Off Days: Baseball

This is a HeadGum Video. Take me out to the ball game, take me out
to iCloud. Buy me some walnuts and caramel corn, I wish
you were a sheep I could shorn; for it’s boot, boot, boot the Yankees! If they don’t win it’s a sham! For it’s one, two, three bikes are out at
the ol’ ball game! You signed into my iCloud! How do you even know my password? Haha! It was a random guess. I’m an employee, this is my computer – When? Where are you going? This is fucked!

100 thoughts on “Off Days: Baseball

  1. Hey, I'm watching you, so don't steal anything from me. It's been nice getting to know you, and I'm gonna break your fucking neck. You're soft and chewy. You've got beautiful eyes. Your eyes are like blue chocolate chips. Can you just do me a huge favor and leave me alone forever? You're hurting me. I'm sorry.

  2. I get it. This is their way of saying "things are starting to make too much sense in our sketches, time to just throw something that makes no fucking sense"

  3. Can you do camp town races next. I think it really needs to be taken down a peg. It's been ridding high for to long.

  4. It sucks to see jake and amir playing these awkward roles that dont fit their style. This wasn't funny at all and was pretty cringe worthy

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