One-Handed Baseball Glove Transfer | Coach Sam Kuhnert

Hey guys it’s coach Sam for NubAbility
Athletics here showing people how we do the glove transfer how we teach the kids
glove transfer from the very beginning. This is my buddy Chase right here. Chase
how old are you? Five. Chase is five years old. We just taught him the glove
transfer. And we’re gonna go through it together and he’s gonna make an awesome
throw right there at the Kevin once we’re done. All right Chase, hop up here
on the pitcher’s mound. There you go. All right what’s our first step? We got the ball in (the glove)
it’s going to face us then we’re gonna take our nub we’re
gonna slide it underneath the ball. We’re gonna pull out our hand and then we’re
gonna tap our glove. What comes out chase? The ball! There we go! All right
let’s do it again. Chase ready? And do it again. You’re gonna
throw it to coach Kevin. All right, so the balls in our glove. All right.
Nubs on your ball. Flip the glove. Pull the hand. Grab the ball. Throw to
coach Kevin. Good job!! That’s what I’m talking about! That’s the glove transfer coach Sam
Kuhnert’s way. Chase already mastered it. Five years old and can’t wait to see him at
my age! More videos available on our YouTube Channel. Visit to learn more, donate or register for our camps for limb-different youth.

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