Ole Miss Volleyball: Seniors – Caroline Adams

My favorite thing about Rebel Nation and just being a Rebel is just the sense of community and family. It’s amazing how I can go to Walmart or go to a restaurant and people recognize me and they’ll ask me how my season’s going or how my game was last night. And so I’ve always just felt like I belonged here and like I’ve been welcomed here. And Ole Miss has been my family and my home away from home and I can’t imagine spending my four years anywhere else. Well, I’ve definitely had a lot of great memories as an Ole Miss Rebel. On the court my favorite memory would definitely be winning the NIVC Championship last year. It was awesome seeing your hard work finally paying off and just being able to play in the post-season for the first time for me, like that was incredible and I loved every second of it. Off the court I just loved getting to know my teammates and the girls and they’ve been like sisters to me and I really value and cherish their friendships and their relationships that I made with them. I’m going to miss the super hard 6:00 a.m. workouts. I’m going to miss the seven-hour long bus rides. I’m going to miss the four days in preseason. I’m going to miss all that, it was super hard in the moment but I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything. I hope that I’m remembered as the ultimate teammate, someone that cared for my teammates and my sisters, they’ve become sisters to me. Someone that they could always turn to for advice and look to as a positive role model. I would just like to be remembered as someone that was always smiling and always laughing and just always having fun and someone that just brought joy to the sport. So life after volleyball, I’ll be graduating in December and it’s just going to be trying to figure out who I am without the sport. I’ve played a sport my entire life and so it’s going to be weird not having those time commitments anymore. And since I’ll be graduating in December, I’ll work through it I’ll try to find a job in the spring, you know, and then I’ll start grad school again in the fall. But I know that spring is going to be very hard without this sport, but I’ll get through it. First off, I’d like to thank God for blessing me with this amazing opportunity to continue to live out my dream and to play volleyball at this amazing school and on this platform. I would like to thank my coaches. Coach Mac, Tori and Ronnie for taking a chance on me and believing in me and giving me this opportunity and pushing me to be the best volleyball player that I can be and just the best person off the court as well. I’d like to thank our support staff; Chas you’re super funny in the weight room and you push me to be stronger and to get better, you always know how to make me laugh and you never take life to seriously and I really appreciate that and I thank you for all the time that we’ve got to spend together. I’d like to thank Becca and Heather; you guys have been my mom away from home and keeping me healthy and ready to play. I really love spending time with ya’all and I love ya’all so much and I’m going to miss you. Damaris, thank you for keeping this team running. You do so much for us and we really appreciate it and I’m going to miss you so much as well. To Ross and Lynette, my experience as an Ole Miss Rebel has been the greatest and thank you for caring so much about your student-athletes and we genuinely thank you for that and we really appreciate all your support and the time that you pour into us. Thank you John for being the best academic counselor ever. I’m going to miss so much going into your office and just sitting down and talking and laughing at you, you always know how to put a smile on my face and I’m really going to miss that next year. I want to thank all my teammates, past and present, you all have been like sisters to me and I really enjoyed all the relationships that I’ve made with you guys and spending time with you all and all the laughs and memories that we’ve shared. You guys have made me a better person and I’m so thankful that you guys have been in my life. I want to thank my old high school coaches, Coach Jess and Coach Michele, you guys really made me fall in love with the sport of volleyball and you’ve always had my back and you always pushed me to be a better player and you made me realize that playing collegiate volleyball would be an opportunity for me and you’ve always been there for me and I just really appreciate it. I want to thank Rebel Nation for being the best fans out there, I’ve loved playing in front of you guys for the past four years and there’s no other university and no other fans that I’d want to play in front of. You guys have made my four years here blessed, so thank you. I want to thank my brother Luke for being the best little brother out there and for always supporting me and I love you so much. I want to thank my parents there’s so much that I could thank you all for and I don’t even know where to begin. But, thank you just for sacrificing so much for me and just always being there for me and allowing me to live out my dream as a college volleyball player. You guys have watched every single one of my games all four years and this past year you guys have traveled to every single one of my games and it’s meant the absolute world to me. I loved being able to no matter where we were just looking up in the stands and being able to see ya’all there and just the smile on ya’all’s faces as you watched me play it’s meant the absolute world to me and I just thank you so much and I love you. [MUSIC]

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