Ole Miss Baseball Defeats TAMU 6-3 (5-14-17)

Well, it’s Mother’s Day and the Ole Miss players get to celebrate pre-game with their moms on the field as they get set to wrap up this series. That’s a line shot out to right, and a one hop to Logan Foster and Golsan. That one is lifted high in the air, mid-range in right, Foster will catch it, here comes Golsan the throw is cut, runners at the corners, one-nothing Ole Miss. Be more accurate with the barrel. Oh they got the runner picked off. And they are going to try to get run home and they do, did the run? Yes, they’re going to count the run, Darrell Arnold said they are going to count the run. They get the third out, as Fortes is picked off. So that’ll take us to Hunter Coleman. Boy right back to Parkinson, high throw, Kessinger great catch and they turn the double play. That one almost ended up wild-card at this point. Swing and a miss, 94 miles an hour from David Parkinson. That one’s out to right-center, long run, Foster trying to chase him down off his glove and off the wall. Golsan will standup at second base, Foster nearly had a great pitch. Yellow solo cup, looks like it’s going to have a chance to win and… On it, oh here’s a little squeeze play and it works perfectly. Olenek will score the Rebels third run of the afternoon. And Cooper Johnson does his job, they’ll score the hits. But we used to throw BP to each other, pre-game. Boy nice grab, out in left field by Kyle Watson, laying out and making a… Oh nice pitch Parkinson, gets some defensive help and then does it by himself. By Texas A&M. Called strike three, inning is over. Here’s a guy that… Runner goes, Cooper Johnson’s throw. Oh wow. Got him, inning is over and there is a glimpse of the future. Uh-oh, that balls touched, is it enough to get out of here off the bat of Blackman? And it is. Best freshman seasons you remember… Oh, my goodness, Bortles, deep to left, out of here. What a way to cap your final regular season game, your final game of your career at Swayze Field with a blast to left field, a two run shot for Colby Bortles. Got him, game over. And the Rebels win the series, and their dream of post-season baseball is still alive as Colby Bortles finishes up his season at Swayze Field, with a two run blast. A big series for the Rebels, boy their back was up against the wall and their stars played biggest when they needed it the most, setting up a big last weekend in the SEC.

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