so you’re expecting to see for drinking beer uh-huh screaming see doing this I don’t know you don’t get the ball [Music] [Music] touchdown that six points whether I run or do I [Music] [Music] okay [Music] we gotta go get ready [Music] Frank you what how do you do it gee what a sound we gotta go over there no use this magic – boy dude why isn’t there just a lot of cross oh I’m sorry how is that a good one [Applause] that’s nice yeah into the Hat but yeah you already there name of the team is that’s right organ bugs organelles but they have it but I think they put their hands up when they score and the score touchdown and I get six points whatever their hands and they make a Oh like put your other hand up and then put your other one put your hand up and then put it together oh oh but you’re gonna get her like this meticulous it looks like a oh that doesn’t look like that’s looks like no you have might be here your hands up fingers like this [Music] everyone is one that way the minority I’m the only Latin [Music] we’re here in Eugene Oregon and we’re gonna see our first college football game together and my first football game ever oh my god American football go organ this is something I’ve always wanted to bring him to see because for me years ago growing up my family would always take us to Florida State games and we thought they’re really fun how many points laughter yeah what about field goal Oh [Music] so what you’re expecting to see people drinking beer uh-huh screaming singing like players but hey we’re working on the jealousy and I’m so good way I’m gonna choose the player with the my in my opinion the best but he’s gonna choose the best but that’s what we’re here for and we’re not gonna get jealous about it okay we’re gonna discuss point [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] oh my gosh that’s what you’re going to be for Halloween [Music] f2e [Music] I’m really [Applause] it’s a well [Applause] [Applause] there’s [Applause] oh geez as a commercial [Applause] [Music] all right time to go No we cursed in theory any one person we love smoothie sad uber is $25 when it’s like two vials but we can take a bus that’s two dollars but it’s 50 minutes from now we’re not gonna wait 50 minutes I’m wearing it’s two dollars and fifty cents compared to twenty dollars fifty minutes on the street do you want feeling cold whoa we will be in the hotel man let’s pick what’s in there that’s made to yeah kind of check the vending machine I’m even happy that she’s sweeter just get the basic key I just not supposed to me like when when you go to the gym and you are a little sweaty and you have a little odor you like that smell but not for her room you like it so far dude Bab didn’t have to sing I like it on you white you owe me a lot so did you I loved it yeah I did I didn’t think I was gonna like this much it was fun yeah there was something that I thought it was super cute like I saw the dad with his kid I am yes I was like I don’t know maybe five years old mm-hmm and he was there with his son I thought that was so cute and I got a little jokes yeah I could we talked about it yeah we said we would like to do that with that kid it’s good a bad I really need to sleep me too I’m just a little cranky a little yes I’m good I’m naked I’m not gonna record you okay yes is a cheap okay oh my god I can’t say good night to you Jesus okay cuz it’s too dark good morning my morning here a little crazy what it’s good we slept in a little bit what time is it 7:00 around that actually we set the alarm for 6:30 but we had to show you our view pretty 59.99 we certainly did pay the price we’re getting a refund – we’re gonna get some breakfast right yes you want some pancakes pancakes you okay I would have think IG’s usually make sure it is for him get ready well you have to go what we do we don’t we have to walk because we don’t have a car and we stayed in the wrong area who chose to you I knew you asked me that when I said we chose the wrong area and you let me tell you I chose it hey you wanna know why I don’t like to choose it congratulation so why are you laughing if you know I don’t like it that’s me I’m just starting in the morning alright you go Ashley all right [Music] oh wait that’s horrible there’s not a no this is something else [Music] there it is still you what’s their names and ask that no we’re at the Autzen Stadium for our first college football game together my first football game ever mmm shut up have you ever seen the movie that help [Music] you

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    Until next week everyone. Thank you all for the support. Big hugs to you all.
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