Orb weaver spider, spider web time-lapse and eating a cricket – Biodiversity Shorts #5

Hello my name’s Marc and welcome to
Biodiversity Shorts. Now if you look up here there’s a small
cluster of leaves here. inside there is an orb weaver
spider and she stays hidden away in their
during the day but at night, usually a couple other hours
after it gets dark she comes out and starts building her web for the night. Now what we’re going to do.
I will shut off the lights and just move away until she starts making her web and then
we’ll get some macro camera gear out and will try and get a closer look, let’s go. This is being played back at twenty times normal speed. It will usually take her about half an hour to complete her web. All the insects in this video were filmed on the same lemon tree. And we are now back to real time, a bit closer. You can see here hooking up individual strands of the web. Of course it is very strong and sticky in all the right places. The web for spider is a very
important resource and it is not unlimited. At the end of the night she will take down and eat her entire web. If you actually take away a web from
spider and keep doing that. Eventually the spider will starve to death. Now she waits. This cricket hopped in the wrong
direction She’s wrapping it in special silk to
immobilize it. and now watch carefully for the bite. she injects her venom Although paralyzed the cricket is very
much alive. With the cricket secure she takes a break to clean all the sticky parts of the web off her legs. Now it is snack time.Sorry about that. Cheers, Thanks for watching. please subscribe and all that
good stuff and I will roll the credits.

10 thoughts on “Orb weaver spider, spider web time-lapse and eating a cricket – Biodiversity Shorts #5

  1. Great video! Love how high quality they are and how concise and informative they are. Really liked the shots of the stars too! I've subscribed! 

  2. Loved the humour and the images were superb! I have to say I am a ML fan too, would love to see your set up!

    ATB Malc

  3. Great work Marc, really enjoyed it.  My kids will love these vids.  Can I request that you say which country you're in in the vids (I think you're in South America?) and put the classical music artist, orchestra,and composer in the credits? (I used to be a professional classical musician and that stuff is interesting to nerds like me).

  4. Beautiful… very well done. Brilliant end!!! Subscribed. That is quite impressive DOF for the magnifications. Can you enlighten me with your technique? Reverse?Tube?Bellows?Tilt Shift? In the night it must be hard to get to high fstops. Again… brilliant. Thank you Marc!

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