Ole Miss Defeats Alabama 5-4 (5-1-17)

You are watching SEC Network Softball presented by Belk. From the Ole Miss softball complex in Oxford, Monday night match up and it’s the rubber game of the three game series between The Alabama Crimson Tide and The Ole Miss Rebels. Take a look at the SEC standings. Also a new RPI out today, Ole Miss 20 now in RPI and Alabama now 16. So a couple of top 20 teams RPI wise, battling it out tonight. Strike out for Lee, her first after a little bit of a two out– Up the middle base hit. Matiko scores, throw coming to the plate an RBI base hit for Paige McKinney. Fly ball to left, hit deep, Schroder back off the very top of the fence Stancil coming in, Majam behind her. To make sure that that pitch stays. And that’s deep to left and Hemphill has tied the game on the next pitch. Seventh of the year for Ba— As she comes in, she jumps over the umpires, they are watching to see if she makes contact with the plate he obviously does not see that, he gives the catcher the ball hands it to Courtney Syrett. She’s already pointing, do you see that? Syrett is pointing like, hey she missed the plate. She did, she saw it and so Alyson Habetz is grabbing Bailey Hemphill, telling her, hey come on back here. Patrick Murphy is coming down the line saying, Bailey did you touch home plate? And so they bring her back out, she has not entered the dugout, but home plate umpire will go ahead and say that is a two unassisted. Pulled in to left base hit, here comes the tying run. The go ahead run Cranek to the plate, she’s safe, throw to third out there. Three game series on the SEC Network, and streaming live on the ESPN app. There’s a walk, that keeps the door open— Cox had the only hit against this— Chopped to third, Grantham throws it past Hemphill, down the line and right and here comes the tying run Horton and she will score. Kaitlin Lee give Ole Miss new life. Here’s Becker who had the walk off on Saturday. Throw going to first, safe and Ole Miss wins it. Kylan Becker with the walk off for the second — Obviously the error with two outs, but also the homerun that wasn’t to be for Hemphill the way it was appealed, a lot of questions, but for Ole Miss right now it’s a ninth walk off win and their second in a row against Alabama.

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  1. So the ump just gives her a ball to tag her out? He should have called her out when she left for the dugout

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