Pakistan Cricket Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed funny English at ICC world cup press conference

more than you know thats what you need to focus my answer also the same no difference My question is Pakistan and Indian Captain sarfaraz and kohli yes indeed all matches are very important for all the teams but especially Pakistan vs India matches very very important people are very much excited and they are looking tickets but unfortunately they could not find it and you will both plays in very high-level pressure what you say on that, please get tickets i think look India Pakistan is always very very anticipated match but we keep this saying again and again if you ask the player it’s very different from how the fan looks at the game compared to how the players played yes you feel the anticipation and you feel the excitement of the fans when you enter the stadium but as soon as you step on to the field its professional you know a bowler trying to execute his skills a batsman trying to execute his skills to the best of their potential and it’s for us, it’s just another game that you need to win as a team yes its brings pressure because of the atmosphere in the stadium is very different and as i said you only experience that till the time you start you know competing in the game as soon as you get into it then at the end of the day its a game of cricket for all of us i know we keep saying this again and again but thats the truth.. thats all for you know all the cricketers i am sure from both the sides feel that as soon as you start playing the game it eventually a game of bat and ball you know that what you need to focus on

100 thoughts on “Pakistan Cricket Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed funny English at ICC world cup press conference

  1. Well who says if u don't speak English you are not a person. Your not allowed to live. Let them live their live. Cricket is all about playing not how you speak English. If he doesn't know that doesn't matter. India has two national languages. Hindi and English. But our national language is only Urdu. Some people know how to speak English and some don't. Stop it. Sarfaraz no matter what we will always support you.

  2. Whatever if kholi can talk in english our captain is hafz e quran and thats enough for us…btw kholi is a great player as well as man…luv uhh…?

  3. I am not Sar Faraz’s fan. I am not Virat’s fan. But I am Muslim Alhamdulilah. I am fan of humanity ? people are dumb who thinks Virat did this for Sar Faraz. He is just showing Humanity which some people don’t have. They are just trying to compare everything.

  4. English is a language.. Agar aap ko nahi aati tau nahi aati.. Iss me shame feel krne waali koi baat nahi hai. English bolna aap ko educated show nahi krwata. If yes, tau virat ne 11thb nahi ke.
    So, spread love.. Not this kind of things like so called funny english.

  5. You should judge people with their capablities and talent rather than Language.
    But in case of pakistani cricket players case…talent is also not there????

  6. Inability to communicate in English isn't a shame. It's a shame if you can't communicate in your mother language.

  7. OK this need to be stopped,,,,,, someone who is not good at speaking English still deserves to exist,,,,, he is also a human , we always look at people by there ethnic or what they wear, are they wearing Gucci or local cloths ,how they look and stuff this is just so stupid ,just look at him by his profession and his gesture he is a good cricketer what else do you need,, stop being slaves of english,,,racists

  8. This video should be reported, these dumbfucks posting such videos, criticising our captain and making fun of his english just to get some views should be thrown out in the gutter, y’all must report this video, shameless nonsense, period.

  9. ab ek bande ko English nahi ati to kya hua wo teacher nahi hai English ka cricketer hai ye baat in indians jahilo ko kon samjhaye yaar

  10. Sab log English English English English English English English ker rahy ho lagata he apko nae ati idhar sari team ke kaptan ko english ati he understand non sense fellow

  11. I think we shouldn't make fun of Sarfaraz because English isn't his mother tongue!comm'on our grandparents can't speak English too may be our parents as well, we can't make fun of them!

  12. Is me Kya Bari bat hai jab do countries k head bat krty huy translator ki help le sakty hain to players q nhi .

  13. Ye tu koi proud feel karne wali bat nahi k mene English seekhi he
    In angrezo ki ghulami se bahar aa jaao angrez k bacho tum logo k bap dada ne un se azadi k liye kitni qurbania di he wo mat bholo

  14. Its not about shame k usko eng nhi ati english hmari zuban hai b nhi … jo apni zuban me bat krni chye thi capt.ko well he did right by saying k same answer….

  15. Fazool mazaq mat banya kro koi bat nai ussy nai ati English koi bari bat nai hai English bss ek language hai tum logon ny tu pata nai Kia banaya hua hai English ko

  16. Bhai im indian n im proud to b an indian. But thiz guy sarfaraz is HAFIZ-E-QURAN..we should respect him…. hats of u HAFIZ SAHAB.. n love u caption kohli..

  17. Good sarfarz smart play.. its OK if he can't speak in English… it is just a language.. he should answer in urdu its not his responsibility to make it comprehensive to reporter r audience..we are pakistani and we speak urdu that's it❤️

  18. india me aur pakistan me 800 million people aese he jo english nahi jante english sirf usa , canada ,uk me hi boli jati hi baki mostly country me apni motherhood language use hoti he dont judge by anyone from their language

  19. sarfaraz mundi toh aise hila raha hai ke usko sabkuch samajh me aa raha hai. maan hi maan bol raha hai ke sale bahenchod konsi bhasha bol raha hai.

  20. pta nae kohli ko India q bhj dia uper valy ny
    esy ghatia logo k mulk me saf dil ka insan zyada der chal hi nae skta

  21. Hum sb sarfaraz ki english ka mzaq ura rahe hein.. Uploader khud to jese british ki paidaish ha….thumnail mein spelling check kro zra.. Sarfaraz ko sarfraj likha hai ?..aur yehi nahi.. Sath mein kohli ke sath likha hai.. "Tujhe pooch rahe.hei hein" ???

  22. Aesa hi hal tum logon k is virat ka b tha shoro may salo..ab tum log ab chotapan dekhanay a jaty ho..or chota dekhao b kyun na ho hi choty log bary desh may rhny waly choty log..

  23. Kholi has proved that pak no wrry i m your father and always with you?.yeah!! That a joke part .

    But in my opinion no one is a perfect
    English is just a language if he can't speak in english no worry..nd if we are make joke of those Indian or pak people's who cant speak in english but thy knew how to speak in urdu or hindi that enough for thm..
    Wht we want to prove english is much batter then our national language
    shame les people's just think before make fun of that typ people's who cant speak in English

  24. So what if he can’t speak English that’s not his first language don’t make fun of him as long as he playing well that’s matter look at Chinese they don’t ashamed to speak their language sarfaraz can ask for interpreter

  25. Everyone should be respected..a person should be good at heart which he is truly,it doesn't depend upon language…so change uva backward thinking..

  26. how low of you to make fun of someone who's not good at English… an english person or an educated person will never make fun of someone who's not good at English.. if you know what i mean☺

  27. Bcoz english hmari lang nh hai agt angrezon se kaho urdu boly tu ofcourse unhe nh aegi phr hm bhi unka mazak bnae?

  28. Pakistan aur hindustan sirf English bolna walong ko izzat data hai. Bohot say lok hai jinha eng nahi atta. chaina ya japan ya Korea ko he lo wo lok eng inta important nahi data jitna apna language ko iseliya wo lok developed country hai.

  29. Look at all Oxford educated people commenting in the comments section. Videos like this bringing divide and hatred should be banned.

  30. Seriously guys dont make fun of anyone on just bases of languages colours and whatever but respect kohli for how he protect srfraz???

  31. Abe gando english ki bat nahi hoti khelna bhi ana chahiye beeshak sarfraaz ko english nahi pr quran ka hafiz ha aur khelna bhi ana chahye yeh nahi k only english

  32. When is this society gonna stop judging ppl with their English knowledge???? Insane!!! Most of the present generation youngsters are children of illiterate parents or parents who studied in their mother tongue medium. Did dat make any difference in our upbringing? Our parents always provided us with the best and satisfied our needs beyond their capability. If we have to make fun of someone for their English skills, it must start from our home

  33. Pakistani:Doctor Turkey?
    Afghanistani:Afghan Bhai ?
    Indian:Hindustani Bhau ?
    I don't Like both of them?
    Bcz They Spread Hate ☹
    Between india/Pakistan's Normal Civilians

  34. Sarfraz should answer in urdu rush in his mother toung now english man translate in english as per his language ability this is not a joke i don't know 200 languages and I can't answer in Chinese or in hindi or in germon that doesn't describe me at all

  35. Bolna nahi ata lekin wo usko face to kar raha hei na aur kaushish bi kar raha hei lekin iska matlab ye nahi ki hum uska majak udai humko sabki respect karna chahiye

  36. bicharo Jo dhanki education hui nhi milti hai bomb blast krne meh Jo paise waste krte hai Kaha se education pe kharach karenge… Pakistan is the factory of bomb they only have knowledge about bomb and terrorism poor people ?

  37. Shut down your bloody standards! It's not his mother tongue, so it's really okay if he can't speak it well. Just shut up

  38. yahi pakistan ka future hee ….
    or inhe kashmir chayyee ….??
    pele english sikho … tumhare play boy se kaho ki pele english sikhaye …????
    jayhind all ?????

  39. Apne ye video upload ki to aplogon ke dimag main yahi hoga ke comment main log likhenehay aye haye sarfaraz ko english nahi ati lekin duniya main kuch ache log bhi hote hain agar sare log aisay hi hojaye to duniya kitni achi hojaye gi waisey bhi hate karne se sirf nuksaan hota hai faida nahi ye baat bacha bacha janta hai hamare yahan to or bade to yeh baat samajhne ko taiyaar nahi hai

  40. Everybody is saying don't make fun of their English, but they are in fu***ng international forum and this is going since ages. All conferences happens in English. Just learn the damn language. It's a lingua Franca means everybody representing their country internationally has to know English to communicate.

  41. To only this channel not india cricket haho aur pairo sa kheli jati hai moun sa nahi to kisi ki english ka mazak uranay sa pehlay uskay samnay apni aukaat par jhanko tumhary modhi ji ko bhi english nhi ati to kya wo mulk chalana chor day

  42. Sarfaraz: we can surely reach the semis

    Reporter: how is that possible?

    Sarfaraz: i already buy my tickets very soon

  43. What's so funny even in India many people doesn't speak proper English only who are working as professional have fluency … Just because our cricketers speak good English doesn't mean u disrespect others. …

  44. We should see him as a crickert ( captain ) , where he is doing his job nicely but not as a person having a good vocal English where he is also working at that so please don't mock at others

  45. Sarfaraz hafiz e quran enough we dont need his english ?China me Sab Chinese bolte turkey k logo ko Turkish bolne k siwa kuch nhi atta Arabic log arbie bolte unko and wo Sab taraki wale mulk Hai Kiya English he insan ka caracter batati Hai is a language just like urdu hindi panjabi gujrati Arabic chines Turkish balochi bangoli marathi madradi memoni And ?ENGLISH it's all r language I can not speak English very well I can not speak Turkish Arabic chines madrasi but I speak urdu and gujrati language very well so is it mean I m not perfect o come on ???? it is all dimag ka fitoor type thinking and jisne yeh video banai use Bara bewaqoof koi nhi shame on u all people who saying English is lab lab lab lab LOL English is language not kamiyabi and caracter ?

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