Osama Bin Laden Killed Announcement On Sunday Night Baseball

what’s about a baseball game broadcast
picnic involving great that the events that take place during a
game make broadcasters in the way do you call it you were working the phillies
mets game on sunday night baseball your call that night when the some of them
one was killed reminds many of the time howard cosell in nineteen eighty on a monday night
football game called the uh… dolphins and patriots
game and the news of john lennon getting shot and killed outside his apartment
you guys have drawn many comparisons what was going through your mind when
you heard that and how did you go about broadcasting it to the masses on sunday
night baseball well that is why i understand it
compares with our will sell because you know it would john lennon was killed and
i don’t know if you could have two people who have are more different than
myself howard cosell was so that you know i mean howard heehee you know he’s gonna you eat was phenomenal use extraordinary
and gave his opinion and and just i was much more low-key about it i i i was i’ll be honest with you i i i didn’t
know what to do i was nervous it started with bobby valentine was sitting beside
me in the booth nicely with his elbow andrew showed me his phone there was a
text on it and i don’t buy didn’t look to see who was from a no at all it said
it is uh… it said something what do you have
been a lot of is dead or something like that so i mean here we go on talkback
which were people who don’t know it’s ability you know but i can push so i can
talk to the people in our truck without people on the air and people at home
area and i said when he got in they said we just heard
it to just keep doing today okay specific distributed every word of
a commercial obviously this is on my mind and i realize i’m gonna have to say
something about this person i don’t know if it’s true i don’t know
the circumstances the details on our way back so they just kept saying we’re getting
some details will help you out just keep doing the game it’s too early to say
anything we gotta corroborates details which i’m glad they did because he what
you’d only it’s okay to be wrong about this guy you don’t want to be wrong
about something like that in fact events of the uh… they came back to me and
said okay here’s what we know the president is going to speak at just advise people for more details to
go over to their a_b_c_ news station because a_b_c_ and e_s_p_n_ or on the
same corporate family and they had to do it again and uh… it was tricky i i i’m not
ready for this i’m not a news got and uh… sports guy uh… that was uh…
under frackie moment you know we also were in philadelphia with forty five
thousand people many of whom were new yorkers because that’s when the
opposition and i also maybe i should be but i’m
also very always mindful that the non-american nine eleven effected me
tremendously is give you and everybody else but i have not american and i would
make a specially should work that my words which shows a carefully so
that was uh… that was a pretty nerve wracking few minutes where

30 thoughts on “Osama Bin Laden Killed Announcement On Sunday Night Baseball

  1. btw obl has been dead for years he had a liver disease in the early 2000's and treated at a american military hospital in dubai that liver disease kills basically everyone within 2 years and those who dont die soon after not 10 years later not possible so whomever they killed if anybody important it was not obl

  2. Funny….I've NEVER heard such comparisons before….

    Even worse – this clip doesn't show Cosell's, or his broadcast announcement.

    So, while he was well spoken….I don't know exactly why I watched this.

  3. Speaking of major events going down in sports games, the 1989 World Series must have been really crazy. I was a little kid at the time and don't remember. Earthquake started 30 minutes before the game was supposed to start, and there were lots of people in the stadium. Ironically, the Series was between both Bay Area teams.

  4. *games starts*
    20 mins later obama appears in big ass screen saying osama got killed
    everybody across the country: USA! USA! USA!

  5. Americans would have been better not to get involved with problems in those countries, not that I really hate America but They should have been more careful when Getting involved in those wars. I respect both sides

  6. There, poor Tim Osman is dead and never calls the CIA mother; though of course to many the whole fuss seems to be quite dubious: First they immediately bury Tim Osman at sea, than it turns out that the Kenyan impostor Hussein Osama and his crew false claimed to have watched to thing live and later the commando unit responsible for the whole action mysteriously dies in a helicopter crash. So maybe Ministry are right and Tim Osman wasn't at the Khyber Pass at all but at the Bush's ranch.

  7. You just better hope Iraq and Afghanistan don't wish to avenge the hundreds of thousands of innocent people your military have killed since then.

  8. Lets see…. they hide among civilians… dress as them… use them as cover and a shield. War is hell, there are civilian casualties. I must admit some could have been prevented, but as I said before. It's war

  9. This is a disgusting fucking comment and has no business being on youtube (which is an American creation btw)… You are a disgrace to humanity… I have no idea how you can justify defending TERRORISTS versus protectors of freedom and humanity… Go fuck yourself !!!

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