OLLU volleyball vs. Schreiner University (10-9-19)

OK coach just your overall thoughts on
today’s game? Yeah we battled I mean that’s been the story the last three
weeks with all these kids being out and whatnot we have just absolutely battled
and shown a ton of heart. It hasn’t been easy, we haven’t made it easy, but
the heart of these kids and they just make plays when we need to
make plays. We’ve kind of really kept it together now we’ve got
some people starting to come back we’re a deeper team we’re gonna be a
more confident team so I’m really proud of our group. Anissa Tamez came back from
injury what did you think of her play tonight? Yeah it was great
you know she just got cleared this morning so we can’t just you know go
full-board with her but she did really well with what we needed her to
do but again we’ve really built some depth over the last three weeks and we
were able to pull through with her just kind of working back in slowly.
What’s the focus on for the next game? Well we’re actually taking the weekend
off. A lot of teams don’t schedule a weekend off but we actually did because
if you don’t you end up playing nine or ten weekends in a row.
Sometimes we forget in the middle of all these that these are college kids and
they need a break. They’re in midterms right now and you know what having a
weekend as a college kid and go enjoy some football or just hang out with
friends and let’s recharge the batteries for this stretch run and let’s be
honest coaches need it too. OK thank you coach. OLLU beat Schreiner today
3-1. They’ll take on Southwest at 6 p.m. on October 17. For
sports information, I’m Ryan O’Keefe.

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