Old Handheld Video Games: Electronic Baseball 2 (1979)

Hey everyone. Stanley here, um, but today
I’m gonna do something a bit different. I’m gonna, review some of the old handheld video
games, from like, act- uh, from um, 1979 and 1980, which I happen to own. There’s only
2 of them, so, it’s not a lot, but, anyway, but the first one is electronic Baseball 2
by, aw where’s the-where’s the… ah, where’s the- by Entex Electronics (not a sponsor).
See that, but- so this was made in 1979, and what it is is just a baseball game. So, it
has the instructions on the, back of the box, which is pretty cool. But anyway, get it out
of the box…ah, crap! Teh, okay. Anyway, once we get it out of the box, this is it.
This is the game. It’s all there is. Takes 3 AA batteries. But- anyway, so when it’s
on one player mode, this is, this is what you do. It turns on…and…….see? That’s
basically all the game is. Just, try to hit the ball……….and try to get home runs.
In 9 innings. Crap. That’s basically all it is, though. So…as you can see, I kind of
suck at it. But, yeah so, it’s, basically all it is. (you said that already, you idiot.)
And you can see all the things there. The innings and all the stats and stuff. But what’s
really cool about this game, is that-oh, yeah, I did it. So anyway, what’s cool about this
game is that you can have a 2 player mode, which allows you to use this slide out controller
here, so that one player can be the pitcher, and one player can be the batter. So like,
there are like a number of different, pitches you can do. Although my crappy lighting, you
can’t really see it. Go like…so yeah, that’s basically all the game is though. So, that’s,
Electronic Baseball 2 by Entex. Yeah that’s, yeah that’s it. Okay. But anyway, this has
been Stanley [427], and I will see you all next time.

10 thoughts on “Old Handheld Video Games: Electronic Baseball 2 (1979)

  1. I still have my original Entex baseball game that was more basic than EB2. The display only had Balls/Strike/Outs and a single–digit single-inning score. It also came with a pad of paper scorecards like they use in real baseball to keep track of inning-by-inning scores and also the batter-by-batter stats. You could fill in your favorite team or have a team of all-stars.

  2. I would really like to see a video of this game when you hit a home run! It's one of my favorite sound effects on any game. I'm remembering the sound as "Beep-it-off" but I'd love to hear it in a video. Can you do that for me?

  3. can you email me a picture of the internals? something is shorting when i put batteries in and i would like to see the wire solder points

  4. I remember my dad playing this game. I used to play it now and then. One of the original boring af games u play maybe 5 mins and put it away

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