Oreo Cricket Milkshake Taste Test

– I don’t think it’s gonna taste weird. But I don’t know how I’m
gonna get the thought of like a thousand crickets
screaming out of my mind. (upbeat rock music) (upbeat rock music) – Like we’rte gonna run
out of regular protein? – Yes. – Like one day we’re gonna run around– – That might happen.
– [Woman] In trees. – I’m not a religious man but I am praying it tastes like chocolate. – Do they, like, let ’em bleed out before they blend them?
– [Man] Urgh! – Or do they blend them,
like, with everything intact? – And then here it comes. – That looks so gross. – You’re not gonna show me a cricket while I eat the crickets are you? (ominous music)
– Oh boy. – Wait, wait, you are aren’t you? – Oh my God. – Yeww urgh! Why?? – No, no, no, no, no, no. – Dara would eat that,
for like, five bucks. – No I wouldn’t!! – (laughs) Yeah you would.
– Like 10 bucks! – Look at them, they’re
like, don’t eat my friends! – Oh my God, don’t give them voices. – Just, just tastes like chocolate. Just tastes like chocolate. – Tastes good. – [Woman] What?! – There’s Oreo in there
but I just bit something that had a little
(imitates popping noise), like a little pop to it. – Do you feel like this
is at all affecting your enjoyment of this? – It did for a second but now
I’m just gonna have some more. – If you had just brought me an Oreo shake and said, “This is just an Oreo shake.” I’d say, “Thank you.” – But now that we’re
looking, we’re doing this, we have the knowledge of it right there. Why would you do that? – Ignorance is bliss in this situation. – I feel sorry I ate
your brothers or sisters. – I don’t care. – (laughs) Oh my!
– [Man] Tastes good. – I know it is super
popular in other countries. – I’m just glad that they
shredded it pretty well. Right? – I got another head. – Oh, okay. – When we start to run
out of water and stuff and like we start to
enter some Mad Max (beep). It’ll get into the crickets. I think that like bugs
will be the super-protein when we’re just dead here, you know? Not to be dark but– – Damn, you went there.

99 thoughts on “Oreo Cricket Milkshake Taste Test

  1. I ate crickets before (with legs and everything). They don'T have much taste of their own and are just little proteinsnacks. Other than most animals we eat, it's easy to raise them in a human and sustainable way and kill them quickly and painlessly. Insects should be seriously considered as a protein alternative to common meat, at least to a certain amount. But silly humans are raised to think, eating insects is disgusting and rather eat pork and beef everyday.

  2. they should change the program format… let them consume first then tell them the ingredients. when people already put their mind that it gross,it effect the taste and it did turn gross and they would not change their mind of that. i love react channel batter because u can see their genuine reaction when they dont know what they eating.

  3. I hate the people that killed them I am a child of god and Mother Nature they would not be happy about capturing and killing living creatures so stop and make god happy by freeing them and because they are hurting does not mean we should hurt them back by killing them so for gods sake don't hurt them

  4. Can anyone tell me the name os the girl with glasses in this video? The girl with the big afro next to Adam Levine xD??? Thanks!

  5. and now think of all the cows and pigs and chicken which are born in cages and just live to end up as a hot dog or whatever. no one cares about them, but about bugs! there are millions of bugs, better eat them

  6. What would u do did u saw ur family killed alive and in a milkshake and u were put in a glass jar and saw people drinking it?

  7. Did a cricket accidentally crawl into the milkshake and someone drank it and thought that it'll be a best seller?

  8. Maybe do this with meat and the animals the meat comes from? Seriously, people care more about crickets than mammals. Social conditioning at its finest.

  9. in Indonesia, we have snack made from deep fried crickets, its very crispy, but not like this one, longer crickets…yup

  10. Fun fact, most bugs contain more protein/nutrients than a steak. So if you're a fitness freak and want to eat highly nutritious but low fat food, eat for example crickets. Like any other food it can be made tasty.

  11. Candice was over there apologizing and I am just the guy next to her. I don't care as long as it's good.

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