night at 7:00 and here
once again on WEIU doing some self promoting here of the TV Station during the show, but
that game, they’ve been down the last couple years, but it’s a team that they seemed to
always get up when they want to play Eastern Illinois.>>Coach:
No doubt. When we went down there, you know, they got
after us traditionally a zone team this year, and boy they changed their lineup, they came
out and really got up in our socks and really were defending us man-to-man, and they actually
jumped out twelve to two and kind of put us on our heels a little bit. So we had to make some adjustments and then
we ended up going ahead and winning the game, but right. Austin Peay and EIU has become a rivalry game,
partly because you know, they’ve ended our season a couple, three times, and we don’t
take too kindly to that. That’s definitely a rivalry game, and you
know, they’ve got three seniors. I am sure they are going to want to try to
do some good things, and put a feather in a cap by beating EIU. I met with my staff on Monday and talked about,
hey, no matter what happens on Saturday against Murray, the Austin Peay game is going to be
very, very important on Monday so we can’t slip up regardless.>>Rich:
Now, you talk about that and a lot of times when you mention they have three seniors on
the team, only the top eight teams are going to make the OVC Tournament and Eastern’s a
lock to be in it, you are just kind of playing for seeding where you are at, based on your
record, Austin Peay on the other side of that coin, to where they are fighting to maybe
get in as the 8 or 7, so maybe a little bit more incentive for them, and maybe come out
with a little bit more energy?>>Coach:
Sure, and you know even sometimes a team takes on a spoiler role, you know, and I’ve talked
to our players, for whatever reason, a lot of teams in this league want to beat EIU. We’ve got a rich tradition of women’s basketball,
and it is something special when teams can beat EIU, so everybody, we are going to get
everybody’s best, and we are going to get Austin Paey’s best, and we’ve got to be ready,
because they’ve got some players that certainly can hurt you if you are not ready to defend
Now, the other thing that we will talk about is you guys are coming down the home stretch
here, you play all but one game here in Lantz Arena and have been very successful, very
good to Eastern’s women’s basketball team the last couple years. Part of that is the Senior Class is going
to graduate in a couple weeks, and over the next couple weeks, we talk about each one
of them, but kind of start a little bit with Sidney Mitchell. She’s going to come up on a thousand points
here in her career, and that’ll give you three on the team, I guess we’ve mentioned her over
the years, but she’s really kind of been a spark plug for you guys. I think during league
play with her being healthy again.>>Coach:
Yeah, and we’ve talked about her, you know, she had an injured back, back in the summer
and it took a long time to start to heal, and you know, if you’ve got a bad back, there’s
not much else you can do, and so first thing we had to do is get her healthy. And we worked on that in October and November,
and she started feeling a little better in December, and she’s never going to be 100
percent, but when she got, felt like, yeah I’m ready to go, then she was out of shape,
so then we had to work on that part of it, so she’s done some extra running, and done
a lot of stuff, and those are the things that people don’t see. They get to see her run up an down and play,
but all the work and all the dedication that she has to do and the sacrifices that she
has to make just to get herself, her body ready to go get herself in shape, all the
extra shots she’s been doing. Those things go a long way in helping her
come out and do what she is capable of doing on a basketball floor. So that’s a credit to her, and wanting to
get back and help this team win a championship.>>Rich:
All right, Coach, well best of luck tonight on Tuesday, we won’t talk about this game
until next week. We also at that time talk about the Murray
game, and then we’ll talk about the Austin Peay game. A reminder those games are 4:00 on Saturday
right here in Lantz area at 4:00 right here on WEIU, 7:00 on Monday and 7:00 pm right
here in Lantz also right here on WEIU. This weekend EIU Athletics is up next.>>
Panther fans. Here’s what going on in Panther Athletics. Men’s Basketball now 4 and 8
in the OVC, they picked up a road win at UT Martin, 93-65 and fell at Southeast Missouri
State, 77-64. Women’s Basketball now 9 and 2 overall in
the OVC. They won 64-46 at South East Missouri State. Indoor track competed at the Grand Valley
Big Meet, and Calvin Edwards and Mick Viken picked up first place finishes for the Panthers. Men’s and Women’s Tennis in action this past
weekend. The men now 2 and 1 on the season won nine
to nothing at St. Francis. The Women’s team picked up a 9-0 win at Missouri-St.
Louis. They are also 2 and 1 on the season. And here’s what to watch for this week. On Thursday, Men’s basketball is back at Lantz
Arena as they take on OVC West rival Austin Peay. You can watch that game on WEIU TV or listen
to it on Hit-Mix 88.9 WEIU. On Friday, Track hosts the EIU Friday night
special at the Lance Field House at 2:00 and Baseball gets the season under way. They are at Jackson, MS at Jackson State Tournament. They’ll take on Texas Southern at 3:00. On Saturday, a full slate of Panther Athletics. Baseball continues action at the Jackson State
Tourney as they take on Texas Southern once again. Women’s Tennis is at Southern Illinois for
a 1:00 match. Panther softball gets the new season underway. They are in Montgomery AL at the Alabama State
Tourney. They’ll take on Alabama State at 1:00 and
then UNC Greensboro at 3:30. Baseball with a 6:00 game against Jackson
State at the Jackson State Tourney. And it’s a panther basketball double-header
at Lantz Arena. The EIU Men’s and Women’s against Murray State. The women’s game at 4:00 and the Men’s game
at 6:00. You can see both games on WEIU TV or listen
to them on HitMix 88.9 WEIU. On Sunday, Softball continues action at the
Alabama State Tourney. They take on UNC-Greensboro at 10:00 and then
host Alabama State at 12:00. Baseball wraps up action at the Jackson State
Tourney, as they take on the Host team at 1:00. Men’s Tennis takes on Dayton at 3:00 in Danville,
IL On Monday, Women’s basketball is at Lantz
Arena as they take on OVC West rival Austin Peay. You can watch that game on WEIU-TV or listen
to it on HitMIx 88.9 WEIU. Next Wednesday, Men’s and Women’s swimming
at the Summit League Championships at Oakland University at Rochester, MI And the Home stand continues at Lance arena
for Panther basketball, the men’s team taking on Belmont. You can watch that game on WEIU-TV or listen
to it on HitMix 88.9 WEIU. For Panther Sports talk, I am [unclear dialogue]>>Sports Announcer:
To Woods. Wood’s driving around Libo, got through traffic, laid it up, made it in, got
fouled. Hyper at the point, works down the lane, through traffic, laid it in and got
fouled. Moved Hyper on the lane, Perrin on a three point shot, yes, Perrin had a night
to remember. The push is on as OVC West rivals Eastern
Illinois and Austin Peay meet at Lantz arena. It’s the Panthers and Governors; Thursday
at 7:00 WEIU is your home for Panther basketball.>>Rich:
Welcome back to Panther Sports Talk, now joined by Men’s Basketball coach Jay Spoonour. And coach, last week, I guess a tale of two
different nights from a shooting perspective when you guy go out there and you kind of
joked a little bit about after the game on Saturday, that the basketball gods evened
things out over the course of a season. On Thursday everything went down for you guys,
and on Saturday night, it all seemed to go down for you.>>Coach:
It was the same game. We were just on opposite sides of it both
times, so that’s it is kind of the way it goes, and you know, when shots start going
in early, it just sort of starts building. It’s the same way in every sport. Same thing in baseball, the guys get a couple
hits early on, and then everybody starts hitting. And you see it in free throws all the time. If the first guy goes up there and makes the
first couple, then everybody kind of steps up and makes them, but it’s hard to be that
guy that sort of breaks the ice. When you are not making shots, you know, then
you’ve got to go find other ways to do it, and that was one thing we probably could have
done better in the SEMO game, is when some shots weren’t going in, I thought we panicked
a little bit, and so then we just you know, just started trying to make plays happen that
weren’t there. Probably what we need to do is just work it
a little bit more, and I thought we did that the second half. The second half we attacked the basket a little
bit better. But again, it’s just one of those games where
SEMO really had it going.>>Rich:
Now, against this team tomorrow, and we’ll talk about that game in a little bit, you
guys had balanced scoring, you talked about how shots were going in for this guy and then
they would go for that guy, five guys in double figure scoring, but nobody that had like a
30 point game, they were all in that 10-15 point range, so you had a good balanced effort
for everybody on the team.>>Coach:
Malcolm’s game was probably the best. You know, he hurt his ankle and couldn’t play
in the second half, or he may have ended up having more. But he made is first four 3’s and the only
one that he missed was the one at the end of the half where it was just sort of last
second and he pitched it up there. But he had the closest one to like huge game,
but it’s what we were talking about. It was just you know, everybody, everything
looks good when the shots go in at the end of the possession, I’m not sure we ran any
better offense in the Martin game than we did in the SEMO. We ran it just as well; just the shots didn’t
go in as well.>>Rich:
Now, I know a lot of times your defensive guy you talked about that you need to win
games. When you get an offensive night like that,
when you start looking at the tape, do you look at ok; this is where we maybe need to
get a little bit better in defense, because the offense went down for us.>>Coach:
Yeah, you are always doing that. And you are always looking at things you can
improve. And the good thing about that was we did guard,
I mean, we had, we scored ninety some points, but they still only had, the pace of the game
wasn’t the same. They still ended up with sixty some points.
And so that’s what we’ve got to keep people in that area. The SEMO game was way to fast. Just too fast of a game. We let the game get going, and it got going
because of our offense. Because we took quick shot, early shots, you
know, bad plays. Tried to make plays at the beginning of possession,
now the game goes faster, that’s how they end up getting seventy some odd points. And we can’t, you know, we just can’t have
And the SEMO game I think at the end of the day you look at the final score, you don’t
see that they jumped out, you guys did a good job on the second half of like you said, slowing
it down, playing it a little bit more disciplined. And really, chipped away at that lead, but
it was up almost too much to overcome despite how you guys played.>>Coach:
Yeah, you have to have everything go your way on a deal like that [00:15:02;02] and
things were kind of going our way. We had, we were getting the ball in the bucket,
and made a couple shots. They were missing some, but when it got down
to about the six minute mark, we had it at about a twelve point game, and we were getting
stops, and we had two really good possessions in about a four possession span, and there
were two really good things with the possessions lasting until about the last five seconds
of the shot clock, defensively I’m talking, and they made three’s as the shot clock was
going off. Well, there’s six points, and you know, we
ended up coming down and scoring two and had it down to around 10, if you erase those six
points, you have a totally different game. Now those shots, they are going in, they don’t
go in as easily for them, you put some more game pressure on them, which is, we needed
a couple of those to rim out, but hey, you know, I thought that what we did, is we showed
a lot of character, a lot of fight, and we got closer to what we are as a team. What we were in the first half, we were just
trying to do stuff we couldn’t do. And I don’t care who you are, nobody can do
that. Nobody can go out and work on things that
they can’t do. And try to go win. You can’t, and we did that too much in that
Ok, Now you guys move forward, you are done with road OVC conference play, and you talked
about last week when you were going into the three games, you just wanted to be able to
get one of them. You got one of them at Martin, but you always
like to get more than that I know, Coaches always want to get every one of them, but
now the schedule comes back to you at least at home, and it starts with Austin Peay, a
team that you guys kind of started this little string you’ve been on when you’ve got a road
win down there a couple weeks ago.>>Coach:
Yeah, and it seems like a while ago, and I think they are playing better than they were
at that point. They were having a hard time at that point
in the year, and I think they are in all these games. They played Murray in overtime, and they played
Belmont real tight, and you know they are playing people better, they haven’t won as
many as they want, but this is one of those, it’s huge, I mean, it’s, we’ve got to get
you know, two wins would get us in the tournament. One win will put us where it’s real close.
If you can go out and take care of business, you know, then I think if you can go get two
of them you are going to be in good shape. It’s hard to get those two. I mean you are looking at, you mention Austin
Peay, but then you’ve got Murray, and Belmont, and SIUE, I mean those are your four, and
so getting two of those can be tough tasks.>>Rich:
And then you talked about Murray. You guys get them on Saturday night, when
we retire Henry Dominck’s jersey here at halftime, so I’ll ask your thoughts on him. I don’t know if you ever say him play.>>Coach:
OH Yeah. I saw him a lot. I mean I watched, you know, that team, at that time I was at
Wabash Valley, and so I came up and watched a game that year, and you know, he was just,
he was right in, I didn’t see him as much as you all, but really a good player, and
was good, got better every year. You know, he was one of those guys that came
in, you know, maybe he wasn’t highly recruited, but made himself a player and you know, has
had an unbelievable career. I mean, he has had a career in basketball,
which if you can play a game and make money, you are doing something right.>>Rich:
And then the opponent that you guys are going to play today, you played Murray State, played
them a couple weeks ago. That night kind of the three’s were going
down for them in the second half, you guys had it once again down to a four point possession,
and they were able to make some of those, then they kind of seemed to where they weren’t
playing to way the standard that a lot of times Murray I guess fans like to think they’d
play, but they seemed to have found that last week when they beat Belmont.>>Coach:
And I think that’s the kind of game that can kind of kick-start them. You know, they are a team that had so much
success last year, they have had success for a long time, but I think that you know, they
are one of those teams that feels like they can get in the NCA Tournament and really do
something, and so they are at the point in the year now, where hey it’s time to really
start thinking that way, and I think the Belmont win was the kind of thing they can get them
going and playing the way they need to, because they got plenty of talent, I mean, that’s
not the issue, and it’s not as though they’ve played terribly, they haven’t. They’ve just for their standard, maybe it
hasn’t been as great as they wanted, but I kindly get the feeling that they are getting
ready to really start rolling.>>Rich:
Now, when you guy played these two teams, you really played them over about a month
ago, and in that series since then, you played UT Martin twice, you played SEMO twice with
quick turn arounds, tonight you had a little bit of distance between those two games, is
it easier to scout those guys, or is it still kind of fresh in your players memories when
you go down there.>>Coach:
Well, your teams are different. I mean the way that Austin Peay was playing
then, was not, a lot has changed in a month. And a lot has changed with us. We have a different mentality; we are doing
some different things offensively. They are as well, so you know, it’ll be one
of those things where this will be the first time that we’ve really kind of had some pressure
on us in terms of being at home. You know, there’s pressure to win when you
are at home, and this is a big game. The other games we’ve had, like you go on
the road, and win, there wasn’t any pressure on us at Austin Peay. We hadn’t won a game yet; we were just trying
to do whatever we could do. And I think the same thing with SEMO because
you play the game here and you get the win, and you go there and you just lay it out there
and see what happens. This one will be a little bit different feel
for us, so we’ll have to see how we react to it.>>Rich:
All right, coach. Well, 7:00 on Thursday you guys will play
Austin Peay, 6:00 on Saturday against Murray State, second head of a double header, at
half time of that game they will retire Henry Dominick #44, it will hang up in the rafters
up above us while we are doing the show, so coach, best of luck in both of those games,
this week. We’ll talk to you next week. We’ll wrap up
this week’s show, as baseball is right around the corner>>Coach:
Yep, fire it up man.>>Rich:
It’s spring as pitchers and catchers have reported, so I know you are excited about
that. Baseball at Eastern will start this upcoming
weekend, and this will be the season preview as we wrap up Panther Sports Talk this week. [music] Eastern Illinois Baseball built a momentum
at the end of the 2012 season. And even though they lost several key players,
they say they’ll be looking to finish what they started in 2013.>>Troy Barton:
I think the team got real close last year. You know, the first half of the year we were
kind of playing and doing ok, not great, and then we started winning and the team just
got really close and a lot of the guys that we on the team last year, kind of came back
this year saying ok let’s finish it, let’s, hence the word finish, and the new guys kind
of caught on pretty quick to it too, saying well, I want to help, I want to win, and everyone’s
really focused this year.>>Coach Jim Schmitz:
In some ways there’s a lot of veterans back, and in some ways, we have some new people
in key positions. I think veteran-wise is the starting pitchers. You know, we play in two days, Troy Barton
you know last year, nine wins, coming back is huge having that kind of a we call it a
Friday night guy, going into a weekend, Christian Slazinik getting started since his freshman
year, and he’s a junior so just to have those two guys, you know, makes it huge for us. Other guys, Caleb Howell, Nick Priessman,
Brant Valach, Jacob Reese, those guys have been playing for a number of years in the
OVC, so you have that veteran kind of player back that knows what it takes to win. But a key component of our team that is missing,
is the power in the lineup, losing kind of our three, four, five hitters from last year,
so we brought in Trey [unclear dialogue] from the Madison area junior college in Wisconsin,
and we also added Demetre Taylor who is a football guy, who has decided just to play
baseball and those two guys you know, you don’t know as the season gets going what they
are going to do, but pretty lucky to add them based on other people in the linup not having
much pop, so again, a lot of veterans and some key issues but still some key areas that
we need to make sure does well this year.>>Brad
Schmitz says the Panthers will be looking for some old faces as well as new ones on
the mound and at the plate.>>Coach
They compliment each other. Demetre is left handed, Trey is right handed,
so there’s that compliment that we have. The other thing is each year we say we have
more speed, doesn’t necessarily come out in the spring, but you know, Tyler Schweigert
is going to start at short stop, and he runs really well, Nick Priessman, Caleb Howell,
Nate Supania, so I think we have four or five guys that are going to be able to run, and
this again is the third year of the new bat, but I think we are going to be able to run
a little bit more than we have in the past. And the nice thing about Troy is that he’s
been through the league a number of years. He knows what it takes to win, he’s won many,
many big games here, you know, he’s the guy when you talk about a weekend, you need to
have that first guy who you want to win every Friday, but really is going to pitch deep
into the game. That’s what he’s done on a consistent basis,
so he’s able to rely on his fastball, and that’s going to help keep his pitch count
down, and give us a chance to go into game two and three without having as many pitchers
Here’s Greenfield in the windup, and pitch on the way, and a swing and a line drive,
caught by the second basemen Schweigert. Here’s the ball one pitch, a swing, and a
ground ball up the middle, Strange to his left has it behind the bag, throws to first,
for the out.>>Coach:
We’ve also added Joe Greenfield. Joe pitched for us two years ago, when Jucco
came back, again another power arm. So, the bullpen is always an issue, you always
worry about, we’ve had our good years, with good bullpens, and when they didn’t pitch
well, we’ve not had our good years, so right now, we have him penciled in to be the closer. You know, we’ll see how it goes, hopefully
the starting pitching stays deep in the games where Joe can come at the end, so to have
a guy like that Trey at the beginning, Joe at the end, it makes you feel pretty good
on the first couple games of the week, then.>>Brad:
Then Panthers will be looking to carry over from the end of last season, when they finished
fourth in the OVC, and they’ll be looking to compete with several teams at the top of
the conference again this season.>>Coach:
Well, I think the conference the last few years, I mean Austin Peay, has been the leader
and they are out there again this year. We’ve added Belmont, and Belmont has been
to the regional the last two years, so you know, we’ve added another very good team. EKU came on the last couple years, J State
is the same so, there are four teams that are up there now that are going to really
compete for that title, so we are not just competing with year’s past, we compete with
Austin Peay, or J State, there’s four or five guys that are going to knock each other off
along the way.>>Brad:
The Panthers start their schedule February 15, in Jackson Mississippi, and they’ll be
looking to pick up where they left off in 2012.>>Troy
I mean, we don’t play the OVC to start the year. We play out of conference games, and
we don’t’ want to be worrying about what other teams are doing, we want to be worrying
about us right now.>>Coach:
As a coach, you always worry, is it going to come together and it did come together
this year, this fall the off-season, you worry about chemistry, and all those little ingredients
that goes along with talent and it’s probably one of the closest teams I’ve been around.
SO it’s a great feeling. The word for the year that we’ve used, I know that a lot of
teams have used it, but finish is our kind of team word. So we didn’t finish, you know, last year,
so that’s the overwhelming kind of thought process right now. Reporting for Panther Sports Talk, I’m Brad
Cooper. It’s a Saturday Panther Basketball double
header on WEIU OVC Western Division rivals collide at Lantz arena as WEIU women and men
battle the Racers of Murray State. It’s the Panthers and Racers, Saturday at 4 and 6.
WEIU is your home for Panther Basketball. Eastern Illinois Panther Basketball is on
WEIU. The EIU Women have their eyes set on the OVC championship, and they’ll look to
take down OVC West rival Austin Peay. It’s the Panthers and Governors Monday at 7. WEIU
is your home for Panther Basketball. [music]

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