#NSWGlobalConnections – Cricket NSW

– Coming to Sydney for me
has been a blessing for sure. It’s taught me a lot of
things and it’s developed me as a person as well. I’m Jatin, I come from New Delhi, India. I’m doing my Masters in
Business Administration from the University of Technology, specialising in Strategic Management and Sport Management, and I’m working with
Cricket New South Wales. – Cricket New South Wales looks after all the cricket clubs and
all the cricket associations in New South Wales,
and we run programs for children in schools and our
idea is to inspire people to enjoy the game of cricket. – I started as an intern
with Cricket New South Wales, working as a Cricket Development Manager, and now I’ve become a
casual staff with them, running the Gala days and the
Cricket Blast for the Sixers and the Thunders. Cricket is in every Indian’s blood we treat it as a religion. It’s taught me a lot of patience with kids and the importance of time management and one of the biggest takeaways that I take from cricket is, you understand the meaning
of a loss and not be a loser. – Cricket is a wonderful
sport to unite all people, we like our young students
to see that there’s other people involved in cricket from
the same background as them. So it’s really important for
us to have a diverse workforce to make sure that we
engage all Australians to enjoy the game of cricket. – Australia being such
a sport friendly country and Sydney being a multicultural city, being so full of energy and vibrancy, it was a no brainer for me to
select that and the quality of education the city offers
is an the icing on the cake. – International students
bring a real diverse view to the organisation, they
can share what they’ve done in their own home countries,
they’re often very organised, reliable people because
they’ve chosen to leave family and friends and come and
study in New South Wales. So I would whole heartedly
encourage other organisations to open their doors to
international students. – [Jatin] I always
wanted to work in sports, working with Cricket New South Wales has been a dream come true. From here I can use these
skills wherever I go.

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