Ole Miss Baseball vs Arkansas State: Highlights (02-24-16)

– [Voiceover] Miss the other day. (bat hits ball) Had an infection in his finger, and he comes back and
gets a seeing eye single in the short, right center field, a little flair by Robinson. Pitch, his first time up.
(bat hits ball) There’s a base hit right up
the middle for Colby Bortles to keep this bottom of the third
going for the Red and Blue. – [Voiceover] (mumbles) are going. – [Voiceover] There they
go and Lartigue pops it up. Down the right field line and dropping it and it’s in fair territory was White. One run will score, two runs will score to throw to third is in
time to get Lartigue. (bat hits ball) Bounce it to the right
side there’s Blackman showing off that leather again. (bat hits ball) Bouncer, fair ball. Long throw (crowd cheers) by
Bortles in time to get Ortiz. – [Voiceover] To try to figure things out. – [Voiceover] Base hit
to left by Tate Blackman. (bat hits ball) Rolls onto the right side. Golson bobbles it a bit,
regains his composure. Flips it over to Faigle. – [Voiceover] Tone, being
consistently around the plate. (crowd cheers) – [Voiceover] That bouncer by Golson off the heel of the mitt of Brown and Goldson reaches to start
this bottom of the eighth. (bat hits ball) And Blackman (crowd cheers) comes through with a base hit to left. Will Golson’s going to try to score. The throw is not in time. Ball gets away from the catcher shrimp and Tate Blackman is back at it again. (bat hits ball) Lartigue (crowd cheers) lines going down the left field line. Lartigue will have extra bases (crowd cheers) and Henry Lartigue starts off the bottom of the ninth
with a lead off double. Olenick showing (mumbles) just what you’d talked about David Dellucci. The throw is high hobbled by the first baseman,
and Olenick reaches base. Four and 0 this year
(bat hits ball) (crowd cheers) and Deshawn will do it. He lifts one into left center field. The catch is made, and
Alejo will trot home and Ole Miss wins it in
the bottom of the ninth on a walk off set fly by Cameron Deshawn. – [Voiceover] That’s playing
the game of baseball. Good job by Cameron Deshawn. He got a ball that was
elevated in the strike zone. He hit it into the outfield
and there was no way they were going to throw out
the runner at home plate.

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