Ogden Raptors stay scorching with 9-6 win at Missoula Osprey

Azul Osprey are in the middle of a tight battle for first place in the Pioneer League North Division with a little more than one week left in the first half of the season and meanwhile the South division race is pretty much over Ogden is 23 and six and dominating the competition Raptors beat Gosling the first two games of a three-game set at ocher Park allegiance field the O’s trying to get them back the top of the first here goes Ogden again sar and Lau with a blast to the railroad tracks in right field the two-run homers first of the year that’s already three nothing Raptors can osprey do Gilliam back in the bottom of the first Spencer Brickhouse shatters the bat but it goes out of here Oh allowing excellent ways at a score still three to one into the fifth inning that’s when Ogden blows open a little bit more already two runs in Brandon Lewis doubles down the third-base line bringing in two more that made it seven one the Osprey did make a comeback but the Raptors win again nine to six they’ll aim for a four-game sweep in Missoula tomorrow

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