Opp vs Providence Christian Baseball Highlights 3-20-2017

let’s actually go play some baseball shall we providence christian hosting up under the lights in dothan bottom third scoreless game Eagles playing what they call small ball Harrison Lebowski drops down a bunt beats the throw dude that tied the entire inning together puts runners on first and second the very next batter jonathan lewis and hey i’ll do that he says bunts all the way around everyone safe that loads the bags for william parker Griffen Griffen deep shot to right that’s going to be playable but it’s going to be a sacrifice that’s going to bring in a run gives Eagles an early 1-0 lead can’t make the squeeze on that once of the run scores still in the bottom of the third providence christian up 20 the Bobcats have seen enough runners at the corner for coleman right right it’s a fly ball to right lane Worley look at this folks rifle brian lolly tax from third catcher squeezes at this time Worley guns him down at the plate for the inning ending double play in the end of this one the Bobcats get the last laugh they rally back for the 5-3 win how about John petty

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