Ole Miss vs Alabama Game 1 (4-29-17)

What a beautiful day for a softball double header. Oxford, Mississippi is our location, where today ESPN and the SEC Network proudly present the first of a double header between number 14 Alabama and number 21 Ole Miss. Take a look at those standings in the SEC and boy oh boy it’s going to be a tight race down the stretch, Alabama 10-7 in conference play and the Rebels 6-12. Thirteen teams vying for 12 spots. Same inning momentum in the first inning before you go hit, Courtney Syrett doing just that for the Rebels. [MUSIC] Find a way to get on base any way they need to and the speed they have up and down their line-up led by Miranda Strother very… Lines one over the shortstop’s head, she’s thinking two the throw from Strother the turn, the tag, nails her at second base. And look at Kaitlin Lee’s fi– She recognizes it, gets her hands going and then at that point as a hitter you are just like, please be out of the zone. And unfortunately for Jenkins, Kaitlin Lee found the zone for strike three And she goes with the off speed pitch again and you’ll see that smile anytime she’s able to freeze a batter. Another strike out for Kaitlin. Paige McKinney takes off towards second, the ball ends up in the outfield but Elissa Brown is out there to cover it. Paige McKinney’s — The speed at second base infield pulled in, I would expect Bobo at third base. Drops the rosin bag, rocks fires, change-up and sit back on the throw from second base home will not get the runner. Will be her 100th of the game, Dykes with a slow grounder to third from her knees, Lampton throws to first Dakota — Score is that simple, the throw over to third, she’s safe on the steal.

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